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ECW TV 7/20/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #15 (7/20/1993)

Taped 5/15/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 7/20/1993.

Show opens with the finish of last week’s show with the wild brawl to end the show between The Suicide Blondes, Super Destroyers, Sal Bellomo and Stevie Wonderful.

Jay Sulli is joined by Paul E. Dangerously and ECW President Tod Gordon to open the show. Gordon is upset and warns everyone that there will be suspensions and fines if there are any problems during the show. Paul E. Dangerously screams and runs away as Terry Funk shows up. Terry Funk calls Paul E. a fool. Funk says tonight’s main event is something he’s looking forward to and vows to do his best to beat the hell out of Snuka.

They re-air last week’s interview with Tod Gordon announcing the title vs. careers match with The Super Destroyers and Bellomo getting interviewed as well.

Paul E. Dangerously interviews Hunter Q. Robbins III and Sir Christopher Candido. Robbins says the odds are stacked against them but he says that he still has faith in his guys. Candido suffered a broken arm the previous week so he won’t be in the match.

ECW Tag Team Titles vs. The Suicide Blondes Careers: The Super Destroyers © (w/ Sal Bellomo) vs. The Suicide Blondes (Sir Jonathan Hot Body & Sir Richard Michaels (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III)

Bellomo and Robbins are handcuffed together before the match. Robbins doesn’t want to but eventually he gets cuffed and dragged out of the ring by Bellomo. They take awhile to get the match started.

Michaels gets the advantage on one of the Super Destroyers early in the match but we mostly just get shots of Bellomo walking Robbins around. Michaels hits a top rope splash on Super Destroyer #1 but Super D #1 kicks out of a pin attempt. Suicide Blondes double-team Super D #1. Michaels chokes Super D #1 on the mat. When ref gets distracted, Hot Body jumps in and continues the choke. The Suicide Blondes keep getting in and out of the ring without tagging while the referee gets distracted. Michaels drives his knee into Super D #1’s shoulder. More double-teaming by the Blondes. They keep working on Super Destroyer #1’s left arm. Super Destroyer #1 tries to escape with a slam but Hot Body keeps a grip on his arm and continues to work on it. Michaels keeps working on Super Destroyer #1’s arm but he finally punches Michaels and tags in Super Destroyer #2 who cleans house on the Blondes.

Johnny Hot Body rakes Super Destroyer #2’s eyes (despite him wearing a mask). Super D #2 gets Hot Body in a powerslam but the referee is distracted by the brawl outside between Super Destroyer #1 and Michaels. Candido runs in and jumps off the top rope and hits Super Destroyer #2 with his left arm that is in a cast. He hits him with the cast a second time. The referee gets back in the ring and Hot Body covers Super Destroyer #2 for the pin.

WINNERS: The Suicide Blondes win the ECW Tag Team Titles

Eddie Gilbert and Paul E. Dangerously are at a pizzeria in Philadelphia. Paul E. wants to know what he sees in the city and Eddie says that he sees a lot of nice people because it is his kingdom. Eddie rips on all the Philly sports teams. They talk to someone who works at the pizzeria. They show us a pizza. Jay Sulli shows up. Paul E. tells the camera guy to get a close-up of the pizza and jokes that it looks like Jay’s face without the make-up. They talk to more people who work at the pizzeria and call all the guys “Vinnie”.

Paul E. Dangerously interviews The Rockin’ Rebel and Tony Stetson. They make fun of Peaches getting blinded the previous week. Rockin’ Rebel says he was man enough to blind Peaches and doesn’t think The Sandman is man enough to get revenge against him.

Larry Winters vs. The Rockin’ Rebel

The Rockin Rebel enters the ring pretending to be blind. This is a contenders match with Winters listed as the #9 contender and The Rockin’ Rebel the #6 contender to the ECW Title. Nice back and forth start to the match with Winters getting Rebel in an armbar. Rebel does a couple of leapfrogs before Winters slams him and again goes back to working on Rebel’s left arm. Rebel gets Winters in the corner and throws a few kicks and a forearm. Rebel whips Winters to the ropes and catches him with a side slam. He refuses to pin Winters and instead follows with a dropkick. Rebel uses the ropes to choke Winters and then gets Winters with a snapmare. Tony Stetson shows up ringside to talk with Rebel.

