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SMW TV #5 (2/1/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #5 (2/1/1992)

Show aired on February 29, 1992. Taped on 2/1/1992 at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum Ballroom in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Bob Caudle is joined on commentary this week by Dutch Mantell and Carl Stiles. Mantell mentions that he’s going to wrestle on the show.

Danny Davis vs. Barry Horowitz

“Nitro” Danny Davis making his SMW debut. Quick action to kick off the match with Davis getting the upper hand on Horowitz. Horowitz pops Davis in the head with a forearm. Some more quick work off the ropes with a couple of leapfrogs from Davis. He takes Horowitz down and starts working on his left arm. Horowitz gets Davis with a knee and then crushes Davis chin with his head. Horowitz uses a head-butt and gets a 2-count. Uppercut by Horowitz takes Davis down again. Another 2-count by Mantel as he uses a cradle. Horowitz uses a reverse neckbreaker and climbs up the ropes. He misses an elbow smash off the ropes. Davis hiptosses Horowitz out of the corner. Davis uses a couple of punches. Davis backdrops Horowitz and gets a 2-count. Horowitz gets Davis in a small package but Davis reverses it and gets the pin on Horowitz. Good match.

WINNER: Danny Davis

Jimmy Golden promo talking about the main event against Robert Gibson. He vows that Gibson’s in for a wrestling lesson and he’s going to chop him down to size.

They recap the closing moments of last week’s main event between The Fantastics and Jimmy Golden & Ivan Koloff. The Fantastics vow revenge on Jimmy Golden and the Koloffs when they get back from Japan. SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong announces that he is fining every wrestler involved in that brawl $500.00. He also said that he will grant the Fantastics their wish of a 6-man tag against Jimmy Golden & The Koloffs with a partner of their choice when they return from Japan. Armstrong then talked about the situation between Dutch Mantell & Brian Lee. He tells Mantell that he told Lee not to mess with him when he’s on commentary but when he’s out wrestling, he won’t get involved.

Mr. Ron Wright returns to share a letter that he’s received since appearing on SMW. It’s a letter from a fan who has the utmost respect for Mr. Wright and remembers him being the greatest wrestler of all-time. This fan recalls when Mr. Wright showed true sportsmanship against wrestler when they were trying to “maim and cripple” him. This fan sent Mr. Wright $5.00 and tells him that he wished he could send him more and hopes more fans will send money to help him out until he’s able to find a “good Christian athlete” to manage. (MY GOODNESS!!! This is GREAT!!! ) Mr. Wright said he feels good and talks about how these fans know he was a “good Christian, clean wrestler” and he thanks them.

Bob Holly vs. Tommy Angel

Holly armdrags Angel to start the match. Follows up with a bodyslam. Holly armdrags Angel. Shows off a bit in between each move. Angel slams Holly and then catches him with a couple of armdrags and then dropkicks Holly out of the ring. Mr. Wright wheeled himself ringside to watch the match. Holly gets back into the ring and clotheslines Angel and starts to dominate the match. Angel tries to fight back but Holly keeps his attack going. Holly gets Angel in a bearhug. Angel slaps at Holly’s ears. Holly hits Angel with a big boot. Holly with a legdrop on Angel. Angel gets in a few punches on Holly. Angel backdrops Holly and slams him down to the mat. Angel tries to climb up the ropes, but Mr. Wright grabs Angel by his foot. Holly suplexes Angel back into the ring. Bob Holly then hits a top rope dropkick at Angel and goes for the pin.

WINNER: Bob Holly

“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff interviewed by Bob Caudle. Orndorff says hello to everyone and talks about how he’s held numerous titles all over the world. He wants to win the SMW Heavyweight title and knows others will come in and will be gunning for him. He’s also upset that SMW has made the piledriver illegal.

They run thru the Smoky Mountain Wrestling rules pertaining to the matches.

Brian Lee cuts a promo and mentions that if Mantell leaves the announce booth that’s when he’ll get him. The camera returns to the announce booth and Mantell is shown coughing and says that he’s too sick to wrestle. Mantell tells Stiles to get in the ring and wrestle for him.

Carl Stiles vs. Reno Riggins

Reno Riggins keeps pointing at Mantell, who he was suppose to wrestle on the show. Caudle rips on Mantell for backing out of his match. Riggins starts off quickly and slams Stiles. Riggins sends Stiles back to the outside after a dropkick. Mantell continues to cough on commentary telling Caudle that he’s lying about him not wrestling in the match because he’s afraid of Brian Lee. Stiles gets back in the ring and beats on Riggins. Stiles gets Riggins in a shoulder-breaker. Stiles with a side slam on Riggins. He drops a knee on Riggins and starts choking him. Stiles misses an elbow as Riggins rolls out of the way. Riggins makes a comeback as the fans cheer him on. Stiles powerslams Riggins as he comes off the ropes. Brian Lee shows up and tells Stiles that he has no problem with him and calls out Mantell. Mantell tells Lee that he has a fever. Stiles attacks Lee from behind. They brawl in the ring.

WINNER: Carl Stiles

Jim Cornette complains about SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong and calls him gutless. He repeats that he won’t let anyone know who his team is until the tag title tournament starts.

Robert Gibson vs. Jimmy Golden

Jimmy Golden’s entrance song was “Hard to Handle” by the Black Crowes. Mantell claims they called the police to break apart Brian Lee and Carl Stiles.

Golden gets Gibson in a headlock. Gibson breaks out as the crowd cheers loudly. Mantell claims he felt better now after he took some Advil. Golden slams Gibson. Gibson gets Golden in an armbar submission. Golden tries to use the ropes to break out of the hold. Golden gets a big boot on Gibson. Golden backdrops Gibson and starts to rake Gibson’s face. Gibson sends Golden to the outside with an atomic drop. The Koloffs show up ringside. Ivan trips Gibson and Golden gets control of the match. Golden puts Gibson in a bearhug as the crowd chants “Rock & Roll”. Gibson hits Golden with a side kick. He uses a right hand to take Golden down again and gets Golden in the bulldog for the pin. The Koloffs attack Gibson as he was trying to pin Golden. Tim Horner and Hector Guerrero run out to make the save.

WINNER: Robert Gibson via DQ.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong is joined by Brian Lee and Robert Gibson for an interview. Armstrong tells them to find some partners to even out the odds against Mantell, Stiles, Golden and the Koloffs. Lee vows revenge on Carl Stiles next week. Terry Gody makes his SMW debut on the next show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Show was okay. The first match with Danny Davis vs. Barry Horowitz was good. The other matches were okay and were more building angles with Mr. Wright, Lee vs. Mantell and the Koloffs & Golden against Robert Gibson. The announcing with Caudle and Mantell was great especially when Mantell backed out of wrestling on the show and both argued over Mantell lying about being sick. The other highlight continues to be Mr. Ron Wright and his promos. He’s great in that role of the old-timer trying to find someone to manage just so he can get hip and knee surgery. Good stuff with him reading a fan letter trying to build sympathy for him.


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