Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #16 (7/27/1993)

Taped 5/15/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia. Aired on 7/27/1993.

Show opens with a recap of last week’s show’s finish as everyone gets involved during the Terry Funk vs. Jimmy Snuka match.

They changed the intro music and video opening on this week’s shows.

ECW President Tod Gordon is holding a press conference and thanks Mr. Apter, Mr. Meltzer and Mr. Keller for all attending. Gordon announces that on September 18th, ECW will have their first major show called “Ultra Clash” at the ECW Arena. He announces that Stan Hansen and Abdullah The Butcher have been signed for that show. They also signed a scaffold match between The Dark Patriot and “Jazzy” J.T. Smith. He also states that this will be the greatest wrestling event in Philadelphia wrestling history. The Board of Directors gave Gordon the okay to make a few decisions. Rockin’ Rebel will be suspended for 90-days without pay. They show video of Paul E. Dangerously and Freddie Gilbert helping Eddie Gilbert and attacking Tod Gordon. Paul E. Dangerously and Kevin Christian (or Freddie Gilbert) but says that there will be a surprise for them at Ultra Clash. Gordon fined every wrestler who got involved in the brawl to close last week’s show. The Suicide Blondes are also stripped of the ECW Tag Team Titles due to interchanging team members in title defenses so there will be a tournament to crown new tag champions.

Gordon’s secretary interrupts the press conference a few times due to Eddie Gilbert wanting to talk to Gordon and the ECW Board of Directors. Gordon tells his secretary that Gilbert is not allowed in the meeting. Tod Gordon mentions that Eddie Gilbert as the “King of Philadelphia” has been going around causing issues throughout the city and that he even had a confrontation with Ron Jaworski that will be shown later on the show.

Eddie Gilbert interrupts the press conference. Gilbert wants to know who he is wrestling at Ultra Clash.

“Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert is this week’s special guest host. He mentions how everyone is busy this week, so he’s hosting. He is upset at Tod Gordon for embarrassing him on the previous segment. Eddie Gilbert wants them to show “The Adventures Of The King Of Philadelphia” but they instead air the next match featuring Terry Funk.

Terry Funk vs. The Canadian Wolfman

Jay Sulli is joined by ECW Champion Don Muraco on commentary for this match. Terry Funk slaps Wolfman’s belly in the corner but breaks cleanly. They run the ropes and Wolfman continues doing it. Funk works on The Canadian Wolfman’s left arm. Muraco comments that if the Wolfman is “as tough as he is ugly, he (Terry Funk) is in for a long night!”

Muraco tells Sulli that he’s heard that Sulli has some tattoos on his chest just like The Canadian Wolfman. Terry Funk throws a few elbows at the Wolfman and follows up with THREE bodyslams. He leg drops The Wolfman for a 2-count. Muraco jokes that you can see the hours that The Wolfman puts in the gym if you look at his physique. Terry Funk gets The Canadian Wolfman with the spinning toe-hold and wins via submission.

WINNER: Terry Funk

The Dark Patriot, Jimmy Snuka and Paul E. Dangerously show up ringside. Terry Funk goes to the outside and brings a chair and is accompanied by Road Warrior Hawk! They chase away The Dangerous Alliance. Muraco is livid on commentary and yells that Hawk should be in the hospital. Hawk cuts a promo on Eddie Gilbert and the Dangerous Alliance. Terry Funk calls Eddie Gilbert the “run of the litter” and tells him to bring his crew against them because he has the toughest guy on his side.

They go back to Eddie Gilbert in studio and he is upset with the TV show producer for showing this Terry Funk match. Eddie copies the “Wayne’s World” intro by saying “Eddie’s World”! They finally go to the video of Eddie Gilbert going around town. They show a woman trying to marry Eddie Gilbert. Eddie & Paul E. then make fun of a guy wearing glasses. Some other guy offers his DJ services to Gilbert.

The Sandman (w/ Peaches) vs. Sir Jonathon Hot Body (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III)

Good to see Peaches isn’t dealing with any vision issues after being nearly blinded by The Rockin’ Rebel just a few episodes ago. The Sandman armdrags Hot Body a few times. He controls the early part of the match. Paul E. on commentary calls Peaches a “tramp”. Sandman pulls Hot Body back into the ring by the hair and slams him down to the mat. He gets distracted with the fans. Hot Body tosses Sandman out of the ring and Robbins kicks him a few times. Hot Body jumps off the ring apron and lands an elbow drop on The Sandman! Hot Body rolls Sandman back into the ring and gets him in a sleeperhold! The Sandman fights off the sleeperhold. Peaches climbs up on the apron to complain to the referee. Sandman whips Hot Body into the ropes but Hot Body reverses it and Robbins hits Sandman with his cane. Hot Body goes for the pin on The Sandman, but he reverses the pin attempt and The Sandman gets the win!

WINNER: The Sandman

The Rockin Rebel and Tigra show up and attack Peaches! Tigra slaps her and strips Peaches dress off! The Sandman covers her up and takes her back to the dressing room.

They go back to Eddie Gilbert in the studio. Gilbert said he’s been called many things in his career and some of them are probably correct. One name he’s called is the “Legend Slayer” and he got that name while in Memphis when he beat Jerry Lawler and now Lawler is in an organization wearing a “Burger King crown”. He then said he beat Terry Funk in his type of match and that’s how he became the “King of Philadelphia”. Eddie then said Ron Jaworski picked on him recently at a benefit show. He then said that he didn’t have video of that altercation but he has video of himself against Bruno Sammartino. He tells the producer to show that video.

They show video of an outdoor event where Eddie Gilbert was suppose to wrestle Glen Osbourne. Gilbert insults the fans. He ends up attacking Osbourne with Hunter Q. Robbins’ cane. He calls out Ron Jaworski. Jaws knocks Gilbert down and Eddie leaves as Jaws celebrates.

They return from a commercial break and show Eddie Gilbert is upset. Jay Sulli shows up. Sulli’s upset that Gilbert was hosting the show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This show had a little too much Eddie Gilbert on it. I actually enjoyed Don Muraco on commentary during Terry Funk’s match. There were only two matches on the show and they were okay. Show was more about getting Eddie Gilbert over as the lead heel and I think it worked but it was just a bit too much of him.


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