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SMW TV #15 (4/23/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #15 (4/23/1992)

Taped 4/23/1992 at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee. Aired on 5/9/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary with Mantell carrying three championship belts. They are the SMW titles with Dutch talking about all those titles defended at Volunteer Slam.

Robert Gibson vs. Barry Horowitz

Gibson and Horowitz tie up and Horowitz backs him into the ropes. Clean break by both. Gibson catches Horowitz with a pair of armdrags. Knee lift from Horowitz as Jimmy Golden shows up at the announcers table to talk about Robert Gibson. Horowitz headbutts Gibson and gets a 2-count. He lifts Gibson up by the hair. Golden says Gibson and Morton had a lot of luck and didn’t have a lot of competition. Horowitz keeps working on Gibson. He gets a near fall off a backslide. Gibson kicks at Horowitz but Horowitz counters with kicks and uppercuts in the corner.

Jimmy Golden leaves the announcer’s area as Horowitz continues to dominate the match. Gibson hip tosses Horowitz but Barry charges at Gibson with a clothesline. Horowitz whips Gibson into the ropes but Gibson kicks him and then clotheslines Barry. Another clothesline gets Gibson a nearfall. Barry blocks an armdrag but Gibson counters with a bulldog for the win.

WINNER: Robert Gibson

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies do an interview with Bob Caudle. Cornette insults the fans. He talks about how people don’t want The Heavenly Bodies to become the SMW Tag Team Champions. Cornette starts to insult the Fantastics and talks about how he’s hated Bobby Fulton since 1984. Cornette brings up how the Fantastics claim to be from the City of Angels but they are really from Chillicothe, Ohio. He claims the Fulton family are all trash and that their father is a bum. The Fultons and Bob Armstrong all come out. Bobby Fulton tells Cornette he’s not a man and wants the Heavenly Bodies in the ring right now. Cornette insults the Fultons’ mama. Fulton wants the match now and Cornette demands they make it for the tag titles. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong mentions that the title match is already scheduled but this week it is not officially signed but if they want the match now, he’ll agree to it.

SMW Tag Team Title Tournament Final: The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Jackie Fulton)

Bobby Fulton and Tom Prichard start the match. Bobby’s fired up from all the insults thrown by Cornette. Bobby tags in Jackie and he dropkicks both Heavenly Bodies. Jackie takes Prichard down with a single leg takedown but Prichard is near his corner and tags in Lane. Stan Lane complains that his hair was pulled. Bob Caudle apologizes for the comments by Jim Cornette and Bobby Fulton.

Sweet Stan tags in Dr. Tom but Jackie armdrags Prichard and quickly tags in Bobby Fulton. Bobby throws a series of right hands and then whips him into the corner. Prichard lands a kick on Bobby and tags in Lane. Double-team work by The Heavenly Bodies on Bobby followed by a clothesline from Lane. Lane gets in a kick at Bobby and tags in Prichard. Prichard whips Bobby into the ropes and they both knock each other down. Lane comes in and tosses Bobby over the top rope. Prichard and Cornette beat on Bobby Fulton while Lane distracts referee Mark Curtis. Bobby and Prichard fight outside the ring until Bobby finally gets back in the ring but he continues to get beaten down by Lane.

They take a break for a SMW promo featuring SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong and Brian Lee. Armstrong announces that he will be the referee for a match between Lee and The Dirty White Boy.

They return to the action with Prichard suplexing Bobby and following it up with a kneedrop. The Heavenly Bodies keep being aggressive and control the match. Prichard clotheslines Bobby and gets a 2-count. Lane misses a kick into the corner and Bobby tags in Jackie. Jackie Fulton slams and then dropkicks both Bodies. Jackie Fulton elbows Lane and gets a 2-count. Jackie goes for another pin attempt after a powerslam. Jackie hits a body press off the ropes on Lane but Prichard makes the save. All four men get in the ring. Referee tries to get Bobby and Prichard out of the ring while Jackie has Stan Lane in a sleeperhold. Jim Cornette gets into the ring and hits Jackie Fulton with his tennis racket. Stan Lane pins Jackie while Prichard holds on to Bobby. The Heavenly Bodies win the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Titles!!!

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

Jim Cornette holds up the titles but Bobby Fulton punches him. The Heavenly Bodies attack the Fantastics. The Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette beat on both Fantastics with the Bodies trying to destroy Jackie Fulton’s knee. Robert Gibson, The Dixie Dynamite and Brian Lee run out for the save.

Bob Caudle interviews Doug Furnas and he had a look at Jackie Fulton and his knee injury didn’t look good to him. He talks about wrestling mostly in Japan and Mexico of late but is honored to be back wrestling home.

Doug Furnas vs. Joe Cazana

This is Doug Furnas SMW debut. Cazana can’t take Furnas down. He charges at him a few times but Furnas gorilla press slams Cazana to the mat. Furnas catches Cazana in a bear hug. Cazana’s face shows a lot of pain and he briefly escapes the bear hug. He gets him in it again but he breaks out. Furnas dropkicks Cazana. Furnas whips Cazana into the ropes and catches him with a Frankensteiner for the win.

