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Mid-South Wrestling 3/25/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 3/25/1982

Boyd Pearce is joined once again by Jim Ross on commentary. They recap last week’s North American title match where Bob Roop won the title and Ted DiBiase suffered a knee injury. Jim Ross mentions there was a double-double cross as Roop and Orndorff came up with a strategy to get Gen. Skandor Akbar & The One Man Gang to help Orndorff beat DiBiase only Roop stole the title shot from Orndorff. They show video of the title match.

Paul Orndorff does an in-ring interview with Reiser Bowden where he talks about Bob Roop being his so-called friend and agreeing with Ted DiBiase that Roop is a “no-good coward and back-stabber”. Orndorff accuses Bob Roop of messing with his car so that he couldn’t make it on time for his title match last week. Orndorff said it was all his plan and he vows Roop messed with the wrong man and vows to get revenge. He mentions that he’s been robbed of the North American title two times. First time by Jake Roberts and the second time by Bob Roop.

Paul Orndorff vs. Cocoa Samoa

Cocoa Samoa takes down Orndorff early in the match by using his quickness. Orndorff goes in for a side headlock on Cocoa Samoa and takes him to the mat. Cocoa Samoa uses the ropes and speed to regain the advantage on Orndorff and grabs him in an armbar. Orndorff whips Cocoa Samoa into the ropes and then slingshots him into the top rope. He stomps on Cocoa Samoa and then throws in a punch. Follows that up with a couple of forearms on Cocoa Samoa. Front chinlock by Orndorff wears down Cocoa Samoa who fights back and throws a series of punches at Orndorff. Cocoa Samoa whips Orndorff into a corner but Orndorff catches him with a clothesline. Orndorff whips Cocoa Samoa into the ropes and catches him with a powerslam for the pin.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

Next match was suppose to be Bob Roop vs. Buddy Landell but Paul Orndorff returns to the ring and tells Reiser Bowden and Buddy Landell to get out of the ring. The crowd cheers loudly for him. He gets the referee out of the ring. Roop rushes out of the ring but Orndorff chases after him and attacks him outside the ring. Orndorff sends Roop back in the ring and continues his attack. Rick Ferrara comes in to stop Orndorff but he gets knocked down. Mike Boyer follows and Orndorff takes him out too. Tully Blanchard comes out and Orndorff tosses him over the top rope but Roop escapes while Orndorff is distracted getting Blanchard out of the ring.

Mike Sharpe vs. Mike Boyer

Sharpe takes Boyer down with an armbar after Boyer bumped a few times while running the ropes against Sharpe. Boyer gets in a few punches trying to break out of the armbar. He gets whipped into the ropes by Sharpe and Sharpe continues to dominate the match. Sharpe stretches Boyer’s left arm. Boyer tries to reach ropes buy is unsuccessful. Sharpe uses his strength to keep Boyer in control and tosses Boyer high up in the air with a back drop. Sharpe puts Boyer in a backbreaker to win via submission.

WINNER: Mike Sharpe

The Samoans (Afa & Sika) (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. The Junkyard Dog & Killer Karl Kox

The Samoans attack Kox early but he quickly tags in JYD. JYD knocks down one of the Samoans. Quick teamwork by Kox and JYD as they go on offense on The Samoans. JYD twists one of the Samoans head and gets a 2-count. Kox comes in and continues the attack. Samoans double-team Kox in their corner but he fights back by raking one of the Samoans eyes and takes him to his corner were JYD hits a forearm and gets a near fall. Akbar tries to interfere but JYD grabs him. Sika gets a karate chop in on JYD to save Akbar. Afa comes in and throws some punches at JYD. Samoans hit a double judo chop on JYD. Samoans continue their attack on JYD until Kox comes in and makes the save. All four brawl in the ring. Samoans double headbutt Karl Kox and send him to the outside.

