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Championship Wrestling From Florida 11/3/1979

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 11/3/1979

Closing moments of the NWA Florida Tag Team title match between Bryan St. John & Stan Lane against Eddie Graham & Ray Stevens (10/30/1979) are shown to open the show. Eddie Graham replaced Mike Graham who wasn’t able to appear. Eddie Graham is shown beating on St. John. Lane is shown hitting Graham with a foreign object while the ref is distracted. St. John goes for the pin but Eddie Graham kicks out. Graham is bleeding but fighting back against St. John. Stevens gets in the match. Again Lane hits Stevens with a foreign object. St. John jumps off the middle rope and gets the pin on Ray Stevens. Bryan St. John & Stan Lane win the Florida Tag Team titles.

Lane & St. John join Gordon Solie at the announce table with the tag titles. They praise their opponents as two living legends. St. John says they threw a curveball at them when Eddie replaced his son Mike Graham in the match. They vow to be champions for a long time.

Don Serrano & Raul Mata vs. Mike Graham & Steve Keirn

Keirn gets Mata in a side headlock to get the match started. Mata uses his spead to break out of that and a wristlock. Keirn tags in Graham and he continues to work on Mata’s arm. Mata tags in Serrano after breaking out of an armlock. Graham gets Serrano in a fireman’s carry and places him on the top turnbuckle. Serrano sweeps Graham’s leg and puts him in a leglock. Graham goes back to take him down. Some good counter-wrestling by both men. Graham tags in Keirn who goes to work on Serrano’s left leg. Really good technical work by both teams. Serrano monkey flips Graham and tags in Mata. Fast-paced action as Mata uses the ropes. Mata and Keirn bump into each other but Mata is near his corner and tags in Serrano. Serrano slams Keirn a couple of times. Keirn gets back up and slams him. He then hits Serrano off the ropes with a forearm and gets the pin. Good, short match.

WINNERS: Mike Graham & Steve Keirn

Jos LeDuc vs. Steve Travis

LeDuc attacks Travis before the bell rings. He tosses him into the ring. Travis tries to run away from LeDuc and then hits a dropkick. Travis knocks LeDuc down with a shoulder tackle. LeDuc catches Travis with a backbreaker and then drops an elbow on him. LeDuc lifts Travis up for a one-armed backbreaker and gets the pin. He then tosses Travis out of the ring. Referee reverses the decision and gives Travis the win via DQ.

WINNER: Steve Travis via DQ

LeDuc looks upset and heads over to Gordon Solie for an interview. LeDuc believes Solie told the people who write out the programs that he had an unsuccessful Japan tour. LeDuc says he was correct the tour was a disaster! He said it was a disaster it was due to Dusty Rhodes hitting him before he left on that tour. They show a clip of Rhodes attacking LeDuc. LeDuc asks Solie to contact Dusty Rhodes to let him know that he is back in Florida. LeDuc said all he did to his opponent (a punk) was use a backbreaker and he couldn’t continue. He warns Dusty Rhodes that he will be losing sleep.

Jack Brisco vs. Bill Irwin

Brisco with a quick armdrag takedown on Irwin. Gets Irwin down again with a Fireman’s Carry takedown. Irwin escapes and puts him in a headlock. Brisco breaks free and gets Irwin in a side headlock. Brisco gets Irwin with a hammerlock and then uses one of his arms to take down Irwin. They are near the ropes, so Brisco breaks the hold. Brisco gets Irwin in a wristlock. Excellent mat work by Jack Brisco. Irwin gets back up and throws a few forearms at Brisco. He knocks Brisco down. Brisco makes a comeback with a few punches. Brisco gets the pin on Irwin after a belly-to-back suplex.

WINNER: Jack Brisco

Sweet Brown Sugar vs. The Gestapo

Gestapo goes on the attack on Sweet Brown Sugar quickly as the bell rings. He catches Sweet Brown Sugar with a knee to the midsection. He then follows with a backbreaker. He tries for a pin but Sweet Brown Sugar breaks free. Sweet Brown Sugar takes over the match and sends The Gestapo to the outside. Sweet Brown Sugar gets a near fall when Gestapo gets back in the ring. Sweet Brown Sugar hits a vertical standing dropkick at Gestapo. Sweet Brown Sugar climbs up the ropes and hits Gestapo off the ropes with a standing headbutt for the win.

WINNER: Sweet Brown Sugar

Manny Fernandez vs. Chick Donovan

Manny Fernandez breaks out of a headlock attempt by Donovan and quickly takes Donovan down with a leglock. Donovan gets back up but Fernandez takes him down again with a drop toe-hold. Fernandez punishes Donovan’s legs with a leglock. Solie talks about Fernandez playing football at West Texas State and being in the Navy. Donovan tries to get close to the ropes and finally succeeds in reaching the ropes. Donovan’s left leg is in pain. Donovan throws a chop at Fernandez. Fernandez hits him with a forearm. Donovan whips Fernandez into the corner but Fernandez jumps off the middle rope and lands a forearm at Donovan, knocking him down and getting the pin. Donovan tried to kick out but got out as the ref had him down for the pin.

WINNER: Manny Fernandez

Donovan attacks Fernandez after the bell. Both knock heads and Donovan goes flying to the outside. Fernandez is writhing in pain in the ring. Terry Funk shows up and attacks Fernandez. Terry Funk shoves the referee out of the ring and he puts Fernandez in the spinning toe-hold. Both referees try to break up Funk. A few wrestlers (Don Serrano & Raul Mata) make their way to the ring to stop Funk. Funk threatens everyone else in the ring. Fernandez is bleeding from his forehead and grabbing his right leg.

Terry Funk vs. Terry Taylor

Terry Funk yells, “Look at the kid!!!” as he points to Terry Taylor! Funk breaks cleanly from Taylor near the ropes. Terry Funk takes down Taylor. He puts Taylor in an abdominal stretch. Taylor breaks out of the move with a hiptoss on Funk. Funk chops Taylor on the ropes. Funk then bodyslams Taylor. He goes for a second slam, but Taylor gets him with an inside cradle for a 2-count. Funk goes back on the attack and gets a few kicks in on Taylor. Funk suplexes Taylor and then drops a knee on him. Funk yells at the fans and then puts Taylor in the spinning toe hold. Taylor quickly submits to the move. Funk stomps on Taylor after the match.

WINNER: Terry Funk

Manny Fernandez tries to return but Haystacks Calhoun and a referee try to keep him from entering the ring against Funk. Fernandez finally makes his way into the ring but Terry Funk runs away.

Manny Fernandez and Jack Brisco go to talk Gordon Solie. Jack Brisco doesn’t know why everyone was holding back Fernandez because he can take on the Funks. Fernandez is tired of what Funk has done to him trying to get him out of wrestling. He said that Funk owes him and he’s going to beat him.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show. While the matches were kept pretty short, the action for the most part was really good. The tag match with Steve Keirn & Mike Graham was good. Terry Funk is always a bright spot on any wrestling show and he was great in this attacking Fernandez, having a match with Terry Taylor and then the post-match with Fernandez coming back out to challenge him. The highlights of the Florida Tag title match were fun to see. Jos LeDuc’s segment on the show was good with a good post-match interview with him talking about Dusty Rhodes making his Japan tour a disaster. I think Championship Wrestling from Florida has been my favorite show to watch.


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