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ECW TV 6/29/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep. #13 (6/29/1993)

Taped 5/15/1993 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 6/29/1993.

Paul E. Dangerously does the introduction for ECW followed by the ECW intro with music.

Jay Sulli is joined by Paul E. Dangerously and ECW President Tod Gordon. Gordon warns Paul E. and others about causing any trouble like they did the previous week and tells Paul E. that he’s keeping a close eye on everyone.

Jay Sulli interviews ECW President Tod Gordon at the studio about their first major show. Gordon says that they will be adding more seating for the big show in September. They recap the Texas Chain match between Eddie Gilbert and Terry Funk and how referee Kevin Christian turned his back when Terry Funk had touched all four corners. Christian and Gordon got into a shoving match and Paul E. hit him with his telephone. Gordon then said that when he woke up from being knocked out all he remembers is finding out that Kevin Christian isn’t who he thought he was and turned out to be the THIRD Gilbert brother! Gordon said that he’s known Eddie Gilbert all his life and knew about his father (Tommy) and his brother (Doug) but he’s never heard of this second brother named Freddie Gilbert! Gordon says that Gilbert hired his own camera crew and wears a cape and crown and goes to bars and other places throughout Philly causing trouble.

They show highlights from the Texas Chain match between Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert. Tod Gordon interviews Terry Funk who says it was the toughest match he’s ever been in. Funk tells Gordon that he wants a match against Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot. He wants a hair vs. mask match with the Dark Patriot.

They air a shot of where you can buy ECW tapes including a copy of the unedited Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular show.

Stevie Wonderful interviews Ivan & Vladimir Koloff. Ivan calls Vladimir the greatest Koloff and talks about his own experience. He challenges all teams in ECW.

Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Koloff vs. Glen Osbourne & Herve’ Renesto

Crowd boos the Koloffs as Ivan bangs his chain on the mat and everyone leaves the ring. Vladimir starts the match and destroys Renesto. He works on Renesto’s left arm. As Vladimir beats on Renesto, Ivan yells at the fans. Paul E. talks about Ivan’s success in tag team wrestling having won tag titles with Ole Anderson, Nikita Koloff and Don Kernoodle. Vladimir tags in Ivan and he bear hugs Renesto who continues to get destroyed by the Koloffs. Ivan has Renesto in a hammerlock and keeps jumping and applying pressure on his left arm.

Vladimir gets a 2-count on Renesto after a belly-to-belly suplex but he picks him back up to beat on him a little more. Vladimir puts Renesto in a variation of the cobra clutch and gets Renesto to submit.

WINNERS: Ivan & Vladimir Koloff

Paul E. Dangerously is laying in the production van as he shows us a video of Eddie Gilbert in Philadelphia. Jay Sulli joins Eddie Gilbert who tells him to call him “King Edward”. Tod Gordon is also at the party with Gilbert. Eddie Gilbert is wearing his crown and his cape. Eddie again talks about the disappointment from Philly sports teams as Gordon leaves upset over how Eddie’s acting.

Tony Stetson vs. Larry Winters

Winters rushes into the ring and attacks Stetson. He tosses Stetson into the guardrail and then grabs a chair and hits Stetson with it. Larry Winters slams Stetson into the guardrail again. Winters finally rolls Stetson back into the ring as Winters continues his assault on Stetson with a series of boots to Stetson’s head! Stetson mounts a comeback with a few right hands at Winters. Stetson tosses Winters to the outside! He grabs a chair and hits Winters with it. Stetson hits Winters with a soda can! Wild brawl outside the ring. Stetson finally gets Winters back in the ring and drops a pair of knees at Winters back. He starts choking winters and then shoves the referee out of the way. Second referee shows up and he gets shoved out of the way by Winters. Referee Kevin Christian shows up. Winters throws some knees at Stetson and then they both knock down the second and third referee down.

A group of wrestlers come out to try to break apart Stetson and Winters. Referees get back up and help separate the two.


They show a promo card mentioning some August TV tapings and some of the names on the show. Follow that up with news that they are in negotiations to bring in some talent from the WING promotion.

