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ECW TV 7/6/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #14 (7/6/1993)

Taped 5/15/1993 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 7/6/1993.

Jay Sulli is joined by ECW President Tod Gordon and Paul E. Dangerously to open the show. Paul E. is excited about the show and mentions all the blood and violence scheduled for the show. Tod Gordon has enough and takes the mic away from Paul E. and warns him that he might be suspended if the Dangerous Alliance does anything that is out of line. Gordon storms off as Paul E. is shocked and asks to do the show intro over.

Hunter Q. Robbins III does an interview with a couple of kids. He says there is a rumor that the Suicide Blondes are hated and not popular with the fans and he claims that they are in fact the most popular tag team with the fans. He has two young fans and the two girls claim that they are the Super Destroyers and refuse to give Robbins the microphone. The Super Destroyers show up and shove Robbins out of the way. They lift up the girls and ask them who are their favorite wrestlers and they reply that it is the Super Destroyers. The Super Destroyers then say that they love kids too.

Paul E. Dangerously interviews The Suicide Blondes and Hunter Q. Robbins III. Robbins said he is going to destroy the Super Destroyers and calls them loses. He says that the Blondes and him are the greatest.

ECW Tag Team Titles vs. Masks: The Suicide Blondes (Sir Jonathon Hot Body & Sir Richard Michaels) © (w/Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. The Super Destroyers (w/ Sal Bellomo)

They don’t mention why Sir Richard Michaels is in the match. Super Destroyers start off early on Michaels. Backbreaker gets one of the Super Ds a nearfall on Michaels. Hot Body gets in the ring to help Michaels but they both get slammed and head to the outside. Sulli asks Paul E. where Candido is. Super Destroyers double team Michaels and slam him to the mat. One of them hits a kick to the back of Michaels.

Sir Richard Michaels makes a comeback with a bulldog and quickly tags in Jonathon Hot Body who comes in on fire on Super Destroyer #2. Some double-team work by the Blondes as the referee is trying to keep Super Destroyer #1 out of the ring. Bellomo tries to get the crowd to cheer for the Super Destroyers. Back from commercial break we see the Super Destroyers regaining the advantage on the Suicide Blondes. Michaels reverses a whip into the corner and catches him with a neckbreaker. Sir Christopher Candido shows up and he replaces Sir Richard Michaels in the ring! Super D #1 rolls up Candido for the pin but the referee was briefly distracted by Hot Body. However, referee turns around in time to count the pin and the Super Destroyers win the ECW Tag Team Titles. The Suicide Blondes throw a tantrum in the ring.

WINNERS: The Super Destroyers win the ECW Tag Team Titles

The Sandman and Peaches talk about Ivan Koloff. The Sandman says he respects what Ivan Koloff has done in wrestling but doesn’t appreciate the way he speaks about the United States.

Paul E. Dangerously interviews the Koloffs. Ivan speaks highly of The Sandman’s recent accomplishments. Vladimir speaks about his uncle Ivan teaching him everything.

Ivan Koloff (w/ Vladimir Koloff) vs. The Sandman (w/ Peaches)

Ivan Koloff is shown in the ring swinging his chain around as “Surfin’ U.S.A.” plays and The Sandman and Peaches come out to the ring. The Sandman gets the crowd to chant “U.S.A.” at Ivan Koloff. They do some matwork to start the match with Ivan getting Sandman on a reversal and putting him in a hammerlock. Ivan gets a nearfall before bringing Sandman back up. Sandman and Ivan counter wrestle for a bit with Ivan getting the edge. Miss Peaches climbs up the apron to complain about Ivan.

Paul E. talks about how The Sandman has to worry if Rockin’ Rebel might interfere besides the Koloffs. More reversal of holds by both. Sandman gets Ivan in a headlock. He catches Ivan with a body press off the ropes and gets a 2-count. Ivan counters with some clotheslines on Sandman. Ivan gets a pair of near falls on Sandman after a legdrop. The Sandman fights back and gets Ivan with a clothesline. Sandman whips Ivan into the corner but Ivan gets him with a big boot. Ivan climbs up the ropes but Sandman catches him and tosses him.

The Rockin’ Rebel shows up ringside and throws some liquid at Miss Peaches! She grabs her face and it looks like the liquid has ink. Ivan meanwhile gets the pin on The Sandman as referees and wrestlers show up to check on Miss Peaches. She is shown with green coloring all over her face, arms and legs. She gets carried out.

WINNER: Ivan Koloff

Stevie Wonderful interviews ECW President Tod Gordon and Hunter Q. Robbins III. Robbins feels his team was robbed and he blames Gordon. He says he’s willing to do anything and tells Gordon that his men (The Suicide Blondes) are willing to leave town if they can’t win the tag titles back. Robbins even suggests that he be handcuffed to Bellomo. Gordon tells Robbins he’s going to work on setting that match up.

