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A look back at pro wrestling history.

SMW TV #12 (4/9/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #12 (4/9/1992)

Taped 4/9/1992 at Hancock County High School in Sneedville, Tennessee. Aired on 4/18/1992.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are back on commentary with Carl Styles with Mantell. They mention that it will be Buddy Landell’s Smoky Mountain debut and they will give an update on Hector Guerrero after last week’s attack by Paul Orndorff.

Robert Gibson vs. Rip Rogers

Gibson and Rogers lock-up and Rogers quickly complains about Gibson pulling his hair. Fast-paced action to kick this match off with Gibson getting an early edge on The Hustler. Gibson takes down Rogers with a shoulder block and gets him in a side headlock. Crowd is loudly cheering for Gibson who continues to maintain the same speed in the match until Rogers gets him in a headscissors. Gibson escapes that hold and gets Rogers back in a headlock. They criss-cross across the ropes until Gibson again gets Rogers in a headlock.

Mantell claims that Rip Rogers went to the same high school as John Cougar Mellencamp and that while visiting Rogers at his home, he met Mellencamp and they are now close friends. Hmm… Rogers gets Gibson into the corner for a few punches but again Gibson is able to gain the advantage whipping Rogers into the ropes and then back dropping him. Rogers makes a comeback after getting whipped into the corner and hitting a clothesline on Gibson. Rogers gets a 2-count after kicking Gibson a few times.

Gibson slams Rogers head into the top turnbuckle several times. Rip makes a comeback off the ropes with a DDT and only gets a 2-count. Rip gets distracted while arguing with the ref and turns his back on Gibson, who charges off the ropes and gets Rogers with a bulldog for the pin! Good match.

WINNER: Robert Gibson

They recap last week’s attack by Paul Orndorff on Hector Guerrero and him piledriving several other wrestlers. Hector Guerrero is interviewed while wearing a neck brace and vows to never forget what Paul Orndorff did to him. He said that he had good intentions of wrestling the match cleanly. He vows revenge when he comes back from his injury.

Bob Caudle interviews Paul Orndorff about last week’s attack and he’s unapologetic and says “if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen”. Orndorff discusses how a women’s place is in the house. He will continue to use the piledriver and again complains about others being able to use dangerous moves like the DDT. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong comes out to confront Paul Orndorff. Armstrong is disgusted by what Orndorff did last week and tells him that they will not legalize the piledriver. Armstrong tells the story of a young man who was piledriven 25 years ago in Griffin, Georgia and was taken to the hospital and never wrestled nor walked again. Armstrong tells Orndorff that he is fining him $2,500. Orndorff scoffs at the fine and tells Armstrong that he knows very well that he makes $2,500 a minute wrestling. Armstrong tells Orndorff that its good he has a fat checkbook because every time he uses the piledriver he’s going to be fined another $2,500.

Bob Caudle interviews Tim Horner and Brian Lee about the upcoming SMW Heavyweight title tournament.

Paul Orndorff vs. Davey Rich

Rich knocks down Orndorff off a shoulder block. Crowd starts yelling at Orndorff and he covers up his ears. Mantell on commentary is upset that Orndorff is treated like an equal to some of the local wrestlers. Orndorff stomps on Rich but Rich makes a comeback after reversing a whip into the corner. He dropkicks Orndorff who heads to the outside and the crowd chants “Paula” at him.

Good matwork once Orndorff returns to the ring. Rich works on Orndorff’s left arm. Caudle talks about all the men that were injured last week by Orndorff and mentioned that besides Guerrero, Maggs is dealing with a neck injury, Ben Jordan is out four weeks, and Reno Riggins is dealing with some neck pain but will attempt to wrestle on this week’s show. Orndorff breaks out of the armlock briefly but Rich dropkicks him and goes back to working on Orndorff’s left arm. Rich gets a near fall on Orndorff after a cross body block off the ropes and again gets Orndorff’s left arm with an armlock.

Orndorff catches Rich off the ropes and tosses him to the outside. Orndorff tells the fans to shut up. Orndorff drops Rich onto the guardrail. Mantell mentions Orndorff has beaten Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Jumbo Tsuruta and Otto Wanz and several other stars around the world. Orndorff hits Davey Rich with a knee as he tries to get back in the ring. Orndorff tries for a top rope elbow but Rich catches him. Rich knocks Orndorff down and slams him. Rich tries for a backslide but Orndorff grabs the ropes and then hits a devastating clothesline on Davey Rich. Orndorff asks the fans if they want to see the piledriver but instead just goes for the pin on Rich.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

Mr. Ron Wright is interviewed by Bob Caudle. He says that he has The Dirty White Boy training in the streets and alleys at the moment. Mr. Wright says that while training last week the police had some dogs attack The Dirty White Boy and he bit both dogs and gave the dogs rabies! They show highlights of The Dirty White Boy in action. Mr. Wright is still upset that the fans haven’t sent him money. He vows to unleash The Dirty White Boy at Volunteer Slam and he pities all the wrestlers and fans who didn’t help him.

