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World Of Sport Ep. #4

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #4

Steve ‘Roy’ Regal vs. Marty Jones (Southport, 10/11/1986)

This match is six 5-minute rounds, 2 falls or 2 submissions. 18-year-old Steve Regal known at this time as “Roy Regal”. There is a stipulation to the match as it is called a “Mid-Heavyweight handicap match”, so Regal was given a 1 fall lead on Jones.

First round starts with Jones working on Regal’s left arm and takes him down to the mat. Regal breaks out of the hold but is quickly taken back down by Marty Jones. The announcer mentions that this is Regal’s first televised match. Jones gets Regal in a side headlock. A couple of body checks by Jones take Regal down again and he’s back in a side headlock. They run the ropes and Regal goes to the mat. Jones jokes around and lays down right next to Regal. He gets Regal in a wristlock and takes Regal back down to the mat. Jones with a hammerlock keeps Regal grounded. Jones goes for a pin attempt on Regal but only gets 2. Jones hits him with a headbutt and sends him into the ropes but Regal goes for a sunset flip for a pin. Jones reverses and gets a hold of his left ankle. Regal gets back up but is limping noticeably. Regal with a good armlock on Jones and takes him down and puts him in a submission hold on the mat. Jones uses his quickness to escape the hold. Jones slams Regal to the mat. He then suplexes Regal. Bell rings to end the 1st fall. Regal bows down to Jones.

Round two starts with Jones attacking Regal and using his experience to get Regal back down on the mat. He goes for a near fall but he’s too close to the ropes. Jones tosses Regal hard into the corner and then tries to get a backslide pin on Regal. Backbreaker onto his knee a few times by Jones. Regal reverses a whip into the corner, but Jones is able to get him with a boot. Jones controls the match and hits Regal with a dropkick and Regal’s not able to get up and fails to beat the 10-count.

Match ends due to Regal getting knocked out via the dropkick and everyone checks on him to see if he’s ok. Good technical match despite it being pretty short.

WINNER: Marty Jones

Owen Hart & Ross Hart vs. Dave Finlay & Rocky Moran (Guildford, 3/31/1984)

Match was announced as having a 20-minute time limit with 2 falls or 2 submissions or a knockout to determine the winner. Finlay and Moran refuse to shake hands with the Harts. Ross starts with Finlay. This match was part of a tournament featuring teams from 4 countries. These two teams represent Ireland and Canada. Ross tags in Owen. Finlay snapmares Owen and goes to work on Owen. Really nice technical work in the match. Finlay tags in Moran and he gets Owen in a headlock. Owen escapes and drops a knee on Moran’s left arm. Moran hits a forearm on Owen and tags in Finlay. Ross comes in as well.

Finlay takes down Ross Hart with a armbar and throws a forearm at him. More forearms on the ropes by Finlay. Ross shoulder blocks Finlay but Finlay is near his corner and tags in Moran. Ross hip tosses Moran and they tangle up on the mat. Moran gets Ross in a headlock and then whips him into both corners. Ross tags in Owen. Owen armdrags Moran. Crowd clearly behind the Harts. Owen backdrops Moran but doesn’t attack quick enough so Moran throws a punch to the midsection. Finlay lands a big boot off the ropes on Owen and gets his first public warning. Moran throws a few uppercuts at Owen. He tags in Finlay who lands on Owen with a knee off the ropes. Announcer Kent Walton keeps referring to the Hart Brothers as the “Ross Brothers”. Finlay slams Owen Hart and then gets in an upper cut. Walton again calls Owen Hart, “Owen Ross”. Finlay goes to work on Owen and strikes his face with his knee. Finlay tags in Moran who keeps the attack on Owen going. Owen tries to fight back.

Moran gets Owen in a front facelock and throws him into the corner. Knee lift by Moran followed by tossing Owen into the corner. More uppercuts thrown by Moran. Owen reverses a whip into the corner but he can’t stop Moran. Moran climbs up on Owen’s shoulders and gets him with a rana for the pin. Team Ireland get the 1st pin.

Second fall starts off with Moran continuing his attack on Owen hart. Owen seems to be bleeding from his mouth. Ref warns Moran. Moran whips Owen into the corner, but Owen climbs up the ropes and jumps over Moran. He gets moran with a German Suplex for the pin. Owen ties the match up 1-1. Crowd cheers loudly for Owen.