Hot Stuff International (Don Muraco, Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot) (w/ Jimmy Snuka) vs. Glen Osbourne, Larry Winters & Tommy Cairo

The Dark Patriot gets slammed by Tommy Cairo but he quickly regains the advantage on Cairo. He tags in Eddie Gilbert who throws a few right hands at Cairo. Gilbert suplexes Cairo and follows with a clothesline off the ropes. Cairo is able to tag in Winters who drops an elbow off the second rope on Gilbert’s left arm. Muraco wants to get in the ring but the referee stops him. The babyface trio don’t tag in to attack on Gilbert. Cairo takes Gilbert down with a shoulder tackle.

Winters tags in but Gilbert is able to tag in The Magnificent Muraco. Muraco powerslams Winters and tags in The Dark Patriot. Dark Patriot lands a legdrop on Winters for a 2-count. He gets Winters with a modified DDT. Eddie Gilbert back in the ring. Snuka starts choking Winters as the Dangerous Alliance distract the referee. The Dark Patriot steps on Winters throat in their corner. Eddie Gilbert misses an elbowdrop off the ropes. Gilbert tags in The Dark Patriot and Winters tags in Osbourne. Osbourne monkey-flips The Dark Patriot. He goes for a second one but Eddie grabs him and knocks Osbourne down. The Dark Patriot then climbs up the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle called “the Scud Missile” for the pin.

WINNERS: Muraco, Gilbert & The Dark Patriot

Paul E. Dangerously now sends it to a video showing you a day in the life of Eddie Gilbert. Jay Sulli interviews Gilbert. Eddie Gilbert talks about being the “King of Philadelphia” and beating Terry Funk. Gilbert mentions that they are going to start doing attacks on the people of Philadelphia.

They show a sit-down interview with Eddie Gilbert who introduces his other brother FREDDIE GILBERT! Jay Sulli tells Eddie that he’s never heard of his other brother and has only heard of his brother Doug and father Tommy. Eddie calls Freddie Gilbert his #2 brother and says that Freddie isn’t “kinda right”. His parents sent him to a good school because they didn’t want him to be in the wrestling business. Eddie says they wanted him to be a journalist, doctor, lawyer or something stupid. Eddie said that he went and grabbed Freddie as he got out of school and told him that he was going to Philadelphia with him because he wanted his help in becoming the “King of Philadelphia”. Eddie tells Tod Gordon he can fire anyone he wants but Freddie isn’t scared and he’s going to be in Eddie’s corner from now on. Any questions for Freddie Gilbert have to go thru Eddie. He ends the interview.

Stevie Wonderful interviews Tod Gordon who has an announcement. He says they signed a match for next week and it will be the Super Destroyers defending the ECW Tag titles against The Suicide Blondes and if the Blondes lose, they leave ECW. Sal Bellomo and Hunter Q. Robbins III will be handcuffed together. As he makes this announcement Bellomo shows up happy and holding handcuffs. The Super Destroyers vow to beat the Suicide Blondes. Bellomo said he’s going to eat a lot of garlic and spit it at Robbins because he can’t go nowhere.

Sal Bellomo vs. Sir Christopher Candido (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins)

Bellomo and Candido exchange punches to start the match. Paul E. gets a call during the match and Sulli thinks it is an update on Miss Peaches. Paul E. said his uncle was at the hospital and heard that there was some damage to Miss Peaches eyes from the liquid thrown at her by Rockin’ Rebel. Paul E. says she’s been blinded. Candido takes down Bellomo with a clothesline. Bellomo bites Candido’s arm. Candido fights back but Bellomo rakes his eyes. Sir Jonathon Hot Body, Sir Richard Michaels and Tony Stetson attack Bellomo. The Super Destroyers run in to save Bellomo. Larry Winters runs in. Robbins hits Stevie Wonderful with his cane. Wonderful fights back and grabs Robbins. Candido makes the save and attacks Stevie. Paul E. is pleased by the attack on Stevie Wonderful.

WINNER: Sal Bellomo

Show continues with everyone brawling in and out of the ring. Super Destroyers used the cane on Candido and he grabs his arm and says he thinks his arm is broken. Wild finish to the show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: A lot going on during this show. Thought it was pretty good with how they had the main story flow throughout the show with the Suicide Blondes and Super Destroyers. First with the Super Destroyers winning the tag titles. Followed by Hunter Q. Robbins III wanting a rematch and willing to have his team be in a loser leaves town match. Then the final match between Candido and Bellomo leading to the brawl with Candido suffering an injury which will lead into the tag title match the following week. There was also that funny exchange between Robbins and the fans who were rooting for the Super Destroyers that built up him losing it as the show went on. Eddie introducing his other brother Freddie Gilbert was amusing. The other big angle was Rockin’ Rebel blinding Miss Peaches. I thought that was well done because you can see that some would either be paying most of their attention at the match while others would be distracted by what happened outside the ring. Really fun show.


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