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Mid-South Wrestling 3/18/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 3/18/1982

Taped 3/17/1982 at Irish McNeil Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 3/18/1982

Boyd Pearce is joined by Jim Ross on commentary. Pearce talks about the matches on this week’s show and mentions that Paul Orndorff will be getting the shot at the North American Heavyweight title against Ted DiBiase with Bob Roop being barred from ringside. Pearce mentions that if Roop interferes that both he and Orndorff will be suspended. Pearce then introduces a new face to Mid-South Wrestling, Jim Ross. Boyd Pearce gives some background info on Jim Ross including him being a referee in Oklahoma for a variety of sports, does commentary on rodeo shows for ESPN, and does numerous wrestling commentary shows in various areas. Ross asked Pearce if he could attend a show, so Boyd invited him to do some commentary on the show. Ross thanks Boyd Pearce and praises Mid-South Wrestling.

Boyd Pearce asks Jim Rosss who he feels has a better understanding of the situation to explain to the viewers what the surgery was that “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd recently had.

Bob Roop interrupts Pearce before Ross can say anything about Ladd’s surgery. Bob Roop talked about not being given the title match. Roop said he didn’t cry about not getting the shot but wanted to let everyone know that something happened to Paul Orndorff in a recent cage match with Ted DiBiase. Roop says that Orndorff got beat in the cage match. He mentions that Orndorff was feeling down after the loss and Roop believes that he doesn’t think he can beat DiBiase. Roop claims that Orndorff told him that he didn’t know if he could beat DiBiase on TV and believs that Orndorff isn’t going to show up for his match on this week’s show. Roop says that he’s the #2 contender and wants the match. Roop asks Pearce to help him get the match and Pearce repeats to him that he is not a matchmaker and he told him and other wrestlers who keep asking him for help that he has no control over that. Roop insists that he doesn’t think Orndorff will be there and he tells Pearce that he’s going to talk to Grizzly Smith.

Ross talks about Ernie Ladd’s knee surgery. Dr. James Andrews operated on Ladd and Ross said that Andrews has operated on many wrestlers and sports athletes. They show a clip of the operation actually taking place on February 26, 1982. Ross says Ladd should be back from surgery soon.

They show a video interview with Ernie Ladd. Ladd tells Reiser Bowden that Mid-South is his backyard and says that he’s been hurt in both football and wrestling but no one has taken him out. He shows his cast. He mentions going to the same doctor that Paul Ellering went to. He vows to return and says he’s not a coward. Ladd said he’s going to do some research and find a few people that he feels are qualified to form an alliance with him.
The show a clip of the February 3rd attack on Ernie Ladd by Gen. Skandor Akbar, the Samoans and the One Man Gang. They follow that up with a clip of the One Man Gang attacking Dick Murdoch on February 23rd.

Buddy Landell vs. The One Man Gang (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

They claim The One Man Gang is 6-10 and 450 lbs. The One Man Gang tosses Landell across the ring. The One Man Gang controls the match with several slams and then lands a big splash off the ropes onto Landell for the win. Quick squash match.

WINNER: THe One Man Gang

Killer Karl Kox vs. Bob Roop

Roop asks Reiser Bowden if he could help him as he’s trying to tell everyone that Paul Orndorff isn’t going to make it to the show. He suggests that he shouldn’t be wrestling this match because if Orndorff doesn’t show up he might get picked for the title match. Bowden tells Roop that he can’t help him and Roop looks frustrated.

Roop attacks Kox before the bell rings. Kox recovers and elbows Roop a few times. They brawl in the ring and Roop tries to plead with Kox but Kox continues his attack on Roop. Kox catches Roop with a knee-lift. Roop hits Kox with an elbow and then ties him up with the ropes and throws a few punches. Roop walks into a right hand by Kox and then Kox gets Roop with the brainbuster for the pin.

WINNER: Killer Karl Kox

The Samoans (Afa & Sika) (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. Terry Gibbs & Jesse Barr

Ross talks about how The Samoans ruled Madison Square Garden for many years and praises how good of a team The Samoans are. Jesse Barr with a nice leapfrog followed by a dropkick on one of the Samoans. The Samoans are able to regain control of the match. They use some quick tags and double-team moves on Barr. Big headbutt at Barr. More elbows and chops by the Samoans on Barr who tries to tag in Gibbs. Barr gets Irish-whipped into a corner and then gets a thumb to his throat by the Samoans who continue to tag in and out. Barr finally tags in Gibbs who takes on both Samoans until he walks into a chop and then gets pinned after a Samoan Drop.

