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Championship Wrestling From Florida 4/28/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 4/28/1982

Taped 4/28/192 in Tampa, Florida

Gordon Solie hosting the show.

Show opens with Butch Reed chasing after Ric Flair. Flair runs towards the ring where David & Kerry Von Erich try to save him from Butch Reed! Reed rips apart Flair’s clothes. Kerry charges at Reed and he gets tossed over the top rope. Reed then throws David Von Erich out of the ring. Reed continues his attack on Ric Flair and rips off more clothing. Wild brawl between the two in the ring. Reed gorilla presses Flair and tosses him to the outside at the Von Erichs!

They recap Mr. Ichiban (Dusty Rhodes) coming in to attack Kendo Nagasaki and J.J. Dillon! That’s followed by Dusty returning later in the show to confront Dillon, Nagasaki & Jimmy Garvin.

Gordon Solie runs thru the recent happenings in Florida wrestling. Barbara Clary joins Solie to talk about the Florida TV title match from the previous week between David Von Erich and Sweet Brown Sugar. He then brings up how the “experts” don’t think Ric Flair will leave Florida as World champion.

Barry Windham vs. Bob Russell

Barry has black hair and a creepy mustache! Solie talks about Barry being the son of Blackjack Mulligan. Solie talks about Barry coming back after being in an automobile accident and mentions that he’s stronger and tougher now. Windham bodyslams Russell and then takes him down with a side headlock. Russell gets up and breaks out of the headlock. Windham gets Russell with a belly-to-back suplex and then snapmares him. He lands a knee on Russell and gets a 2-count. Windham whips Russell into the ropes and hits him with a flying forearm. He gets a 2-count. Windham whips him into the corner and charges at him. He grabs Russell and takes him down with a bulldog. Windham goes with a flying lariat off the ropes at Russell and gets the pin.

WINNER: Barry Windham

Gordon Solie makes a comment that Reggie Jackson returned to New York this week only as a “Los Angeles Dodger”….C’mon Solie!!! Reggie joined the California Angels! Check your facts!

J.J. Dillon and Jim Garvin join Solie and talk about how Dillon signing Garvin was the biggest signing in Florida. Dillon said he spent a lot of money to sign Garvin and plans to have Garvin go after the Florida Heavyweight Championship. Dillon calls Garvin “championship material”. Garvin thanks Dillon and says he’s excited and will go after the Florida title and the World title.

They show a clip of Chavo Guerrero going against Hiro Matsuda. Solie had a rough time saying “Chavo Guerrero”. Chavo is shown working on Matsuda’s left leg. Solie praises Chavo as an athlete. Matsuda knees Chavo but Chavo goes back to attacking Matsuda’s left leg. Chavo hits a couple of dropkicks at Matsuda and then catches him with a headscissors. Matsuda chops Chavo but Chavo is able to get Matsuda with a rana for the pin. Solie kept calling Chavo, “Charro Guerrero”.

Kendo Nagasaki vs. Chavo Guerrero

Kendo Nagasaki spins around and Chavo catches him with a couple of dropkicks! Chavo throws a couple of punches at Nagasaki. They brawl a bit in the corner. Dillon distracts the referee and Kendo knocks Chavo Guerrero down with a chop at the throat. Kendo starts choking Chavo. Chavo Guerrero is bleeding from his mouth! Nagasaki throws a few more chops at him, but Mike Graham runs out and saves Chavo! Mike Graham and Kendo Nagasaki brawl on the outside with J.J. Dillon trying to get Kendo Nagasaki out of there. Referee calls for help for Chavo Guerrero.

WINNER: Kendo Nagasaki

Gordon Solie says that knowing the Guerrero family, he thinks Chavo will want revenge on Nagasaki.

Brian Blair & Mike Graham vs. Hiro Matsuda & The Super Destroyer

Mike Graham and Super Destroyer start the match with Graham taking down Super Destroyer with a fireman’s carry. Graham takes Super Destroyer down but they are near the ropes. Super Destroyer gets Graham in a headlock but Graham escapes and ends up taking Super Destroyer down with a leg takedown. Blair comes in and keeps working on Super Destroyer’s left leg. Blair takes Super Destroyer with a shoulder block and again gets Super Destroyer with an armbar. Brian Blair drops a knee on Super Destroyer’s arm and then tags Graham back in. Super Destroyer reaches his corner and tags in Matsuda. Some matwork between Matsuda and Graham. Graham gets Matsuda with a hammerlock. Matsuda bridges and takes Graham down to the mat. Graham escapes and works on Matsuda’s leg. Matsuda reverses and gets Graham in a hammerlock before tagging Super Destroyer back in. Super Destroyer with some strong forearms at Graham. Crowd starts to chant, “Go Mike Go!!!”

