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SMW TV #14 (4/9/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #14 (4/9/1992)

Taped 4/9/1992 Hancock County High School in Sneedville, Tennessee. Aired on 5/2/1992.

This show re-aired the SMW Tag Team title tournament matches that aired previously on other shows, so I added the recaps from those shows. The newer content is the 2nd Semi-Final tag match and any interviews, promos, etc. that didn’t air in the past.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell back on commentary with Carl Styles standing behind Mantell. They air highlights of the earlier matches.

SMW Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: The Maulers (Jack Victory & Rip Morgan) vs. Davey Rich & Johnny Rich

The Rich cousins music is MC Hammer’s “2 Legit 2 Quit”!!! Mantell mentions how some fans might be familiar with Morgan and Victory under a different tag team name, “The Royal Family”. He claims the Queen disowned them because she did not approve of their actions in the ring. Mantell then said that they disowned the Queen and burned the flag and changed their gear. Mantell wants to know if Brian Lee is there. Caudle tells him that Lee is not there which pleases Mantell.

Quick teamwork by the Riches as they send the Maulers to the outside. Back in the ring, Morgan misses an elbow drop. Riches both get back in the ring and they get Morgan and Victory with double clotheslines. Morgan tags in Victory. Morgan and Victory take control of the match as they attack Davey. Victory gets Davey with a clothesline. Johnny tries to get involved in the match but referee takes him back to this corner. Maulers double-team Davey and keep him in their corner. Victory with some right hand punches at Davey. Davey Rich gets Victory with a boot in the corner and tags in Johnny Rich. Johnny Rich takes the Maulers down. The Riches whip the Maulers into each other. Davey has Victory in a sleeperhold. Johnny removes Morgan’s boot while brawling. Referee tries to get Johnny Rich out of the ring. While the referee is distracted, Morgan grabs the boot and hits Davey on the back. Victory gets the pin on Johnny Rich. Good action in this match.

The Maulers advance in the tournament.

WINNERS: The Maulers

SMW Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: The Fantastics (Bobby & Jackie Fulton) vs. The Wild Bunch (Billy Black & Joel Deaton)

Bobby Fulton and Billy Black start the match and quickly go the mat with some solid matwork. Bobby kicks Black out of the way and Black goes to the outside and comes back in and tags Deaton in. Deaton with an armbar takedown on Bobby Fulton. Jackie gets the crowd to start cheering for Bobby. Bobby headscissors out of the hold. The Fantastics with a double armdrag on Deaton.

Jackie gets Deaton in an armbar. Deaton tags in Black. Deaton with a leg takedown followed by Black with a legdrop. Black gets a 2-count on Jackie after a vertical suplex. Jackie goes for a near fall but Deaton comes in and kicks him. Jackie tags in Bobby and they double-team Billy Black. Billy Black catches Bobby with a side suplex. Deaton comes in and gets Bobby with a leg sweep for a 2-count. Bobby hits an elbow on Deaton. Jackie with a monkey flip on Deaton followed by the Fantastics hitting a double dropkick. Black comes in and is taken down by Jackie Fulton. Jackie lands a legdrop on Black and Black rolls to the outside. Black grabs a chair as he is on the outside. Deaton ends up coming back in the ring.

Deaton distracts Jackie by offering to shake hands which allows Black to clothesline him from behind. Bobby starts chasing Black outside the ring. Deaton is choking Jackie while the referee is distracted. Deaton whips Jackie into the ropes and gets him with a knee. Jackie escapes a piledriver attempt by Deaton and tags in Bobby. Deaton and Bobby fight on the mat and Black lands an elbow on Bobby. Black follows that up with a somersault legdrop. He then gets some help from Deaton and does a standing moonsault onto Bobby Fulton! Mantell was impressed by the move.

Billy Black with a bridging belly-to-back suplex for a 2-count. Black hits the cartwheel into an elbow on Bobby followed by Deaton with a clothesline. They send him to the other corner and Black monkey flips Bobby. Deaton drops an elbow on him and then misses a second. Bobby tries for a comeback. Deaton climbs to the middle rope and gets an elbowdrop on Bobby. Black comes in and starts choking Bobby Fulton. The Wild Bunch continues to keep Bobby from reaching his corner.