WINNERS: The Samoans

Ted DiBiase © vs. Bob Roop for the Mid-South North American Title

Bob Roop is in the ring and now in the match replacing Paul Orndorff. Roop knocks DiBiase down with a punch and goes for a small package for a near fall. DiBiase is able to knock down Roop. Roop grabs at his neck as he sells having been hurt in his earlier match against Killer Karl Kox. DiBiase gets a near fall on Roop.

DiBiase gets a near fall off a cross body block off the ropes on Roop. He gets Roop in a side headlock. Roop gets up and gets DiBiase near the ropes to break the hold. DiBiase and Roop both block figure-four leglock attempts. Roop gets in a few cheap shots at DiBiase in the corner but DiBiase counters and takes him back down onto the mat with a facelock. Roop gets DiBiase back into the corner and gets in a few elbows. Roop attempts to go for the shoulder breaker but DiBiase escapes and catches Roop with a powerslam! DiBiase locks in a figure-four leglock on Roop. Roop reverses the leverage and now DiBiase is in pain and he tries to turn the hold around again. He’s able to but near the ropes and Roop grabs the ropes to break the hold.

DiBiase goes for the figure-four leglock again but Roop kicks him off and DiBiase knocks down the referee. Gen. Skandor Akbar and The One Man Gang come out and attack DiBiase. The One Man Gang uses the ring post to attack DiBiase’s left leg. They leave the ringside area and Roop goes for a variation of the figure-four leglock on DiBiase! DiBiase moves around in pain until he goes unconscious. Bob Roop wins the Mid-South North American Heavyweight title via submission!

WINNER: Bob Roop

The Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia vs. Tully Blanchard & Mike Boyer

Blanchard and Boyer attack Mr. Olympia and JYD before the bell rings! JYD and Blanchard start the match off. Blanchard hits an elbow drop off the ropes onto JYD and goes for a quick pin but JYD tosses Blanchard up into mid-air to escape the pin. Blanchard quickly tags in Boyer while JYD rolls over and tags in Mr. Olympia. Mr. Olympia sends Boyer into the ropes and punches him in the mid-section. Mr. Olympia tags in JYD and he powerslams Boyer for the pin while Mr. Olympia keeps Blanchard away.

WINNERS: Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia

Right as this match was ending Paul Orndorff walks over to the commentary set. Orndorff mentions that everyone knows that when he has a match he shows up. He talked about getting robbed in a previous title match. He said the reason he just showed up right now was that he had to run six blocks to get to the studio because his car wouldn’t start. He doesn’t know who did it but he has a good idea. He thought it was Ted DiBiase or someone he knows who sabotaged his car. He admits that in his plan to defeat DiBiase on the show he was going to get help from The One Man Gang.

He said that he heard that Bob Roop just won the title from DiBiase and that is all that matters. He later realized when he arrived to the studio when some of the guys were talking to him that they thought he wasn’t going to be there on the show. He said the guys told him that Bob Roop had said he wasn’t going to be on the show because he had flipped out and was in the nut house. Orndorff was going to congratule Roop on winning the title but Roop was taking a shower. Orndorff says that he wasn’t in any nut house. He then realized that all this bad stuff that happened to him there was one person that would gain from it and that was Bob Roop. Orndorff went thru Bob Roop’s belongings and found that he had a copy of Orndorff’s keys and he also found a piece of the car that wouldn’t allow it to start. Orndorff calls Roop a back stabber and tells him that he will pay for what he did.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Really good show with the big title change and the storyline with Roop, Orndorff and DiBiase continuing. Jim Ross making his Mid-South Wrestling commentary debut was a real solid addition as he and Pearce worked well together. The Bob Roop – Paul Orndorff storyline throughout the show was fantastic. Roop looking worried his friend wouldn’t make it to the show but also wanting to get that title shot and trying to get people to help him get it prior to finally him getting it was amusing. Also having him wrestle Killer Karl Kox earlier on the show because no one seemed to think Orndorff would miss the show was a nice touch. Roop won the title from DiBiase in a good match with him cheating to win while also building up the One Man Gang as a monster heel in the territory. Some squash matches to fill out the show and to keep the pace moving. I really liked Tully Blanchard brief time in with JYD in that tag match. Fun show.


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