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World Of Sport Ep. #3

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #3

Dynamite Kid vs. Rollerball Mark Rocco © for the World Mid-Heavyweight Title (1/16/1982)

The match was for the title and was set for 15 3-minute rounds. To win the match one must get 2 falls, 2 submissions or a knockout. They gave out both competitors weight for the fans so that they knew they were under the weight limit to compete in this title match.

The Dynamite Kid quickly gets Rocco in a headlock to start the first round. Crowd is behind Dynamite Kid. Rocco gets Dynamite Kid with a wristlock, but Dynamite Kid reverses and knocks him down. Rocco gets Dynamite Kid in a front facelock. Dynamite Kid breaks free. Rocco’s able to slam Dynamite Kid and goes back to working on his left arm. They work and reverse wristlocks early on. Dynamite Kid gets Rocco in a headscissors and takes him down to the mat. Rocco breaks free and gets Dynamite near the ropes but breaks away. Rocco with an uppercut and knee at Dynamite Kid. As the time runs out Dynamite gets Rocco in a side suplex. Bell rings to end first round.

Second round starts with Rocco taking Dynamite Kid down with an armlock. Dynamite sends Rocco into the ropes and then backdrops him. Rocco reverses a whip and kicks Dynamite Kid. He slams Dynamite Kid. Dynamite kicks Rocco. Rocco attacks Dynamite’s shoulder. Dynamite backdrops Rocco again and then hits a cross body press on him for a near fall. Dynamite Kid slaps Rocco as they are pulled apart by the referee. Rocco gets in a kick on Dynamite Kid. Referee warns Rocco and pulls him off Dynamite. Rocco with a monkey flip on Dynamite Kid, but Dynamite lands standing and dropkicks Rocco out of the ring. Rocco charges back into the ring. Dynamite Kid lands a forearm on Rocco. They exchange forearms. Rocco misses with an elbow drop. Dynamite Kid lands a knee on Rocco. Rocco kicks Dynamite away.

Rocco takes down Dynamite Kid to start the third fall. He misses with a knee attack in the corner. Dynamite Kid stomps on Rocco’s right knee. Referee warns Dynamite. Rocco gets Dynamite in a full nelson, but he breaks free. Dynamite sunset flips Rocco for a near fall. Snapmare by Rocco followed by another miss elbowdrop. Dynamite Kid lands a knee on Rocco’s head. Rocco headbutts Dynamite in the midsection to take him down. Shoulder block off the ropes sends Dynamite Kid down, but they hit the ropes again and Dynamite armdrags Rocco. Another armdrag and Dynamite quickly gets Rocco in a wristlock. Rocco breaks out of a headscissors but is met by a punch by Dynamite Kid. They exchange punches and Rocco gets Dynamite in a front facelock as time runs out on the third round. Referee gives Rocco a public warning for not breaking the hold as soon as he was told.

Rocco goes on attack on Dynamite Kid to start the fourth round. He drops an elbow on him. He sends Dynamite Kid into the ropes and Rocco backdrops him. Rocco climbs to the top rope and misses an elbowdrop. Dynamite Kid smashes Rocco’s head into the top turnbuckle. Dynamite Kid gets Rocco in a suplex but Rocco’s feet are near the ropes. Rocco gets back up and gets control of the round again. Rocco suplexes Dynamite Kid and gets a near fall. Rocco gets Dynamite Kid in a headlock but Dynamite’s legs are near the ropes and the referee has to pull Rocco by the hair to get him off Dynamite Kid. Dynamite Kid can be heard breathing heavily. Rocco tosses Dynamite Kid to the outside. Rocco attacks Dynamite as he tries to enter. Dynamite dropkicks Rocco to get back into the ring. Rocco takes down Dynamite Kid and grabs his legs. Dynamite breaks free. They are near the ropes as the bell rings as the fourth round ends.

Fifth round starts just like the previous rounds with Rocco quickly attacking Dynamite Kid. Dynamite Kid slams Rocco and climbs up to the top rope but Rocco catches him and tosses him off the ropes. Dynamite Kid monkey flips Rocco and then hits him with a heard forearm smash. Dynamite Kid grabs Rocco for a suplex and suplexes him to the outside of the ring! Only they both go flying to the outside! They both roll around on the floor and neither makes it back to the ring at the count.

Several people show up to help both Dynamite Kid and Rollerball Rocco get to the back. The crowd applauds them.

WINNER: Double countout/No contest

Dynamite Kid vs. vs. Marty Jones © for the World Mid-Heavyweight Title (5/2/1983)

Before they start the match they introduce “Cowboy” Bruce Hart. Announcer talks about Bruce for a bit and wonders where he is. Marty Jones is given the mic and mentions that Bruce is like all American cowboys, they are cowards. Bruce finally makes his way to the ring and shakes everyone’s hand.

TV announcer mentions how much smaller Dynamite Kid was the last time they saw him in England. Calls Dynamite Kid an “enormous bodybuilder”. Eight 3-minute rounds with 2 pinfalls, 2 submissions or a knockout the way to win the match.