Rebel chops Winters and then whips him into the corner. Winters reverses and elbows Rebel. Winters gets Rebel with a hiptoss and then punches him a few times in the corner. Rebel tosses Winters to the outside. Stetson goes over and hits Winters with a cane. Winters goes for a pin attempt with a sunset flip. He does it a second time but Rebel escapes. Winters goes for a roll-up but Rebel escapes. He follows with a back slide but Rebel escapes yet again. Rebel charges at Winters but ends up hitting the referee and knocking him down. Stetson throws the cane in but Winters catches it and uses it on Stetson and Rebel. Winters wakes up the referee and pins Rebel for the win.

WINNER: Larry Winters

Paul E. Dangerously, Don Muraco and The Dark Patriot promo about the Dangerous Alliance. Muraco says they don’t want to fight clean or wrestle, they want to brawl and fight ugly. They vow to win championships and cause numerous injuries.

ECW President Tod Gordon joins Jay Sulli on commentary for the next match.

Jimmy Snuka ©(w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Terry Funk for the ECW Television Title.

Some stalling early on by Snuka as he goes and talks to Paul E. Snuka pushes Funk thru the ring ropes but Funk holds on and gets back into the ring. Snuka whips Funk into the corner and Funk slams his back hard into it. He rolls to the outside as he checks on his back before returning to the ring. Snuka gets Funk into a corner and drives a knee into his mid-section. He whips Funk again into the corner and again Funk grabs his back. Snuka slams Funk. They go to a commercial break.

We return to action with Funk outside the ring holding his back. Jimmy Snuka throws a few chops at Funks chest and lands a headbutt off the middle rope. Funk writhes around in pain from the headbutt. Snuka suplexes Funk and gets a 2-count. Snuka goes for another suplex but Funk blocks it and Funk suplexes Snuka instead. Snuka stood up and then fell to the mat. Funk crawls and headbutts Snuka a couple of times. Funk goes for a swinging neckbreaker. He raises his fists and challenges Snuka to a fight. Snuka gets off but Funk throws a series of punches at the Superfly. Terry Funk signals for the spinning toe-hold. Snuka eye gouges Funk. They go back and forth with roll-up pin attempts. They exchange punches, elbows and headbutts. Snuka headbutts the referee! He and Funk start punching each other.

A few more referees get into the ring. Funk grabs the referees and headbutts them into Snuka. Snuka and Funk continue to brawl. A couple of wrestlers come in and they get knocked down by Funk. Don Muraco and The Dark Patriot run-in and they attack Terry Funk. The Koloffs attack Muraco and Dark Patriot. Rockin’ Rebel brings a trash can and hits Funk with it. Glen Osbourne brings a trash can lid and he gets taken down. Everyone starts brawling outside the ring. The Suicide Blondes run-in and attack Terry Funk. The Super Destroyers and Sal Bellomo run-in and they attack The Suicide Blondes. Tony Stetson runs-in as well. Larry Winters comes in as well. Everyone brawls throughout the ECW Arena!

Eddie Gilbert finally runs out with a chain and attacks Terry Funk! Snuka and Gilbert beat on Funk as everyone else is brawling. Tommy Cairo comes in trying to make the save on Funk. Terry Funk starts whipping Gilbert with a chain. ECW President Tod Gordon heads out to the ring and warns everyone to break everything up. Bellomo, Hot Body and a couple of other wrestler run into Gordon and he gets knocked out!

WINNER: No Contest

SHOW THOUGHTS: This show had a wild finish. Thought it kind of dragged along a little earlier but picked up after the Gilbert segment. I wasn’t a fan of this week’s Eddie Gilbert segment. Felt like a waste of time and not very interesting. I get they wanted to show him being the king around town but this time it just came off kind of goofy. I didn’t really like the tag title match either. The show picked up with the Larry Winters vs. Rockin’ Rebel match that was ok. The main event was wild. It was pretty slow at the start but the closing minutes of the show with Snuka and Funk exchanging headbutts and then knocking the referees out, followed by the brawl with everyone running in was good. I liked how everyone gradually showed up and with Tod Gordon on commentary, you had a feeling he was going to go out there especially after he said that he wasn’t going to accept this sort of behavior on his shows. Then they have that closing segment with Gordon getting knocked out due to all the wrestlers brawling. I thought that was a great way to finish the show.


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