Retro Wrasslin'

A look back at pro wrestling history.

SMW TV #7 (2/1/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #7 (2/1/1992)

Taped February 2, 1992 at Knoxville Civic Coliseum Ballroom in Knoxville, Tennessee. Aired on March 14, 1992.

Bob Caudle is joined again this week by Dutch Mantell & Carl Stiles. Caudle mentions Mr. Ron Wright will have a surprise on this week’s show.

Hector Guerrero vs. TJ Travis

Hector does a little tumbling to start off the match and that leads to Travis to step out of the ring. They the runs a bit and Guerrero uses his speed and athleticism on Travis. Travis at one point knees Guerrero near the ropes which sends Hector over the top rope, but he holds onto the rope and pulls himself back into the ring and headscissors Travis. Crowd cheers on Hector as Travis asks for a timeout. Guerrero headscissors Travis and rolls him around the ring. Travis takes down Hector briefly before Hector puts him in the Indian Deathlock. Caudle & Mantell talk about Mr. Ron Wright and Bob Armstrong’s confrontation from the previous week. Guerrero uses the bodyscissors on Travis. Travis rakes Hector’s eyes to break the hold. Travis uses a few kicks and chops to take down Guerrero. Travis climbs up to the second rope and misses a kneedrop on Guerrero. Hector Guerrero hits a series of diving topes off the ropes. He barely hits one off the top rope on Travis. Guerrero gets Travis in a rolling cradle for the pin. Good match.

Mantell calls Guerrero’s finisher the “Jalapeno Roll”.

WINNER: Hector Guerrero

“Nitro” Danny Davis promo talking about not being the biggest wrestler but he’s like nitro and he’ll explode all over his opponents.

The Fantastics talk about wrestling a 6-man tag match against the Koloffs & Jimmy Golden. They say that their mystery tag partner is known to everyone but you have to watch next week’s show to find out.

Ivan Koloff, Vladimir Koloff & Jimmy Golden vs. Ben Jordan, Reno Riggins & Rocky Patterson

Vladimir starts match against Patterson. Patterson takes control of the match early on with a series of armdrags. Reno Riggins tags in and continues the attack until Vladimir hits a clothesline on Riggins. Golden tags in and slams Riggins to the mat. Golden gets a near fall on Riggins after a suplex. Riggins hits a dropkick on Ivan Koloff. He tags in Jordan and Jordan uses his speed on Ivan. Quick tags by the babyface trio on Ivan Koloff. Ivan tosses Jordan by the hair into his corner. Jimmy Golden back in and slams Jordan. Golden and Vladimir hit a double clothesline on Jordan. Crowd starts a “U.S.A.” chant. Vladimir side slams Jordan and tags in Golden. Golden hits a dropkick on Jordan. Ivan Koloff follows that up with a clothesline for the pin.

WINNERS: Ivan Koloff, Vladimir Koloff & Jimmy Golden

Jimmy Golden says there are no three men that can beat him and the Koloffs. He doesn’t care who the Fantastics bring as their partner, he says they can’t beat them.

They recap SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong banning Mr. Ron Wright from being ringside with wrestlers he doesn’t manage. This was a great segment.

Mr. Ron Wright returns and says what Bob Armstrong did to him was a disgrace assaulting a crippled old man. He said it will take a smarter man than Bob Armstrong to outsmart him, the smartest man in wrestling and that he has a man coming out to wrestle that he has under contract.

“Dirty White Boy” Tony Anthony (w/ Ron Wright) vs. Rikki Nelson

Mr. Ron Wright gives a signed contract to the ring announcer to introduce his newly signed wrestler, “The Dirty White Boy”!!! Caudle and Mantell are shocked as Caudle calls Dirty White Boy one of the toughest men in wrestling. He calls Dirty White Boy a lethal weapon. Nelson catches Anthony by surprise with a body press. Mantell is glad Mr. Wright found someone to manage so he can get his surgeries. Caudle tells Mantell that he thought they were getting rid of Mr. Wright. Dirty White Boy catches Nelson with a side slam and throws a few forearms at Nelson. Some back and forth action as Mr. Wright looks approvingly at Dirty White Boy. Nelson’s chops do nothing to Anthony. Dirty White Boy powerslams Nelson and gets a 2-count. DWB throws in a few knees into Nelson’s midsection. DWB gets Nelson with a suplex. He slaps Nelson’s face. DWB gets Nelson in a side slam and dedicates it to Mr. Wright. Nelson makes a comeback with some punches and an elbow off the ropes. He dropkicks DWB. Nelson gets thrown into the ropes and DWB catches him with a clothesline for the win. Fun match.