Jimmy Snuka © (w/ Don Muraco & The Dark Patriot) vs. Tommy Cairo for the ECW Television Title

Funny moment as Tommy Cairo makes his entrance he high-fives the fans and there’s this one little kid who has his arm stretched out to get his high-five, but Cairo’s up-high and unfortunately this kid is down-low.

Paul E. Dangerously explains what their faction is as he calls Hot Stuff International the conglomerate and The Dangerous Alliance is their financial backer.

Cairo gets things going by slamming Snuka and then getting in a reverse kick on Snuka to send him to the outside. Snuka gets back in the ring and hits a couple of chops on Cairo. He gets in a punch at Cairo as Dark Patriot and Muraco approve of his actions. Snuka whips Cairo into the ropes and then gets in a kick at Cairo in the midsection. Cairo makes a comeback with a suplex and then back drops Snuka. Snuka gets in a knee at Cairo with a high leap in the air. Muraco trips up Cairo. Snuka gets Cairo with a backbreaker and Snuka climbs to the top rope and lands the Super Fly Splash on Cairo for the pin.

WINNER: Tommy Cairo via DQ (Terry Funk tells referee how Muraco got involved)

As Snuka, Muraco and The Dark Patriot leave the ringside area, Terry Funk comes in thru the crowd and heads to the ring where he tells referee Kevin Christian about how Muraco tripped Cairo and helped Snuka win the match. Referee reverses the decision. Muraco and The Dark Patriot try to keep Snuka from attacking Funk.

Sal Bellomo interview. He wears a wig and says he’s a Suicide Blonde. He then talks about watching movies. He talks about having a crack in his head but soon the Suicide Blondes will have cracks in their heads.

Hunter Q. Robbins III and Sir Richard Michaels cut a promo on Salvatore Bellomo. Michaels says that Bellomo calls himself one of the three musketeers but Bellomo looks like he ate the other two musketeers.

Sal Bellomo vs. Sir Richard Michaels (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III)

Bellomo is carrying this large mask looking thing to the ring while dressed like a Roman gladiator. Paul E. Dangerously starts talking about how he’s in ECW as a personal favor for his good friend Eddie Gilbert and mentions that people like Jim Cornette and Terry Funk like to meddle in their business. He vowed to cause injury to added insult.

Bellomo pokes Michaels eye and then attacks him in the corner. Bellomo tries to kiss the referee. Robbins and a referee start screaming at each other. Michaels hits a standing dropkick on Bellomo and then slams him. Michaels puts a 3 Musketeers candy bar and tries shoving it into Bellomo’s mouth. Bellomo recovers and takes over in the match and tries to stuff that candy in Michael’s mouth. Bellomo beats on Michaels and starts ripping at Michaels’ nose. Michaels hits Bellomo and then gets him in the corner and chops him a few times. He whips him into the corner but Bellomo moves out of the way and Michaels is left hanging on the ropes. Bellomo beats on him and then whips Michaels into the corner and splashes him. He goes for a second splash but Michaels moves and he tries for a pin using the ropes for leverage but the referee sees it. Michaels whips Bellomo into a corner but Bellomo raises a knee and knocks Michaels down. Bellomo pins Michaels and uses the ropes for leverage. Hunter Q. Robbins argues with the referee and the Suicide Blondes run in and attack Bellomo.

WINNER: Sal Bellomo

The Super Destroyers run out to save Bellomo and everyone brawls in the ring. Super Destroyers toss the referees out of the ring. The show ends with the Super Destroyers and Bellomo clearing out the ring.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show with more focus on the Eddie Gilbert and Terry Funk feud and the rest of the Dangerous Alliance being involved. Thought the segments were they talked about that rivalry were really good especially the sit-down interview with Sulli and ECW President Tod Gordon talking about what happened in that Texas Chain match. Funk and Gilbert doing interviews on the show with Terry wanting revenge on The Dark Patriot and Eddie celebrating his win to become the “King Of Philly” were well done. There’s a certain sleazy factor added to Paul E’s character whenever he does those video intros while laying in the production van. The Koloffs debut was good with them just destroying poor Herve’ Renesto. I would be interested in seeing a longer version of a grudge match between Larry Winters and Tony Stetson because what they did in that short amount of time on the TV show was pretty fun. Sal Bellomo’s promos are funny and I thought his match with Sir Richard Michaels was a short fun match.


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