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Championship Wrestling From Florida 4/21/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 4/21/1982

Taped 4/21/1982 at CWF TV Taping in Tampa, Florida

They show a recap of a recent match between Brian Blair and Jerry Grey in which Blair wins within seconds. Grey attacks Blair after the match but Blair makes a comeback until a masked man runs in and attacks him.

Gordon Solie then said that the masked man was Derek “Mongoose” Draper who apologized and claimed that Blair was running away from him. Blair tells Solie that he’s never run away from anyone. Solie tells Blair that the reason Draper’s upset with him was because of an incident in Louisiana between the two which resulted with Draper getting hit with a chair. Blair said he probably got out of control because there was a kid that had just won the nationals in wrestling and Draper broke his leg.

Brian Blair vs. Derek Draper

They lock-up and both stare each other down. Some nice reversal of moves to start the match. Referee Tommy Young breaks them up a few times as they fight near the ropes. They exchange forearms in the corner before Draper backs away. Draper uses a forearm to break out of a wristlock and they go back to exchanging forearms. Draper gets in a knee at Blair’s midsection and then lands a few more forearms. More forearms exchanged by the two. Blair tries to slam Draper but Draper blocks. Blair switches it into an inside cradle. Blair gets a near fall. They keep locked up with each holding onto the other’s head. Blair suplexes Draper. They get near the corner and again they go back to exchanging forearms as Blair knocks Draper down.

Draper gets a boot in on Blair and misses a swinging right hand. Blair gets Draper with a reverse atomic drop. He follows with an elbow and gets a 2-count. Draper gets near the ropes and charges into Blair but Blair catches him in an airplane spin and slam him down. Blair gets Draper in a cobra clutch, but Draper knocks Blair into the referee. Referee falls to the outside. Draper goes for a bulldog on Blair. Draper starts stomping on Blair and then climbs up the middle rope and falls driving his knee into Blair’s back. Blair refuses to give up and makes a momentary comeback on Draper. Referee Tommy Young gets back in the ring. Draper continues to punch at Blair and Blair comes back and throws some punches of his own to knock down Draper. Blair is bleeding from his forehead. He hits a lariat on Draper and then follows with a knee!

More punches exchanged as more blood flows down Blair’s foreahead. Draper shoves the referee out of the way. They fight in the corner and the referee tries to break them up only this time Blair shoves him out of the way. The referee calls for the DQ for both to end the match. The two continue to fight as we head to a commercial break.


Gordon Solie is joined by J.J. Dillon at the desk. Dillon says this announcement might startle many in wrestling. He mentions how everyone would think that he’d be fine just having Kendo Nagasaki under contract. He talked about how during a match last week between Kendo Nagasaki and Terry Allen, Jimmy Garvin came in and showed a lot in getting involved in that match. Dillon was impressed with what Garvin did and sees in Garvin a future world champion. He says Garvin has “it”.

Dillon mentions that he went to talk to Garvin but Garvin did not want to speak to him. Dillon spoke to Garvin’s attorney and they reached a deal for one of the most lucrative contracts in all of sports. Jim Garvin and his attorney Tom Smith are there at the desk to sign the contract to join J.J. Dillon. He asks that Garvin show the same intensity in each and every match he has. Garvin applauds as he’s excited to sign the deal. Dillon praises him as a great talent. Garvin signs the contract and talks about how he can do whatever he wants now and has no restrictions. Garvin’s going to go have a good time. He says the contract he signed was the largest deal ever signed. Tom Smith did review the contract and said the money is now in escrow and said it is one of the largest contracts he’s ever had to review.

Dillon said no one should be shocked about this deal with Jim Garvin. He talks about how Reggie Jackson left the Yankees and went to Los Angeles (the Angels) and said the reason he left was because of money. He also mentioned Pete Rose leaving Cincinnati to join Philadelphia. Garvin and Dillon shake hands and hug. Garvin calls it the greatest thing that has ever happened to him.

Reggie Parks vs. Terry Allen

Solie still has the previous interview in his mind as he refers to Reggie Parks as “Reggie Jackson” but he quickly corrects himself and mentions that Dillon’s words were still in his mind. Parks takes down Allen with a side headlock. Terry Allen breaks out of the hold and puts Parks in a wristlock. Parks kicks his legs up and down to break out of the hold but Allen gets him back down with an armbar. Parks gets to the ropes to break the hold but he gets put into a hammerlock immediately upon trying to get at Allen. Some reversals by Allen who refuses to let go of Parks arm. Parks goes for a somersault and reverses the hold on Allen and takes him down. Allen puts Parks in a body scissors while on the mat. Parks reverses it into a Boston Crab, but instead breaks that and puts him into a leglock. Allen reverses and goes for another hammerlock.

Parks whips Allen into the ropes and slams him. He gets Allen in a backslide but he breaks free. Allen gets Parks in a backslide of his own but he breaks out. They mess up on a leapfrog and Parks leg hits Allen’s head. He falls to the mat as he’s unable to continue. Referee Buddy Colt was going to award the win to Terry Allen, but he refuses to accept the win. Allen and the referee both check on Reggie Parks and hlep him out.

WINNER: No Contest

Kendo Nagasaki is scheduled to wrestle Mr. Ichiban, who looks like Dusty Rhodes with face paint! Mr. Ichiban removes his robe and it appears to be Dusty Rhodes. Dillon tells Nagasaki to attack Mr. Ichiban. Ichiban tosses Nagasaki over the top rope and Dillon runs away and tries to keep Nagasaki from getting back into the ring.