Deaton goes for a Boston Crab on Bobby Fulton. Bobby tries to block it but Deaton gets it on him. Bobby reverses out of it. Deaton kicks Jackie and referee tries to keep him out. Deaton tosses Bobby to the outside and Billy Black throws him into the guardrail and uses a chair to attack him. Deaton misses an elbow into the corner and Bobby goes for the hot tag at Jackie Fulton. Jackie hits a dropkick on Black. He elbows Deaton. Jackie gets Deaton with a German Suplex but Black stops him. Deaton hits a DDT on Jackie Fulton and tags in Billy Black. Black climbs to the top rope and hits a moonsault! Bobby breaks the pin attempt!

The Wild Bunch tosses Bobby Fulton out of the ring. Deaton and Black turn to attack Jackie, but Bobby trips up Deaton and keeps hold of him. Black tries to help his partner, but Jackie comes from behind with a roll-up to get the pin on Black! Good match!

WINNERS: The Fantastics

SMW Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Koloff vs. Danny Davis & Joey Maggs

Maggs misses a bodypress to start the match but Ivan Koloff misses an elbow and Maggs uses his speed to get the advantage early in the match. Maggs tags in Davis and they quickly go to work on Ivan. They quickly tag in and out with both working on Ivan’s left arm. Danny Davis with a monkey flip on Ivan but Ivan reverses it for a pin attempt. Davis recovers and again quick tags between him and Maggs.

Ivan tags in Vladimir but Danny Davis quickly returns to his corner. Vladimir knocks down Davis a couple of times. Davis & Maggs both shoulder block Vladimir together to knock him down. Vladimir slams Maggs to the mat and he starts pounding on Maggs’ back. Maggs and Vladimir botch a leapfrog but Maggs sells it by flying to the outside. Vladimir brings him back in and continues his attack on Jumpin’ Joey Maggs! Ivan tags in and the Koloffs hit a double clothesline on Maggs. Koloffs continue to destroy Maggs. Vladimir rakes Maggs eyes on the top rope and then continues the attack on him. Big elbow by Ivan on Maggs as he makes his way back in the ring.

Maggs makes a comeback with a kick to Vladimir’s head. Maggs goes for the hot tag to Danny Davis and Davis goes on the attack on both Koloffs. Ivan kicks Maggs. The Fantastics are shown arriving at ringside. Maggs, Davis and the Koloffs are all in the ring as the Fantastics cheer on the babyfaces. Vladimir sets up a chain in his corner and is about to toss Davis into it but Bobby Fulton moves him out of the way and Vladimir hits the corner with the chain and gets knocked out. Davis pins Vladimir for the win! UPSET WIN!

WINNERS: Danny Davis & Joey Maggs

Promo featuring Tim Horner, Brian Lee and the Fantastics for an upcoming show. Brian Lee talking about looking forward to seeing the ladies in Beckley, West Virginia.

SMW Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. The Batten Twins (Bart Batten & Brad Batten)

Jim Cornette comes out to introduce his new tag team. He talks about his past greatest tag teams and brings out “the greatest tag team in the universe, The Heavenly Bodies”!!! Cornette introduces them as “The Gangster of Love” and “The Doctor of Desire”, Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard, the Heavenly Bodies. Before the bell rings, Bob Caudle mentions that Hector Guerrero was going to be taken to the hospital for x-rays after that attack by Paul Orndorff. Armstrong is said to be livid with Orndorff and they are yelling at each other in the back. Caudle says Guerrero felt one of his arms was numb after the attack.

Fast-paced action by the Battens & Bodies to start the match. Lane quickly tags in Prichard. Prichard slams one of the Battens and then tags in Lane again. Battens with a double toss and dropkicks at Lane & Prichard sends them both to the outside. Cornette goes over to talk to his new tag team. Lane and Prichard still can’t keep up with the Battens as they attack Prichard’s arm with a series of elbow drops on it. Lane pulls the hair of one of the Battens and Prichard now gets the advantage and suplexes the Batten. Lane hits a clothesline on the Batten.

Heavenly Bodies do some double-team work on the Batten and then start choking at him as the crowd gets louder. Lane slams the Batten’s head to the mat. Batten gets a nearfall but Cornette distracted the referee. Prichard back in on the attack on the Battens. Big clothesline from the Batten knocks down Prichard. The Battens make the tag and one of them takes down both Heavenly Bodies. Cross body press from the Batten at Prichard but Lane makes the save. The Heavenly Bodies catch one of the Battens with a double-team suplex and get the pin. Good fast-paced action.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

Caudle and Mantell run through the SMW Title tournament that’s scheduled for Volunteer Slam. They re-air SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong’s comments about SMW being against steroids and other drugs.

