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SMW TV #6 (2/1/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #6 (2/1/1992)

Aired on March 7, 1992. Taped on 2/1/1992 at Knoxville Civic Coliseum Ballroom in Knoxville, Tennessee

Dutch Mantell, Carl Stiles and Rip Rogers join Bob Caudle to open show. Mantell says he’s still under the weather so Stiles will take on Brian Lee. Dutch will be in Stiles corner. Rip Rogers insults the fans calling them “fat, out-of-shape hillbillies”. Rogers says he’s going to prove how great an athlete he is by doing squats throughout the hour-long show.

Bob Holly vs. Joey Maggs

Mantell points out that Holly is undefeated in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Holly armdrags Maggs and starts showing off a bit. Dutch gives us an update on Rip Rogers doing squats and says he’s already up to 62. Maggs gets Holly down with an armdrag takedown. Maggs gets Holly again with an armdrag and Holly rolls to the outside. Holly gets back in the ring and starts trash-talking Maggs. Maggs shoves him. Maggs takes Holly down with a fireman’s carry takedown. Maggs quickly catches Holly in a scoop slam and gets him back down with an armdrag and grabs Holly in an armbar. Rogers yells to Dutch to let him know he’s at 140 squats! Holly tosses Maggs into the corner. Mantell wants to know why they call him, Jumpin’ Joey Maggs. Holly legdrops Maggs for a 2-count. Holly gets in a big kick and follows with a neckbreaker on Maggs for a 2-count. Maggs catches Holly with a forearm off the ropes. Maggs back tosses Holly and shoulder blocks him. Maggs tries for another back drop but Holly hits him with an elbow. Holly jumps off the top rope with an elbow drop for the win.

WINNER: Bob Holly

Tim Horner joins Caudle for an interview. Rip Rogers interrupts Horner to let everyone know he is now up to 248 squats. He tells Horner to shut up because no one wants to hear from the hillbilly. Horner asks if Rip has a problem and he says he doesn’t but just wants to show everyone he can do squats for an entire hour. Rip insults all the fans. Horner bets Rip Rogers $500 bucks that he can’t do the squats for an entire hour. Rogers tells Horner it’s a stupid bet because he can do it and tells Horner that he’s throwing away his money. He accepts. Horner tells Rip that he’ll be back later to see if he’s still doing squats.

Terry Gordy vs. Tommy Angel

Gordy shows up and runs the ropes. They lock up and get into the corner. Gordy breaks clean. They do this for a bit until Angel takes Gordy down with a side headlock. Rogers is now up to 167 squats. Gordy reverses and gets Angel in a side headlock. Gordy throws a big forearm in the corner and a couple of knee-lifts on Angel. Angel gets Gordy by his left arm. Gordy throws a few forearms at Angel and then starts stomping at him. Gordy drops an elbow on Angel. Rogers yells out that he’s now up to 560 squats. Angel throws a few punches, but Gordy throws him into the ropes and catches Angel in a powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Terry Gordy

Rip Rogers is now up to 576 squats. Terry Gordy joins Caudle for an interview. Gordy doesn’t think there is anyone who can beat him. Gordy says if there is a title in SMW, then it’s going to be his. He mentions how he’s busted the commissioner’s head a few times in the past.

Danny Davis and Bob Armstrong do promos about SMW.

Rip Rogers is still doing squats as Bob Armstrong shows up to do an interview. Commissioner Bob Armstrong announces that in 2 weeks they will start the SMW Tag Team Title tournament. Armstrong has some bad news on Mr. Ron Wright. They show highlights of Mr. Ron Wright interfering in matches. He bans Mr. Ron Wright is banned from ringside unless he has someone under contract. Mr. Ron Wright shows up and is upset that Armstrong is mistreating a “poor ol’ cripple” who’s never hurt anyone. Mr. Ron Wright tells Armstrong that if he wasn’t crippled or had someone who could pick him up from his wheelchair by the arms, he’d take him on right now. Armstrong rolls Wright, right on out. LOL!

Paul Orndorff is still upset that he can’t use a piledriver and points out how Terry Gordy just used a move that could have broken someone’s neck. He then talks about dropkicks and neckbreakers that could have broken necks. Caudle tells him his move is deadly. Orndorff tells him they are not kids out there in the ring. He said he heard that Gordy doesn’t think there is a man who can beat him and Orndorff feels no one can beat him either. Orndorff tells Caudle that he doesn’t need the piledriver because he’s got a lot of other moves that he can use to beat his opponents.