WINNER: Doug Furnas

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong and Hector Guerrero come out for an interview. Guerrero is no longer wearing a neck brace and he talks about the dangers of the piledriver. Armstrong tells Caudle that Jackie Fulton’s knee looks bad. He repeats that the piledriver is still illegal. Guerrero says Orndorff is taking food off his table. Paul Orndorff shows up and complains that the piledriver being outlawed is absurd. He tells Guerrero that if you are not man enough to take the piledriver, you shouldn’t be there. Hector Guerrero wants a match with Orndorff. Tim Horner shows up and shoves Orndorff and tells him if he wants to jump on someone, jump on him. Orndorff threatens Tim Horner.

Bob Caudle announces that there will be an 18-man Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal with a prize of $5,000 in two weeks. All 18 names will be placed in a hat and the first two names drawn out of the hat will wrestle for 2 minutes and then every 2 minutes a new man enters ring. Only way to be eliminated is over the top rope.

The Dirty White Boy vs. Ben Jordan

Mr. Ron Wright doesn’t show up with The Dirty White Boy. Caudle mentions that The Dirty White Boy told him that he put Mr. Wright in a nursing home so he could get some rest before Volunteer Slam. The Dirty White Boy beats on Jordan for a bit before Jordan hits a couple of dropkicks. Jordan charges off the ropes at The Dirty White Boy and gets caught in a side slam by DWB. He then slams Jordan a few more times. Dirty White Boy whips Jordan into the ropes and hits a clothesline. He drops an elbow and then gets Jordan in a suplex. He lands a knee on Jordan and starts choking him. DWB uses the ropes to choke Jordan a little more. Jordan tries to fight back but has no luck as DWB chops him a few times and then whips him into the corner and clotheslines him. He drops a knee on Jordan. He slams him but refuses to pin Jordan. He just keeps beating on Jordan. The Dirty White Boy gets Jordan with an atomic drop. Total beatdown by DWB until Jordan moves out of the way of a knee drop. Jordan misses a body press off the ropes. The Dirty White Boy gets the pin on Jordan after the Bucksnort Blaster (Chokeslam)! He kicks Jordan on his way out.

WINNER: The Dirty White Boy

The Dixie Dynamite joins Bob Caudle to talk about the Volunteer Slam. He vows to beat The Dirty White Boy.

They return from break to rundown the SMW Heavyweight Title tournament. Followed by an interview from Brian Lee talking about the tournament.

Buddy Landell vs. Danny Davis

Landell pulls the hair to take Davis down early in the match. Landell struts a bit early in the match before he throws a few punches at Davis. Davis makes a comeback and gets Landell in a hammerlock and starts throwing a few knees at Landell’s arm. Davis works on Landell’s left leg with a few kicks. Landell pokes Davis eye to escape. Landell climbs up the middle rope but Davis catches him and dropkicks Landell into the corner. Both continue to exchange punches. Davis goes for a sunset flip for a pin on Landell but he reverses it and grabs hold of Davis tights to get the pin.

WINNER: Buddy Landell

Buddy Landell gets interviewed by Caudle. Dutch gives him a thumbs up. Landell vows to beat Brian Lee at the Volunteer Slam. Caudle tells Landell he has to win 3 matches to win the SMW Title. Landell tells him that he doesn’t care who he has to beat. He then claims that he beat Paul Orndorff but he looks around and asks if Orndorff is around. When he gets told that Orndorff’s gone, Landell says that Orndorff knows better because he beat them so many times. He then claims that he beat Stan Lane, Tom Prichard and Rip Rogers so many times and he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who he beats.

Another SMW promo with Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies who are wrestling the Batten Twins. The show in Beckley, West Virginia has a deal for kids and Stan Lane isn’t pleased about it as he doesn’t think kids should get into the show for only 4 cents when they should be paying $40 to see The Heavenly Bodies wrestle. Dr. Tom Prichard rips on the Batten Twins.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong declares The Heavenly Bodies the SMW Tag Team Champions. Bobby Fulton comes out and tells Caudle and Armstrong that he’s going to take his brother to the hospital and vows revenge on Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies. He mentions Gibson and Horner both wanted to be his partners but he only wants to team with his brother and says he’ll wait to get his revenge.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show with the tag title match being the highlight and the best match on the show. Match was good and the way they set it up was great with Cornette insulting the Fantastics and finding a way to get that tag title match sooner than expected. I was hoping the injury to Jackie would lead to Bobby calling in Tommy Rogers to reunite The Fantastics but that didn’t happen. Really enjoying Paul Orndorff in SMW. He’s been great in the ring and on interviews. This week he had the confrontation with Hector Guerrero and Tim Horner. Doug Furnas, Robert Gibson and The Dirty White Boy all won some short matches. Gibson’s match with Horowitz was the most competitive of the three. Landell vs. Davis was short and more building up Landell as a threat in the upcoming SMW Title tournament. Fun and easy show to watch.


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