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SMW TV #13 (4/9/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #13 (4/9/1992)

Taped 4/9/1992 at Hancock County High School in Sneedville, Tennessee. Aired on 4/25/1992.

Bob Caudle is joined once again by Dutch Mantell and Carl Styles. Mantell tells Caudle to mind his business concerning where Styles was the past few weeks.

Bob Holly vs. Bart Batten

Holly attacks Batten right as the bell rings. Batten hits a clothesline off the middle rope and then follows with an atomic drop and hiptoss that sends Holly to the outside. Batten controls the action early with his speed until Holly catches him when he attempts a headscissors and drops him head first into the top rope. Holly gets Bart in a armbar that Bart tries to escape but Holly catches him with a neckbreaker off the ropes. Holly follows that up with a legdrop for a 2-count.

Holly twists Batten’s head and yells that Batten wanted to be a star. Batten throws in a punch on Holly and takes him into the corner where he hits a few more punches. He whips Holly into the corner but Holly lifts up his knee and knocks Batten down. Holly climbs to the top rope and hits his “Star Drop” splash for the win on Bart Batten. (It was suppose to be a knee drop but looked more like a splash)

WINNER: Bob Holly

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong announces the entire lineup for Volunteer Slam. He gives out the SMW Title tournament 1st round matches.

– Robert Gibson vs. Jimmy Golden
– Tim Horner vs. Paul Orndorff
– Buddy Landell vs. Brian Lee
– The Dixie Dynamite vs. The Dirty White Boy

The other matches on the show include the SMW Tag Team Title tournament finals.

Armstrong noticed Paul Orndorff is standing nearby and asks him to join him. Orndorff asks Armstrong if he wants money, he’s got plenty of it. Armstrong warns Paul Orndorff about using the piledriver. Orndorff responds by saying “wrassler’s honor, I won’ t use the piledriver”. Orndorff puts down Horner and warns him.

The Batten Twins, Brian Lee and The Fantastics do promos for upcoming shows.

Jimmy Golden vs. Davey Rich

Fast-paced action to start the match with both showing some great technical ability. Rich catches Golden in a Boston Crab but Golden quickly reaches the ropes. Rich gets Golden in an atomic drop and then follows with a backdrop suplex. Golden heads to the outside to get a break and complains that Rich pulled his trunks. Rich brings Golden back into the ring and puts him in a headlock.

Golden tries to break out of the headlock by lifting up Rich in the air, but Rich doesn’t break the hold. Golden grabs Rich’s leg and drops it on his knee and that breaks the hold. Golden starts working on Rich’s left leg. Golden gets Rich in a half Boston Crab and uses the ropes for extra leverage. Mantell starts burying the women in attendance and mentions that they are so ugly they couldn’t even make it in biker magazines. LOL! Golden keeps working on Rich’s left leg and uses the ring apron and ring post to punish it more.

Jimmy Golden starts stomping on Davey Rich. Mantell warns kids about putting others in figure-four leglocks because they could hurt themselves. Golden goes for a spinning toe-hold on Rich. Rich kicks Golden off and sends him into the corner. He whips Golden into the corner and punches him a few times. Golden rakes Rich’s eyes. Rich gets a near fall after a cross body block off the ropes. He slams Golden and knocks him down as they run the ropes. Golden catches Rich off the ropes with a dropkick and gets the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Golden

Jimmy Golden gets interviewed by Bob Caudle. Robert Gibson comes over to confront Golden. Gibson vows to beat Golden in the tournament. Golden warns Gibson that if he comes back again he’ll kick his butt and says Gibson has never beaten him. He says he’s kicked every Gibson family members butt and he’s going to win their tournament match.

Brian Lee vs. Joe Cazana

Brian Lee scoops up Cazana for a slam after they ran the ropes for a bit. Mantell makes jokes about Brian Lee. Brian Lee uses his strength to keep Cazana from getting any momentum. He lands a dropkick and gets Cazana in an armbar. Cazana makes a little comeback and slams Lee. Cazana climbs to the top rope and misses an elbow drop! Brian Lee powerslams Cazana and he gets Cazana in his finisher “The Cancellation” for the win.

WINNER: Brian Lee

Brian Lee heads over for an interview but Buddy Landell interrupts him. He tells Lee that he’s going to take some of his air time, but Lee isn’t having none of that and tells Landell that he better leave. Lee tells Landell that he might be a good wrestler but he’s not ready for Prime Time! Landell asks if Lee was talking to him. LOL!