Paul Orndorff vs. Barry Horowitz

Orndorff threatens to punch Horowitz, but he’s close to the ropes. Mantell wants to know why the piledriver is banned in SMW. Orndorff with a nice takedown of Horowitz and gets him in a side headlock. Horowitz tries to break out with a test of strength but Orndorff takes him down again. Rip Rogers is now up to 1,060 squats! Orndorff applies pressure on Horowitz left arm. Mantell asks Caudle if Horowitz has won a match in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Horowitz sends Orndorff to the outside with a knee and then pats himself on the back. Horowitz drops a couple of elbows on Orndorff and then slingshots him below the bottom rope. Horowitz throws a big punch at Orndorff. Mantell on commentary says Brian Lee hates kids and Baskin Robbins. Horowitz gets a 2-count on Orndorff. Horowitz continues his attack on Orndorff until Orndorff raises a knee up in the corner and a charging Horowitz hits it. He takes Horowitz to the outside and throws him into the guardrail. Orndorff sends Horowitz back into the ring and climbs up the ropes and lands an elbow. Orndorff goes for a piledriver, but the referee doesn’t allow him to do it. He misses a dropkick on Horowitz. Orndorff counters Horowitz with a back roll cradle and gets the pin. Good match.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

Rip Rogers is still doing squats! Jim Cornette comes out and complains about Commissioner Bob Armstrong. Cornette says he can’t reveal the identity of his tag team because there would be an economic calamity in the territory, men would leave town, and all the tag teams in the tournament would leave.

They recap last week’s brawl between Carl Stiles and Brian Lee. Mantell calls Brian Lee a coward.

Jim Cornette joins Bob Caudle on commentary. Rip Rogers is still doing squats.

Brian Lee vs. Carl Stiles (w/ Dutch Mantell)

Brian Lee runs out to the ring and chases Mantell ringside. Stiles attacks Lee and the two brawl outside the ring. Lee continues to chase after Mantell. Stiles rolls Lee into the ring. Lee stomps on Stiles and then back drops him and goes back chasing Mantell. Stiles tries to hit Lee with a chair. They brawl in and out of the ring with Lee still chasing after Mantell. Lee suplexes Stiles and again goes back after Mantell. They continue to brawl in the ring. Lee slams Stiles. Lee goes after Mantell again but this time Mantell caught him in the eyes with a punch. Mantell beats on Lee while he’s down near him while the ref is busy keeping Stiles away from Lee. Cornette complains about Bob Armstrong’s decisions. Stiles keeps Lee down with a front chinlock. Lee breaks out, but Stiles catches Lee in a bear hug. Lee takes Stiles down with a big boot. Lee clotheslines Stiles and then gets him with his finisher, The Cancellation. Lee wins. Mantell attacks Lee after the match. Lee is able to take both Mantell & Stiles down and the two run off.

WINNER: Brian Lee

Jim Cornette & Terry Gordy promos for SMW shows.

Rip Rogers continues to do squats. Tim Horner joins Bob Caudle. Rogers tells Horner that he’s going to spend all his money (from the bet) and there is nothing Horner can do about it. Horner asks Caudle how much time is left on the show. Caudle turns to check a watch on the announce table and when he’s turned, Horner kicks the chair that Rogers was using to do squats and sends Rogers falling to the ground. Caudle tells Rogers that he didn’t make it because the time is 59:30, so there’s 30 seconds left on the show. Rogers goes back to doing squats as the show ends.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good show with two good matches with Holly vs. Maggs and Orndorff vs. Horowitz. The Rip Rogers storyline of him trying to do squats the entire hour was funny. The commentary with Caudle and Mantell (and Cornette later on) was great as usual. Wasn’t really into the Gordy match or the main event with Lee & Stiles, but at least they weren’t too long and the main was kept as a brawl with more build-up to Lee and Mantell’s feud. Mr. Ron Wright is still my favorite part of these shows and him threatening Bob Armstrong despite claiming to be an “ol’ cripple” was a great segment. That also followed a really good interview with Orndorff upset that he can’t use the piledriver and that seemed to build a potential match-up with Terry Gordy. Tim Horner messing with Rogers to close the show was a great way to end his squats storyline as well. Fun show.


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