The Samoans clothesline JYD. They try for another double clothesline but JYD ducks and hits them with a clothesline of his own. He grabs Akbar and slams him into the ring. JYD tosses the referee out of the ring and he brawls with The Samoans. Karl Kox comes back into the ring and hits the Samoans with his shovel! He knocks one of the Samoans to the outside. JYD pins the other Samoan and gets the win!

WINNERS: The Junkyard Dog & Killer Karl Kox

The One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Terry Gibbs

Gibbs can’t take down OMG as he tries to tackle and kick him off his feet with no success. Gibbs flies at him with a cross body block but OMG catches him and puts him in a backbreaker. The One Man Gang then hits Gibbs with a couple of forearms to his back. Follows it up with an elbow. One Man Gang slams Gibbs down and then hits the ropes and lands a big splash for the win!

WINNER: The One Man Gang

Mr. Olympia vs. Tully Blanchard

Mr. Olympia with a cool purple and silver combo this week with his mask and tights. Jim Ross talks about Tully Blanchard as a top athlete out of Texas. Fast-paced match as Mr. Olympia back drops Blanchard out of the corner. Mr. Olympia gets Blanchard in a side headlock but Tully gets in a few elbows trying to break out of the hold. He nearly breaks out of the hold and when he finally does he gets hiptossed by Mr. Olympia. Blanchard heads to the outsdie and then returns to the ring.

Mr. Olympia goes back to working on Blanchard’s left arm. Blanchard uses the ropes to escape Mr. Olympia’s grasp. Mr. Olympia catches him with a dropkick but Tully backs away to the corner. Mr. Olympia stomps on Tully and whips him into the corner. Blanchard holds on to the ropes as Mr. Olympia tries for a monkey flip. Blanchard gets a couple of near falls on Mr. Olympia. Tully puts Mr. Olympia in a front facelock. Mr.Olympia whips Tully off him but Blanchard quickly gets him back in a headlock. Mr. Olympia catches Blanchard in a suplex after reversing it on Tully. Mr. Olympia slams Tully a few times and goes for a splash but Tully raises up his knees and catches him. Tully gets Mr. Olympia with a backbreaker and then tries to pin him near the ropes. Blanchard uses the ropes to pin Mr. Olympia but the referee sees it and breaks it up. Tully argues with the referee and Mr. Olympia sneaks up from behind and catches him with an inside cradle for the pin. Good match. Blanchard’s upset and kicks at the ropes near the referee.

WINNER: Mr. Olympia

Jesse Barr vs. Rick Ferrara

Some matwork to start the match and Ferrara quickly hits the ropes. Barr leapfrogs over Ferrara and gets him in a headlock. Barr slams Ferrara and goes back to the headlock. Ferrara escapes. Shoulder tackle off the ropes sends Barr to the mat. Ferrara grabs the ropes and Barr falls to the mat. He follows with an atomic drop and goes for a pin but only gets a 2-count. Barr sunset flips Ferrara and gets a 2-count. They tangle up and have each other by the head. Ferrara gets a cradle pin attempt. Barr tries to slide Ferrara over for a pin. Barr gets Ferrara in a head scissors. Ferrara escapes and start working on Barr’s left leg as TV time is running out. Barr flips Ferrara over. Bell rings to end the match as a no contest due to TV time running out.

WINNER: No Contest (TV time runs out)

SHOW THOUGHTS: Pretty good show as they continued with what occurred the previous week between Paul Orndorff, Bob Roop and Ted DiBiase with Orndorff vowing revenge on Roop. Orndorff had a strong interview talking about what went down with Bob Roop and then they had that altercation that was really good. The Samoans vs. JYD & Karl Kox was a fun short match. The One Man Gang had another squash match but you can really tell how much more imposing he’d be later in his career when he went with the mohawk instead of just long hair. Mr. Olympia vs. Tully Blanchard was good! Best match on the show. Really good pace to that match. I liked the stand-by match at the end between Rick Ferrara and Jesse Barr. Jim Ross on commentary was great as he had a ton of energy and provided a lot of information on talent. Pearce seemed to really enjoy calling the action with him.


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