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Mid-South Wrestling 4/8/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 4/8/1982

Taped 3/31/1982 at Irish McNeil Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 4/8/1982

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts on commentary this week.

They recap “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd being attacked by Skandor Akbar, The Samoans and The One Man Gang. That was followed by a recap of The Samoans beating the Junkyard Dog & Mike George to win the Mid-South Tag Team Titles.

The One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Mike Boyer

The One Man Gang tosses Boyer. Mike Boyer gets back up and charges at OMG with a shoulder tackle but bounces right off him. Boyer goes for a dropkick to no success. One Man Gang beats on Boyer and then raises him up by the neck. OMG lands a couple of elbows at Boyer’s back. Boyer gets back dropped and slammed by The One Man Gang. He follows it up with the big splash for the pin!

WINNER: The One Man Gang

The Samoans (Afa & Sika) (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Buddy Landell & Mike Sharpe

Gen. Skandor Akbar asks Reiser Bowden for the mic and wants to know who Ernie Ladd’s mystery partner will be. Bowden tells him that they don’t know either and he has to take it up with matchmaker Grizzly Smith.

Mike Sharpe shows his strength against the Samoans. Sharpe takes control of Afa and then tags in Landell who continues the attack on Afa. Afa takes him near the ropes and breaks the hold and throws a couple of chops before Landell regains control of the match and tags in Sharpe. Sharpe tosses Afa into the corner and continues to work on Afa’s left arm. Some solid teamwork from Landell and Sharpe as they continue to work on Afa’s left arm. Afa finally tags in Sika but Sharpe goes to work on Sika’s left arm. Landall comes in but gets punched and chopped by Sika. Sika throws Landell into Afa’s head. Landell makes a quick comeback and tags in Sharpe. Sharpe beats on both Samoans! Sharpe misses a shoulder tackle into the corner. Sharpe gets one of the Samoans in a bear hug but he pokes Sharpe’s eyes. Sika comes in and Landell misses a dropkick. Landell ducks a clothesline by Sika but Afa catches him with one instead. Sika grabs Landell and gets the pin on him after a Samoan drop!

WINNERS: The Samoans

Reiser Bowden interviews “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd in the ring. Ladd tells Bowden that he’s not telling anyone who his partner is. Gen. Skandor Akbar shows up and he and Ladd start arguing with each other. Ladd attacks Akbar! The Samoans run in and attack Ladd. The Assassin run ins and helps Ladd. Ladd & The Assassin clean house! Reiser Bowden gets back in the ring to interview Ladd. The Assassin says if Akbar’s army wants war that is exactly what they will get.

Tully Blanchard vs. Cocoa Samoa

Cocoa Samoa uses his speed against Blanchard. Tully gets Cocoa Samoa in an armlock but Cocoa Samoa escapes. Blanchard gets in a few kicks at Cocoa Samoa while holding him by the hands for a test of strength. They have a fast-pace sequence with Cocoa Samoa escaping and getting Tully in a headscissors and then finding his way holding Blanchard in an armbar.

Tully Blanchard punches Cocoa Samoa’s head. He gets him in a headlock and continues to attack Cocoa Samoa with some punches and knee lifts. Blanchard whips Cocoa Samoa into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. Tully gets a 2-count after a backbreaker. Blanchard gets Cocoa Samoa in a side headlock. Cocoa Samoa strikes back with a karate chop. Blanchard backs away and wants a time out. He sneaks in and knees Cocoa Samoa and then tosses him to the outside. Tully gets in a few punches at Cocoa Samoa, who leaps back in off the top rope with a sunset flip! Blanchard escapes and then whips Cocoa Samoa into the ropes and sling shots him head first into the top rope! Blanchard gets the pin on Cocoa Samoa after a standing suplex. Good match.

WINNER: Tully Blanchard

The Junkyard Dog vs. Wayne Ferris

The Junkyard Dog shoves Ferris into the ropes. Ferris tries to go to work on JYD’s left arm, but JYD reverses it and Ferris quickly goes and grabs the ropes. Bill Watts mentions that Grizzly Smith wants to start a bench press competition among the wrestlers. JYD shoves Ferris down and Ferris complains about his hair getting pulled. The fans don’t agree. JYD shoves Ferris again into the ropes and again Ferris complains about his hair getting pulled. Ferris sends JYD into the corner and gets in a few punches. Ferris whips JYD into the corner but JYD throws a series of punches. Ferris gets a kick in on JYD and then climbs to the middle rope and drops an elbow on him! Ferris gets a 2-count but JYD lifts Ferris up and tosses him off.

Ferris continues to throw punches but JYD is fired up! JYD counters with some punches and a huge forearm off the ropes. JYD picks up Ferris and powerslams him down for the pin!

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog

Bob Roop vs. Jesse Barr

Crowd chants “Paul’s #1” at Bob Roop! Some good technical wrestling to start the match with a really cool single leg takedown from Barr. More matwork with Barr getting a near fall on Roop. Roop gets whipped into the ropes and Barr gets him with a drop toe-hold. Barr catches Roop with an inside cradle and gets a near fall. Barr dominating early in the match. Roop gains control and uses rougher tactics and starts stomping on Barr. He gets Barr in an abdominal stretch. Barr reverses it but Roop drives him into the corner. Barr gets Roop with a German suplex! Roop reaches the ropes and then hides behind the referee.

Roop sneak attacks Barr and tosses him into the top rope. Roop then hits the ropes and legdrops Barr for the pin. Bill Watts mentions that Steve “Dr. Death” Williams would fit right into pro wrestling.

WINNER: Bob Roop

Mr. Olympia vs. Ron Cheatham

Mr. Olympia goes to work on Cheatham. Watts again mentions Steve “Dr. Death” Williams and his success as a collegiate wrestler and football player. He admits that he’s been scouting and recruiting Dr. Death into pro wrestling. Mr. Olympia gets Cheatham in a front facelock all while Watts talks about all the local colleges in the area and talent he tried to recruit. Mr. Olympia slaps Cheatham and Cheatham escapes to the outside. He gets back in and they lock up. Cheatham gets Mr. Olympia in a headscissors.

Watts mentions that next week, they’ll have Ladd & The Assassin vs. The Samoans and in two weeks the popular girl wrestlers will be in action on Mid-South Wrestling!

Ron Cheatham goes after Mr. Olympia’s mask. Mr. Olympia whips Cheatham into the ropes and snapmares him. He sends him into the ropes again and punches him in the gut and follows with an atomic drop. Mr. Olympia gets Cheatham in the sleeperhold but the bell rings as TV time has run out.

WINNER: Time-Limit Draw

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was an okay show highlighted by Ernie Ladd’s mystery partner being revealed as The Assassin who made a save for Ladd when he was attacked by The Samoans. This show had some competitive matches with Blanchard vs. Cocoa Samoa, Roop vs. Barr and the Samoans vs. Sharpe & Landell being pretty good despite being kept short. The Tully Blanchard vs. Cocoa Samoa match was particularly good with them working a fast-paced match. Watts mentioning Steve “Dr. Death” Williams having some interest in getting into wrestling on this show is the start of building his arrival. I believe he starts a few months after this show.


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