J.J. Dillon goes to the announce desk and screams that he refuses to be part of this spectacle because everyone knows who Mr. Ichiban is!

Gordon Solie and Brian Blair talk about Blair’s upcoming match against David Von Erich for the Southern Heavyweight Title. Blair calls David Von Erich a “smart-alec punk”. Blair wants to win the title because he feels its time someone the fans like held that title and all David does is insult the fans.

J.J. Dillon and Kendo Nagasaki talk about their upcoming match against Sweet Brown Sugar. Dillon talks about how excited he is to unveil Jim Garvin. Dillon is now worried about the return of The American Dream. He vows that Nagasaki is going to make Sweet Brown Sugar whistle a different tune.

David Von Erich insults Brian Blair by calling him a “no good, low-down, Florida cracker”!!! David says he’s a millionaire at 23 years old and doesn’t need the belt but he got it by winning it fair and square. He also says that he got a call from Mr. Funk and that he’s still the champion and was coming to take care of Hacksaw (Butch Reed).

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed talks about Dory Funk Jr., “Squiggy” and how he’s going to take the title from him. Sweet Brown Sugar vows to play some soul music against Kendo Nagasaki

Sweet Brown Sugar vs. David Von Erich for the NWA Florida Television Title

David uses the ropes to break away from a wristlock by Sweet Brown Sugar. Von Erich catches Sugar with a hiptoss and then follows with a body slam. He celebrates a bit. Sweet Brown leapfrogs over David and then gets him in a pair of hiptosses before David heads to the outside to break the action a bit. Sweet Brown Sugar takes down Von Erich with a headscissors. David tries to reach the ropes using his length but can’t break free. He reaches the ropes, but the referee kicks his feet off. David reaches the ropes again and referee calls for the break. David kicks Sugar and then takes him into the corner where he drives a knee into his midsection and throws a few punches in. Von Erich whips Sweet Brown Sugar into the ropes and hits a knee. They fight back and forth in the corner with Sweet Brown Sugar whipping him out of the corner and landing a pair of beautiful dropkicks at David!

Sweet Brown Sugar slams David Von Erich twice! David begs for mercy near the ropes. Sugar gets close to David and he tackles him down to the mat and uses the ropes for leverage to get the pin on Sweet Brown Sugar. Referee raises David’s hand up in the air and David Von Erich wins the Florida TV title!

WINNER: David Von Erich

The fans are all upset as the referee gives David Von Erich the TV title and a trophy! David struts in the ring and raises his title!

Barbara Clary talks to members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and some Florida wrestlers about an upcoming charity softball game. Cecil Johnson and James Wilder are among the football players. One of the other Bucs tries to impersonate Dusty Rhodes. Cecil wants to see The American Dream. Butch Reed, Mr. Wrestling II and Terry Allen all talk about the baseball game and warn the football players to be ready because they are going to be doing a lot of running.

Jim Garvin vs. Bob Russell

Garvin hits a pair of dropkicks to start the match. Garvin gets the pin on Russell quickly after a belly-to-back suplex! Quick match. Dillon runs in and celebrates with Garvin.

WINNER: Jim Garvin

Dillon and Garvin go to the announce desk to celebrate the win. Solie mentions that they have a stand-by match but Dillon decides to have Garvin and Nagasaki go out there and replace Chris Markoff and Hiro Matsuda.

Bubba Douglas & El Gran Apollo vs. Jim Garvin & Kendo Nagasaki

Garvin and Apollo start the match. Nagasaki’s outside trying to figure out what is going on as he watches Garvin in action. Quick action between Apollo and Garvin. Apollo gets a near fall on Garvin but Nagasaki charges right in and makes the save. Brawl ensues with all four men getting in the ring. Garvin sends Apollo out of the ring. Nagasaki chops at Douglas. He gets in a spin-kick on Douglas while Garvin shadow boxes near him. Garvin heads to the outside to attack Apollo. J.J. Dillon climbs into the ring as Dusty Rhodes runs out to attack Nagasaki. Jim Garvin climbs into the ring. Dusty goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Dillon and company leave the ring as Dusty tosses a chair at them. Nagasaki wants to get back in the ring but Dillon keeps him out of the ring. Show ends.

WINNERS: No Contest

SHOW THOUGHTS: Some good action on this show with Blair vs. Draper and Von Erich vs. Sweet Brown Sugar. I didn’t get too see much of David Von Erich since he passed away right around the time I started watching wrestling while living in Texas. Most of what I had seen of him earlier on video was of him as a babyface in Texas so seeing him as a heel in Florida was fun. He played the role of being a jerk well.

What I really enjoyed about this show was that every segment had something going on as far as a storyline goes. It wasn’t anything over-the-top silly or confusing, just building up rivalries, the characters, etc. They went from the Blair-Draper rivalry to Dillon signing Garvin to a lucrative contract, followed by Terry Allen being a classy babyface refusing to take a win while his opponent got injured, then the Nagasaki vs. Mr. Ichiban angle, next David winning the Florida TV title and ending with Dusty Rhodes coming out to confront Kendo Nagasaki, J.J. Dillon and Jim Garvin. Butch Reed calling Dory Funk Jr. “Squiggy” was hilarious too! A lot went on and show was fun to watch.


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