SMW Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final: The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Danny Davis & Joey Maggs

Jim Cornette does his team’s introduction and also does a little strut before the match starts. Dr. Tom starts it off with Davis. Fast-paced action to start the match. Prichard gets in a knee and a couple of chops in the corner. Davis catches Prichard with a huracarana! Davis takes down both Bodies and backdrops Prichard! Cornette calls for a timeout!

Prichard and Davis continue with some really solid technical wrestling. Davis headscissors Prichard but he escapes and backs away and tags in Lane. Lane complains that he was punched by Davis. Maggs comes in against Lane and again Lane complains about his hair being pulled. Lane does pull Maggs hair. Maggs throws a few rights at Lane and chases him outside the ring. Maggs hiptosses Lane. Lane makes a comeback with a neckbreaker on Maggs. Prichard comes in and goes to work on Maggs. He powerslams Maggs and then lands a knee on Maggs! Double-team work by The Heavenly Bodies on Maggs. Davis complains to the referee. Lane uses the top rope to choke Maggs.

Stan Lane hits a clothesline on Maggs. More double-team work by The Heavenly Bodies on Maggs. Prichard suplexes Maggs. Double side-kicks by The Heavenly Bodies on Maggs. Maggs whips Lane into the corner but Lane lifts his foot and kicks Maggs and follows that up with a clothesline. Lane uses a chinlock on Maggs. Davis tries to make the save but the referee tries to get him out so The Heavenly Bodies choke Maggs. Prichard and Lane hit a double elbow on Maggs. Lane and Maggs exchange punches. Maggs whips Lane into the corner and both fall to the mat. Maggs tags in Davis but the referee didn’t see it. All four get in the ring and Davis goes to work on both Bodies. Referee Mark Curtis grabs Davis and tells him to go back to his corner. Lane whips Maggs into the ropes and then Prichard goes and grabs him by the hair and just drops him head-first to the mat. Prichard goes for the pin and gets the win.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies talk about who they’ll face in the SMW Tag Team Title Final. They don’t care if they wrestle the Fantastics or The Maulers. Prichard praises Cornette for putting him and Lane together to form the greatest tag team combination ever.

SMW Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final : The Fantastics (Bobby & Jackie Fulton) vs. The Maulers (Jack Victory & Rip Morgan)

The Maulers attack The Fantastics before the bell rings. Fantastics recover and clear the ring of The Maulers. Bell rings and Victory gets in the ring against Bobby Fulton. Jack Victory throws punches and kicks at Bobby. Fulton reverses a whip into the corner and head scissors him. Victory tags in Morgan and Bobby tags in Jackie. Morgan slams Jackie and then misses an elbow. Jackie tries for a sunset flip on Morgan but he escapes. Quick double-team work by the Fantastics on Morgan.

Morgan stomps and kicks at Bobby and tags in Jack Victory. Jackie saves Bobby in the corner. Morgan tries the same but the Fantastics outsmart them and get them in a star submission hold. Bobby hiptosses Victory and tags in Jackie who then dropkicks Victory. More quick work form the Fantastics on the Maulers. A little distraction by the Maulers leads to Bobby going taken to the outside by Morgan who takes advantage of him outside the ring. Morgan sends Bobby back into the ring and Jack Victory beats on him in the ring. Morgan gets in and chokes Bobby. The Maulers beat on Bobby as referee Mark Curtis is busy trying to keep Jackie in his corner.

Crowd starts clapping for Bobby, hoping he can make a comeback. The Maulers use double-team tactics to keep control of Bobby. Morgan puts Fulton in a headlock and keeps him grounded. Bobby fights back but Morgan takes him back down and tags in Victory. The Maulers keep their attack on Bobby ongoing until Bobby kicks at Rip Morgan and finally tags in Jackie Fulton. Jackie comes in on fire and takes both Maulers down. Jack Victory tosses Jackie out of the ring. Morgan misses on a clothesline at Bobby and hits Jack Victory instead. Jackie Fulton jumps off the top rope with a cross body block on Rip Morgan and gets the pin.

WINNERS: The Fantastics

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies do a promo for an upcoming show where they’ll be wrestling the Fantastics.
The Fantastics talk about the final against The Heavenly Bodies. Bobby tells Cornette he’s all talk and thinks that if his team is like Cornette they are not much.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Mostly just a recap show going thru the previous tag tournament matches. The only new match was the last one and it was an okay match. Not something you really have to go out of your way to watch unless you really had to watch every match in this tournament.


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