WINNER: Tony Anthony

Caudle praises Mr. Wright for finding The Dirty White Boy. Mr. Wright says managing DWB will make his surgeries a success and says he might just get open heart surgery because of how successful he’ll be with DWB. He thanks DWB. The Dirty White Boy says that if Mr. Wright is happy, so is he. He calls himself the original Dirty White Boy. He says he can’t believe not one wrestler stepped up to help Mr. Wright a man he grew up watching for so many years in wrestling. He says that with his ability and Mr. Wright’s knowledge, he can’t be beat. Mr. Wright says he ready and he’ll be out of the wheelchair in no time after surgery and the wrestling world will be turned upside down.

“Hollywood” Bob Holly wants to clear up some rumors. He said it is not true that he broke up Julia Roberts plans and that he wasn’t flying to Hawaii to marry her. He was reading the National Enquirer!

Killer Kyle vs. Jerry Lynn

The best thing about Killer Kyle is his entrance music. Lynn can’t move Kyle after charging at him off the ropes. Lynn misses on a dropkick. Kyle tries to gorilla press Lynn but he slips out. Lynn gets a near fall on Kyle. Kyle misses a few clotheslines on Lynn, but catches in a side slam. Killer Kyle continues to dominate Lynn in the match. He whips Lynn into the corner but Lynn moves. He hits an elbow on Kyle. Kyle catches Lynn in a bearhug and slams Lynn down for the win.

WINNER: Killer Kyle

They show a recap of Terry Gordy’s match from the previous week. Terry Gordy asks Caudle who he has his money on and says he wouldn’t bet against Gordy. Gordy says a lot of people will fall in the ring and again says he can’t be beat.

Recap of Rip Rogers and Tim Horner’s bet on Rogers doing squats throughout the hour. Rip Rogers promo saying that Tim Horner owes him $500 for doing squats for the entire hour but he’s going to get back $5,000 off Horner’s hide tonight.

Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers

Rogers and Horner exchange holds to start the match. Horner punches Rogers’ face after a mistimed leapfrog. Mantell starts poking fun at the women in the crowd who are cheering Tim Horner and mentions one older lady was so ugly she wouldn’t even be in a biker magazine. Horner gets caught in a headscissors by Rogers. He escapes the hold and puts Rogers in a headlock. Mantell starts ripping on The Fantastics saying that he doesn’t think they’ll show up for next week’s match and that while in Japan they were probably getting suplexed off the top rope by all the Japanese wrestlers. Mantell says he hopes the Fantastics didn’t bring back any “oriental disease” with them.

Meanwhile, Rip Rogers throws Horner into the corner and then tosses him to the outside. Horner jumps off the top rope with a flying axhandle. Rogers brings Horner back in and slams him. Rogers climbs up the ropes and hits a chop off the ropes. He gets a 2-count on Horner. Rogers uses the ropes and tries to suplex Horner out to the floor but Horner reverses it and brings Rogers back in with a suplex. Rogers recovers and gets a near fall on Horner after a knee. Horner sends Rogers to the outside and hits a tope suicida at Rogers!!! They continue to brawl outside the ring. Rogers tries to piledrive Horner on the floor. Horner back flips him. Horner sends Rogers back into the ring. They both collide as they run the ropes. Rogers kicks at Horner, who’s on the ring apron. Horner goes for a sunset flip on Rogers, but Rogers holds onto the middle rope for a few seconds. Horner pulls him off the ropes and gets the pin! Good match!

WINNER: Tim Horner

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong is upset that Jim Cornette is bringing a team into the SMW Tag Team Title tournament without anyone knowing who they are. He wants to know by next week who Cornette’s team is. Jim Cornette comes out and tells Armstrong that he’s trying to save his tournament but tells him that he will have a video of his tag team on next week’s show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a good show. Two good matches on it with Guerrero vs. Travis being surprisingly good and the main event between Tim Horner and Rip Rogers also having a good, fun match. Also enjoyed the surprise brought out by Mr. Ron Wright as he’s now managing the Dirty White Boy and I really hope he can get his much needed surgeries. Mantell and Caudle are fun on commentary. I wish we had that level of commentary on today’s wrestling shows. Also, I think that’s the earliest match I’ve seen of Jerry Lynn that I can recall. I think prior to that it was those old handheld videos from when he wrestled The Lightning Kid and Sabu but those had to have been a year or two later.