Bob Caudle interviews Carl Styles and asks him where he’s been for the past 3-4 weeks. Styles says he has the utmost respect for Dutch Mantell but recently he got a speeding ticket and was in jail for a couple of weeks! He thought Dutch Mantell would help him get out of jail since he had some of his money but Dutch didn’t. Styles said he had several unpaid traffic tickets and he was sure Mantell must have a good reason why he couldn’t help him out. Styles says he’s always doing things wrong. Mantell returns to the announcer’s set and asks what Styles just said and tells him to stop talking and takes him away.

Killer Kyle vs. Reno Riggins

Killer Kyle takes down Riggins with a right hand after they exchanged a few to start the match. They show a small screen where we see Mantell scolding Carl Styles. Riggins uses his speed to take down Kyle. Kyle whips Riggins into the corner and then gets him with a back suplex. Riggins goes to the outside and Kyle gorilla presses Riggins back into the ring. Kyle climbs to the top rope and gets caught by Riggins with a big boot. Riggins hits a dropkick on Kyle. Reno climbs to the top rope and Kyle catches him in mid-air and then slams him down with his finisher “The Rub Out” to the mat for the pin.

WINNER: Killer Kyle

Mr. Ron Wright returns and claims that someone from Smoky Mountain Wrestling wrote-in to the AARP and had his discount card discontinued. He used that card to buy his heart and arthritis medicine at a discount and now he can’t. This has made him and The Dirty White Boy angrier and The Dirty White Boy is out training kicking old men, old women and dogs around in an alley! He vows that there will be a lot of blood spilled at Volunteer Slam from The Dirty White Boy because he’s really upset about how Mr. Wright has been treated!

They show the SMW Tag Team title tournament bracket as they send it to the next match.

SMW Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final: The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Danny Davis & Joey Maggs

Jim Cornette does his team’s introduction and also does a little strut before the match starts. Dr. Tom starts it off with Davis. Fast-paced action to start the match. Prichard gets in a knee and a couple of chops in the corner. Davis catches Prichard with a huracarana! Davis takes down both Bodies and backdrops Prichard! Cornette calls for a timeout!

Prichard and Davis continue with some really solid technical wrestling. Davis headscissors Prichard but he escapes and backs away and tags in Lane. Lane complains that he was punched by Davis. Maggs comes in against Lane and again Lane complains about his hair being pulled. Lane does pull Maggs hair. Maggs throws a few rights at Lane and chases him outside the ring. Maggs hiptosses Lane. Lane makes a comeback with a neckbreaker on Maggs. Prichard comes in and goes to work on Maggs. He powerslams Maggs and then lands a knee on Maggs! Double-team work by The Heavenly Bodies on Maggs. Davis complains to the referee. Lane uses the top rope to choke Maggs.

Stan Lane hits a clothesline on Maggs. More double-team work by The Heavenly Bodies on Maggs. Prichard suplexes Maggs. Double side-kicks by The Heavenly Bodies on Maggs. Maggs whips Lane into the corner but Lane lifts his foot and kicks Maggs and follows that up with a clothesline. Lane uses a chinlock on Maggs. Davis tries to make the save but the referee tries to get him out so The Heavenly Bodies choke Maggs. Prichard and Lane hit a double elbow on Maggs. Lane and Maggs exchange punches. Maggs whips Lane into the corner and both fall to the mat. Maggs tags in Davis but the referee didn’t see it. All four get in the ring and Davis goes to work on both Bodies. Referee Mark Curtis grabs Davis and tells him to go back to his corner. Lane whips Maggs into the ropes and then Prichard goes and grabs him by the hair and just drops him head-first to the mat. Prichard goes for the pin and gets the win.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies cut a great promo about the fans and the Fantastics. Dr. Tom Prichard bashes the Fantastics. Stan Lane insults the city that they will be wrestling in.

Tim Horner talked about Paul Orndorff having an attitude and how he tried to intentionally hurt Hector Guerrero. He said that at Volunteer Slam, Paul Orndorff will know who he is and he doesn’t care that Orndorff has beaten Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair because he’s never beaten him.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show. There were a couple of matches that were bordering on being squashes but there were some competitive matches especially the tag team semifinal and the Jimmy Golden vs. Davey Rich match. They continued the piledriver storyline with Orndorff which has been done well since now Orndorff doesn’t care because he has the money to pay the fines. We finally got the story behind why Carl Styles went missing for a few weeks. His interaction with Caudle and Mantell as the “dumb redneck” is funny since you see him telling Caudle why he was gone and still thinking Mantell is a good guy but then Mantell shows up and treats him like a kid. Mr. Ron Wright’s ongoing story about his health issues have been great on these shows. This time him claiming that SMW caused AARP to discontinue his discount card was funny. The Heavenly Bodies were an awesome tag team and they showed it in this tag match. Bumping around for their opponents and having the right timing to do heel spots like double-team work and cheating to get the win.


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