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Championship Wrestling from Florida 4/7/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling from Florida 4/7/1982

Taped 4/7/1982 in Tampa, Florida

Dory Funk Jr. vs. Sweet Brown Sugar © for the Florida TV Title.

Match is joined in progress with Dory Funk Jr. working on Sweet Brown Sugar’s left arm. Gordon Solie lets us know how many more minutes left in the match. Sweet Brown Sugar gets a near fall on Dory. He follows with a couple of dropkicks on Funk Jr. David Von Erich is ringside with Dory. Funk gets back in the ring and hits a couple of uppercuts on Sweet Brown Sugar. Sweet Brown Sugar hits a body press for a near fall. Dory sends him to the outside. David Von Erich beats on Sweet Brown Sugar outside the ring as we hear there are 2-minutes remaining in the match. David stomps on Sweet Brown Sugar outside the ring. Sweet Brown Sugar gets back in the ring. Dory piledrives Sweet Brown Sugar and gets a 2-count. High backdrop by Dory and he tries for another pin on Sweet Brown Sugar. Suplex by Dory only gets him another 2-count. Double underhook suplex by Dory gets him another 2-count as time continues to run out. Dory goes for the spinning toe-hold. Sweet Brown Sugar punches his way out of the hold as the bell rings to end the match. The two continue to fight.


Gordon Solie is joined by Barbara Clary. Solie runs down who’s scheduled on this show.

Barbara Clary shows us a video clip of Dusty Rhodes at a Willie Nelson concert. Dusty Rhodes cut a promo from Tokyo, Japan. Dusty mentions that he’s been touring all over the world the last 6 months. Behind him in the ring there are Japanese wrestlers training and Dusty says it is young men training preparing to fill Inoki’s shoes but they are not ready to do that. Rhodes talks about Ric Flair and beating Harley Race for the NWA World title two times. He talks about returning to Florida to take on Dory Funk Jr., Kendo Nagasaki and others. He tells them, “this concert is not over until the fat lady sings”.

Sheriff Joe Shephard joins Barbara to show highlights of some police officers wrestling. First one wrestles Mike Graham. The sheriff appreciates Mike Graham and the other wrestlers for coming out for this fundraiser for the “retarded youth” of the area. Terry Allen demonstrates the sleeperhold on a tall deputy. Barbara asks how much money was raised. Sheriff Joe tells her it was $6,000 for the “Retarded Children’s Association” and “Rotary Youth Scholarship Fund”. (Remember, this was the 1980s!) Barbara warns kids not to attempt sleeperholds on other kids. Some awards were handed out. They give Eddie Graham the key to the city and more awards. Terry Allen and Mike Graham also get awards.

Kendo Nagasaki vs. Andre Phillipe

Nagasaki chops and kicks Phillipe. Andre Phillipe is JACKED! Kendo Nagasaki kicks at Phillipe and continues to just punish him. More chops followed by a hiptoss by Kendo. Nagasaki kicks at Phillipe. Nagasaki pins Phillipe after a hiptoss. Squash match.

WINNER: Kendo Nagasaki

J.J. Dillon talks about reputations are being destroyed by Kendo Nagasaki. Dillon said that he can’t get opponents for Nagasaki and calls him invincible. Dillon wanted to wrestle Mike Graham on the show and he didn’t accept the challenge. He says Mike Graham has no guts and has a yellow streak up his back. Gordon Solie disagrees.

Mike Graham shows up to the ring. Solie wonders who has the “intestinal fortitude”. Dillon gets in the ring with a kendo stick. Graham knocks Dillon down and uses the kendo stick on him. Graham puts Dillon in the figure-four leglock. Kendo Nagasaki runs in and attacks Graham. They brawl in the ring. Graham puts Nagasaki in the figure-four leglock. Dillon comes in and breaks up the figure-four. Graham knocks Dillon out of the ring. Nagasaki chops Graham in the throat and starts choking him. Graham starts bleeding from his mouth! Wrestlers and referees come out to break them up. Solie is in shock.