Both men lock-up to start the first round. Jones takes Dynamite Kid down with a wristlock. Quick exchange of moves gets an applause from the audience. Jones gets Dynamite Kid down with an ankle lock. Dynamite uses his strength to break out of the hold and gets a leg takedown on Jones. They each throw a hard slap at the other’s face while breaking away on the ropes. Jones goes back to a side headlock on Dynamite Kid. Dynamite whips Jones to the ropes but Jones takes him down with a body check. Bell rings as Dynamite has Jones on the mat to end the round.

Round two starts with Dynamite Kid getting in an uppercut near the ropes on Jones. He throws a hard forearm on Jones’ back. Dynamite and Jones exchange a few blows before Dynamite goes with a snapmare into a headlock. Jones frees himself but they get back on the ropes. Dynamite throws another slap. Jones gets upset and delivers a knee and tosses Dynamite Kid to the outside. Dynamite Kid gets back in the ring and they have a test of strength with Dynamite delivering a couple of headbutts while they are locked up. Jones fights back and gets Dynamite Kid back down as the bell rings to end the round.

The announcer points out that Marty Jones right knee is heavily bandaged because on a previous show, he slipped on some water. Jones was out of action for a couple of weeks.

Dynamite Kid starts the third fall with Jones in a headlock but that doesn’t last very long as Jones takes over the match. Jones tosses Dynamite around the ring. Dynamite with a chop to take down Jones off the ropes. Dynamite slams Jones. More chops from Dynamite Kid. Jones surprises Dynamite Kid by catching him in a cradle and gets the pin. Dynamite attacks Jones after the bell rings.

Round four starts with Jones wanting to shake Dynamite’s hand, but Dynamite attacks him again. Dynamite drops a knee on Jones forehead and gets a public warning from the referee. TV announcer points out how different the wrestling rules are in England to the U.S. and Japan. Jones checks his right knee before attacking Dynamite Kid. He back drops Dynamite Kid. He gets a near fall on Dynamite Kid after a slam. Jones hits a couple of uppercuts at Dynamite Kid and then gets Dynamite Kid in a Boston Crab. Dynamite grabs Jones’ trunks. While referee was distracted trying to get Dynamite’s hand off trunks, he uses the other hand to break the hold. Dynamite tosses Jones out of the ring. Jones returns and takes down Dynamite and starts working on Dynamite’s back. Bell rings after Jones gets Dynamite with a backbreaker.

Jones and Dynamite have a bit of a discussion as round five starts. Dynamite throws a couple of elbows at Jones in the corner. He whips Jones into the other corner and continues to attack him. Jones catches Dynamite with a forearm off the ropes and then whips him into the corner strongly. The ring shakes from how hard the impact was. Dynamite throws a forearm as Jones was distracted with the referee. Jones with a double under-arm suplex on Dynamite Kid goes for a pin, but Dynamite’s feet were near the ropes. Jones drops a knee on Dynamite as the bell rings. The two continue to fight after the round ends. Jones shoves the referee wanting to continue.

Round six starts with Dynamite telling the fans that he didn’t hear the bell to end the fifth round. Dynamite with a punch at Jones throat area gets a second public warning. Dynamite Kid slams Jones and legdrops him. Dynamite Kid climbs up the ropes and hits a diving headbutt on Jones. Referee warns Dynamite Kid because in England that is not permitted. Dynamite slams Jones down and gets the pin and ties up the match 1-1. Dynamite Kid drops a knee on Jones after the bell rings. Referee doesn’t see it happen. The fans turn on Dynamite Kid as the match continues.

Marty Jones is upset and stomps over towards the Dynamite Kid as round seven starts. Dynamite Kid steps to the outside and all the fans start counting along with the referee. Jones tosses Dynamite into the corner. They exchange uppercuts. Dynamite Kid slams Jones and climbs up to the top rope for another diving headbutt as the fans yell! He misses the headbutt as Jones moves! Jones goes with a flying tackle at Dynamite Kid and they both go flying over the top rope to the outside! They both get back in the ring. Jones with a top rope dropkick at Dynamite Kid. Jones is bleeding from his nose. Jones tries for a suplex, but Dynamite escapes and instead gets Jones with a suplex. Jones gets Dynamite with a knee to the midsection and then tosses him into the corner. Dynamite reverses the second whip into the ropes and tries to get Jones with a pin, but Jones reverses and gets the pin.

WINNER: Marty Jones wins 2 falls to 1 in the 7th round.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show! You can’t go wrong with two Dynamite Kid matches that also feature two excellent opponents like Rollerball Rocco and Marty Jones. I thought the match with Jones was better. It went a little longer so that helped but Dynamite got the crowd to turn on him as the match continued. If you hear the introductions for that match, the crowd started off cheering Dynamite and booing Jones. By the end of the match, they were cheering Jones. The great thing about watching these World Of Sport shows is how different the rules are for wrestling matches in England in the past to other places. If you want variety in wrestling, these shows give you that. These two matches had a good blend of technical, high-flying and brawling in them. Check both matches out!


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