Super Destroyer puts Graham in a submission hold and tags in Matsuda. Matsuda works on Graham’s left arm. Super Destroyer back in and he continues the attack on Graham’s left arm. Graham throws a couple of forearms but Super Destroyer tags in Matsuda. Matsuda continues to punish Graham’s left arm. Graham continues to fight back and finally tags in Blair. Blair catches Super Destroyer with a dropkick and gets a 2-count. Brian Blair gets Super Destroyer in an airplane spin and then gets him in the cobra clutch for the submission win! Graham kicks Matsuda out of the ring. Blair wakes up Super Destroyer.

WINNERS: Brian Blair & Mike Graham

Derek Draper & Dory Funk Jr. vs. El Gran Apollo & Terry Allen

Terry Allen and Derek Draper start the match. Allen gets Draper in an armbar and tags in Apollo. Draper is able to get to his corner and tag in Dory Funk Jr. Apollo takes Dory down with an armdrag. Dory tries to escape but Apollo keeps him by the left arm. He tags in Terry Allen and Allen keeps the attack on Dory’s left arm. Dory catches Allen with a forearm and tags in Draper.

Draper knocks down Allen with a knee to the gut. Allen fights back! Draper gets Allen in a headscissors. Allen tries to break out of the old by bridging out. He’s able to and tries for a side headlock, but Draper traps him again and tags in Dory Funk Jr. Dory hits a series of forearms! Terry Allen fires back with some forearms of his own. He tags in Apollo he whips Dory into the ropes and dropkicks him. He throws a forearm at Draper. Funk moves out of the way of a dropkick from Apollo. Dory and Draper double team Gran Apollo. Draper gets Apollo with a chinlock. Apollo escapes with a hiptoss. Apollo hits a forearm off the ropes but it doesn’t take Draper down. Dory Funk Jr. gets back in the ring and gets Apollo with a double-underhook suplex. Apollo escapes a pin attempt. Dory Funk Jr. piledrives Apollo but only gets a 2-count. Gran Apollo blocks a suplex attempt by Dory Funk Jr. and gets him with a suplex of his own. Apollo tags in Terry Allen!

Terry Allen whips Funk Jr. into the ropes and then tosses him. Funk Jr. gets Allen with a forearm. Allen goes for a sleeperhold but Draper makes the save. Apollo charges in and dropkicks Draper out of the ring. Allen hits the ropes and Draper pulls the top rope down which sends Allen to the floor! Draper stomps on Allen. Dory Funk Jr. brings Allen back in with a suplex and gets the pin. Good match.

WINNERS: Derek Draper & Dory Funk Jr.

Barbara Clary recaps David Von Erich and Sweet Brown Sugar’s Florida TV title match from the previous week. NWA President Jim Crockett discussed the Florida TV Title match. Referee Tommy Young sent in the video on behalf of a protest by Sweet Brown Sugar. Crockett defends the referee for not being able to see that David had his feet on the ropes while pinning Sweet Brown Sugar. Crockett announces that he can’t reverse the decision but he has ordered a rematch.

David Von Erich vs. “Hacksaw” Butch Reed

Solie talks about how arrogant David Von Erich is. David gets the edge on Reed and immediately starts to strut after an impressive takedown of Reed. Reed sends David into the ropes and then gets him with a hiptoss and an armdrag. David Von Erich gets over to the ropes to break the armlock. David continues to get hold of the ropes to escape Reed. Reed gets David in a side headlock and he tries to escape the hold but Reed won’t let go. Von Erich whips Reed to the ropes but Reed is still able to grab hold of David and put him in a headlock. Von Erich tried for a pin by using Reed’s trunks to roll him over but referee Tommy Young caught it. David whips Reed into the ropes but Reed keeps out-smarting David and again gets him in a side headlock.

Reed puts more pressure on David with a headlock but David lifts Reed up and slams him to the mat. Von Erich catches Reed with a hard chop and then throws him into the corner. David follows with a fist at Reed’s head and then snapmares him over and gets him in a headlock. Reed powers up but David pulls him back down.

Solie starts to wind up this week’s show as the action continues in the ring. They keep having the match despite the closing credits showing.

WINNER: No Result (TV Time Ran Out)

SHOW THOUGHTS: Pretty good show. The opening of the show with Butch Reed chasing after Ric Flair and the Von Erichs trying to save Flair was great. That is such a strange sight to see since I’m mostly just familiar with the Von Erichs from them being babyfaces in Texas. David was a fantastic heel on these Florida shows. Besides this show haven’t seen Kerry as a heel in Florida. Gordon Solie had some funny moments not being able to pronounce Chavo Guerrero’s name and getting the Reggie Jackson info wrong. I liked the tag match between Dory Funk Jr. & Derek Draper vs. Terry Allen & Gran Apollo. What I liked about this show was that you had Barry Windham and Terry Allen who at that time were two young talented wrestlers starting out but they got show what they could do in the ring. Kendo Nagasaki hurting Chavo Guerrero and Mike Graham making the save was a good segment as well. Really enjoyed Hiro Matsuda and Mike Graham’s mat work in their tag match. Main event was okay but I wish they would have aired more of that match.


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