Solie returns and mentions Mike Graham was removed from the area and gets a phone call with someone telling him that Graham was given medical aid.

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Rick Harris

This match was from Charlotte, NC. Wahoo suplexes Rick Harris! Harris throws in some forearms but Wahoo McDaniel knocks him down with a punch. Wahoo takes Harris down with a side headlock. A couple of forearms from Harris, but Wahoo with a hard chop. Wahoo hits a tomahawk chop and then bounces Harris off the ropes and chops him again and gets the pin.

WINNER: Wahoo McDaniel

A special feature on “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. He shows up to travel on his own private jet. He said people send letters asking him what makes him tick. He calls himself the most finely conditioned athlete and is wealthy. He shows us his limousine and private jet. He calls up his ladies. Gordon Solie talks about the country being in a recession as the Flair video ends. LOL!

Highlights of Dick Murdoch against The Iron Sheik. Murdoch beats on The Iron Sheik with his Iranian flag. Murdoch with a cool looking elbow. Really good action from Murdoch including some good looking punches at The Iron Sheik. J.J. Dillon is on commentary with Gordon Solie complaining about Murdoch’s illegal moves.

Solie mentions Ric Flair defending the NWA World Title against Butch Reed on April 17th in Sarasota, Florida.

Brian Blair vs. Bob Russell

Quick rope work early on. Russell comes off the ropes and Brian Blair gets him in an airplane spin. Blair then gets Russell in the Cobra Clutch and wins via submission! Blair wakes up Russell.

WINNER: Brian Blair

Solie is now joined by Jim Garvin for an interview. Garvin is scheduled to start in Tokyo on May 1st, 1982. Garvin gives an update on Mike Graham saying that they are still checking on him. Garvin talks about how dangerous Kendo Nagasaki is. Solie is worried about Mike Graham. Garvin said he’s happy to be back in the south after being up north.

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed is shown in action. He quickly wins his match.

Ciclon Negro & Don Diamond vs. El Gran Apollo & Terry Allen

Diamond and Allen exchange dropkicks early on. They take turns twisting each other’s arms. Gran Apollo tags in. Diamond takes Apollo down. Apollo hiptosses Diamond. Apollo tags in Allen. Diamond headscissors Allen and tags in Ciclon Negro. Bruce Tharpe joins the show to give an update on Mike Graham. Tharpe mentions that Graham has been rushed to the hospital. Ciclon Negro beats on Allen. Ciclon Negro sends Allen into Diamond’s knee. Diamond comes in and slams Allen and then drops a middle rope fist for a 2-count. Ciclon Negro drives a knee at Allen’s back. Ciclon Negro headbutts Allen and then punches him. Heels double-team Allen. Diamond tries to send Allen into the corner, but he stops him and reverses it and then hot tags Gran Apollo. Apollo takes down both Diamond and Ciclon Negro! Apollo tags in Allen. Allen gets a near fall on Diamond, but Ciclon Negro makes the save. TV time runs out as the two teams brawl in the ring. As they show graphics, the action continues and we see Terry Allen get the pin on Don Diamond! Fans cheer their victory.

WINNERS: Terry Allen & El Gran Apollo

SHOW THOUGHTS: My viewing of Florida wrestling for the most part was from summer of 1987 for about one month it aired in El Paso, Texas and then suddenly was removed. I’ve seen a few highlights here and there over the years, but this is probably the first complete episode of CWF that I’ve seen. At least recently. The first match with Dory Funk Jr. and Sweet Brown Sugar despite being joined in progress was actually really good and its fun seeing David Von Erich as a heel since I mostly just saw him as a babyface in World Class. Rest of the matches were mostly squashes and kept relatively short. The last match on the show was slightly better and much more competitive. The Kendo Nagasaki/J.J. Dillon/Mike Graham angle was good. Also great to see them give updates on Graham’s condition during the show. The interviews with Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and Jim Garvin were good as well. I’d say this was a good episode because of the first match, the last match and the angle.


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