Moran and Hart start the next fall and there are 10 minutes remaining in the match. Rocky Moran gets a public warning for punching Owen Hart who tagged in Hart. Finlay and Ross Hart get into the match. Ross dropkicks Finlay away. Finlay whips Ross into the corner but Ross moves out of the way. Finlay moves out of the way of a dropkick. Finlay gets Ross in a single-leg Boston Crab but Ross is near his corner and tags in Owen. Finlay whips Owen into the corner and hits him with some shoulder tackles. Owen flips over the ropes again but Finlay knew what to do. Finlay uses a Samoan Drop to get the pin on Owen Hart. Team Ireland wins 2-1.

WINNERS: Dave Finlay & Rocky Moran

The crowd applauds loudly for the Hart Brothers and boo Finlay and Moran.

Dynamite Kid vs. Rollerball Mark Rocco (Oldham, 12/19/1981)

This match is a six 5-minute round with 2 falls, 2 submissions or a knockout determining the winner. Crowd clearly siding with The Dynamite Kid. They have an argument before the match starts.

Round one starts off quickly with Dynamite Kid sending Rocco to the floor. They work a fast-paced match. Dynamite Kid gets an uppercut in on Rocco early on. Rocco grabs hold of Dynamite Kid and rakes his face on the top rope. He headbutts Dynamite Kid and starts stomping on him as the crowd isn’t pleased with Rocco. Rocco with a high back body drop on Dynamite Kid. Referee warns Rocco. Rocco with a couple of chops at Dynamite Kid but that seems to fire up Dynamite and he gets Rocco with a couple of headbutts. Dynamite lands a knee on Rocco’s shoulder. Crowd cheering on Dynamite Kid. Rocco complains to the referee. Rocco gets Dynamite Kid in a full nelson but he escapes and tries for a sunset flip for a pin. Rocco escapes. Rocco and Dynamite go to the mat and Dynamite headscissors Rocco. They keep wrestling at a fast pace with Dynamite landing a knee drop. He then gets in a legdrop and gets his first public warning. Rocco goes after Dynamite and takes him down and he too gets his first public warning. Rocco slams Dynamite Kid and drops an elbow. He goes for a pin but then gouges at Dynamite’s eyes. Dynamite uses a few knee lifts on Rocco and then drops an elbow. He then tosses Rocco out of the ring! Really fast-paced match! Rocco gets back in the ring but the bell rings to end the fall.

Round two with Rocco taking Dynamite Kid down and has him in an armbar submission. Rocco keeps him down by pulling him by the hair. Rocco climbs up the top rope and lands an elbow on him. A series of legdrops off the ropes on Dynamite Kid and he gets a second public warning. Dynamite Kid is on the outside and makes his way back into the ring. Referee warns Rocco. Rocco knocks Dynamite Kid down. He gets him in a suplex and lands Dynamite Kid on the top rope!!! Dynamite grabs his stomach. Rocco gets Dynamite Kid in a suplex and gets the pin. He leads the match 1-0.

Referee checks Rollerball Rocco’s knee as he recently suffered an injury just 10 days ago. Rocco tells the referee he is fine. The bell rings for round three to start and Rocco attacks Dynamite Kid right as the bell rings. Dynamite Kid tosses Rocco at the corner and Rocco goes over the corner to the outside. Dynamite Kid suplexes Rocco back into the ring. Dynamite Kid slams Rocco to the mat and lands a knee on him. Dynamite Kid climbs to the top rope and hits a flying knee drop on Rocco! Referee gives Dynamite Kid his second public warning. Dynamite Kid catches Rocco with a backdrop driver and gets the pin. Match is now tied at 1-1.

Rollerball Rocco is bleeding from his mouth. Dynamite Kid charges at Rocco as the bell rings for the start of round four. Dynamite Kid slams Rocco’s head to the mat. Rocco recovers and goes with an all-out assault on Dynamite Kid. He monkey flips Dynamite Kid, but DK recovers and dropkicks Rocco! The Dynamite Kid gets Rocco with a piledriver! Dynamite Kid climbs to the top rope and lands a diving headbutt on Rocco. Dynamite Kid gets Rocco with a side slam and gets the pin. Dynamite Kid wins the match 2-1. Excellent match.

WINNER: The Dynamite Kid

After the match, The Dynamite Kid challenges Rollerball Rocco to a title match. Rocco said Dynamite Kid will never get a title shot because of how he get his head split open during the match.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a fun show. Last match on the show was excellent with Dynamite Kid beating Mark “Rollerball” Rocco. Really fast-paced match that had a style that was way ahead of its time. It was really cool seeing Regal, Finlay and Owen Hart when they were all so young. Owen was amazing at 18 years old. He looked better than most vets during that same time period. All three matches are worth watching but I strongly recommend watching the last match.


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