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies are interviewed by Bob Caudle and you hear Cornette putting down the fans. They show a video interview with Davis & Maggs who upset The Koloffs last week. They mention that no one gave them a shot against the Koloffs and they think they have a shot at upsetting the Heavenly Bodies. Cornette vows his team will hurt Maggs and Davis next week. Stan Lane wants to talk about something that is very important to the Heavenly Bodies and it is not the tag team tournament or wrestling but SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!! Caudle nods his head in shock. Lane continues saying that the poor deprived women in the area have been groping and grabbing them in a sexual way and they are sick of it. Lane says that he’s going to notify the authorities and has already spoken to SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong because they are going to put a stop to this harassment. He tells all the women to keep their “greasy, sweaty, fat palms” off them. Cornette agrees and says that they will press charges if this harassment continues.

Buddy Landell vs. Reno Riggins

“The Nature Boy” Buddy Landell’s entrance music is “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred!!! Landell slaps Riggins but Reno comes back with some punches and then hits Landell with a cartwheel into an elbow in the corner! Riggins takes Landell down again and this time Landell complains about his hair getting pulled. Riggins sends Landell to the outside with a clothesline over the ropes and then follows him to the outside. Landell sends Riggins into the ringpost and proceeds to chop the heck out of Reno. Landell takes control of the match and brings Riggins back into the ring where he rips into Riggins eyes and continues to drop some knees and gets in some kicks on him.

Landell applies a wristlock on Riggins. He throws a few chops and punches at Riggins in the corner. Riggins reverses an Irish whip into the corner and armdrags Landell. Riggins misses a dropkick on Landell and Buddy goes back to working on Riggins left arm. Landell uses the ropes for added leverage. Referee Mark Curtis warns him. Riggins catches Landell on the top rope and slams him down. Reno throws a series of punches in the corner but Landell gets him with a reverse atomic drop followed by a powerslam. Buddy lands the corkscrew elbow-drop on Riggins and then gets him in the figure-four leglock for the win. Good match.

WINNER: Buddy Landell

Bob Caudle interview Buddy Landell afte rhis debut win. Landell says he got the bye into the SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament because he’s “way too good”. Mantell is shown behind them during the interview talking strategy with Carl Styles for his upcoming match.

The Dixie Dynamite vs. Carl Styles

This match is a wild-card elimination match to determine who advances into the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Title tournament.

Carl Styles starts the match early on with the advantage but that didn’t last long when Dixie Dynamite is able to slam him and Styles went to the outside. Mantell was upset that Carl Styles was struggling and starts insulting Styles. Dynamite hits a cross body for a 2-count on Styles. Caudle mentions that Styles was replacing Scott Anthony because he had to pull out of the tournament due to an injury. (I think Anthony joined WCW around this time as “Scotty Flamingo”)

Styles throws a few forearms and starts biting on Dynamite. Mantell praises Styles whenever he does something well claiming that he taught him that but the rest of the time he’s insulting him on commentary. Styles catches Dynamite with a backbreaker. Dynamite leapfrogs over Styles and dropkicks him. He sends Styles to the corner and throws a few chops and punches. Mantell heads over to ringside to help out Styles. Styles powerslams Dynamite and Mantell climbs up on the ring and calls Styles over to give him some advice. Dixie Dynamite hits a superkick on Styles and gets the win.

Mantell can’t believe what happened. He watches the replay and is upset.

WINNER: The Dixie Dynamite

Styles goes over to the commentary set where Caudle mentions that he was doing okay until Mantell distracted him. Mantell disagrees and calls Styles a moron. He keeps insulting Styles as they go to a commercial break.

Bob Caudle gives a rundown of upcoming SMW shows. Mr. Ron Wright and Jimmy Golden cut a promo with Wright warning people about The Dirty White Boy. Jimmy Golden tells Mr. Wright that he’s sending in a donation to him. Brian Lee and the Fantastics promos follow.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Another fun SMW show! This was a notch below last week’s excellent show but still had some good matches in it with Gibson vs. Rogers and Landell vs. Riggins. They started a new storyline with Mantell and Styles. They continued the Paul Orndorff heel run with him still being upset over the piledriver being banned in SMW. Love how he got fined and was warned about using it again and teased the possibility of using it again but decides not to do so. Buddy Landell’s SMW debut featured a good match and him looking like a threat to win the title tournament. The Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette interview was GREAT! Very funny how Stan Lane talked about the sexual harassment they’ve had to deal with due to women groping them and warning everyone that they will press charges if this continues. This was also the first set of TV tapings that referee Mark Curtis worked for SMW. A fun blend of good matches and interviews on this week’s show.