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Mid-South Wrestling 12/23/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 12/23/1981

Taped 12/9/1981 at Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana

Boyd Pearce is joined by Bill Watts for commentary this week. Pearce mentions there’s still time for fans to send in their picks for the “Dream Match” that will be held the first week of 1982. Watts mentions that there will be some exciting news concerning Dusty Rhodes and Mid-South Wrestling.

Jerry Novak & Ricky Ferrara vs. Mike George & Carlos Zapata

Watts mentions that this match was suppose to include Junkyard Dog teaming with Mike George, but he’s been dealing with knee problems so Zapata subbed for him. George and Ferrara exchange a few forearms near the ropes. Novak helps Ferrara in their corner. Novak and Ferrara continue to double-team Mike George in their corner. They tie him up in the ropes as they continue to punish George. Zapata tries to make the save, but Novak tosses him to the outside. Ferrara slams Zapata on the floor. Mike George makes a comeback. Dropkicks by Mike George. He gets the pin on Ferrara after a second dropkick.

WINNERS: Mike George & Carlos Zapata

“Precious” Paul Ellering & The Iron Shiek $1000.00 Persian Club Challenge

They recap Ellering challenging Iron Sheik the previous week. They go the ring with Iron Sheik having to do 100 Persian Club reps. The ring announcer lost count! Iron Sheik kept going and did over 100 reps. Ring announcer said he did 103 reps. Ellering wants to do more reps this week. Ellering thinks he can do 444 reps. Ellering gets to 52 reps and Iron Sheik attacks him! Watts starts comparing this to world political issues of that era. Iron Sheik puts Ellering in a camel clutch, but Ellering breaks out. Ellering and Iron Sheik brawl and then Gen. Skandor Akbar attacks Ellering with the Iranian flag. Akbar and Iron Sheik beat on Ellering until the referee comes in and make them stop.

Brian Blair vs. Paul Orndorff

Both go down holding each other as they locked-up. Orndorff takes Blair down with a headlock. Blair escapes and puts Orndorff in a headscissors. Bob Roop is sitting ringside. Orndorff escapes the headscissors and puts Blair in a deathlock. They mat wrestlel for a bit with Blair dropping a knee on Orndorff’s left arm. Blair gets a 2-count on Orndorff. Orndorff throws a few forearms to escape from Blair. Some fast-paced action as they use the ropes before Blair catches Orndorff again in an armbar. Orndorff backdrops Blair. Blair quickly gets Orndorff again. Orndorff throws Blair into the ropes, but Blair’s too quick. Blair bounces off the ropes and Orndorff sends him head-first into the top rope. Orndorff starts stomping on Blair. Follows up with a middle-rope elbow for a 2-count. High knee from Orndorff gets him a 2-count on Blair. Blair fights back! Orndorff with an eye rake followed by a powerslam. Orndorff goes for a figure-four leglock but Blair kicks him off. Orndorff goes for a suplex but Blair reverses! Blair goes for the figure-four leglock on Orndorff! Roop gets up and tells Orndorff to reverse it. Orndorff reverses the figure-four leglock! Blair refuses to give up! Referee calls for the bell. Good match!

WINNER: Paul Orndorff wins via referee’s decision.

Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Boyer

Non-title match. Watts mentioned that during the commercial break Ted DiBiase checked in on Brian Blair. Boyer reaches the ropes to get DiBiase off him. They mat wrestle a bit with DiBiase having the edge. Fireman’s carry by Boyer takesdown DiBiase. DiBiase gets back up and hiptosses Boyer and gets a 2-count. DiBiase chops Boyer in the corner and then backdrops him off the ropes. DiBiase hits a dropkick on Boyer and then powerslams him. DiBiase puts on the figure-four leglock on Boyer for the submission win!

WINNER: Ted DiBiase

Mike Bond & Frank Monte vs. Bob Roop & Bob Orton Jr.

Bob Roop goes for a fireman’s carry on Bond. They tangle up a bit before Roop tags in Orton. Bond gets a near fall on Orton. Bond tags in Monte. Orton tags in Roop. Monte dropkicks Roop and then catches him with a couple of headscissors. Roop tags out. Monte slams Orton. Roop distracts the referee and then Bond goes over to the corner, so while ref is distracted by Bond. Roop & Orton catch Monte with a double clothesline. Monte got a small package roll-up on Roop near Orton, who was tagged in. Orton jumps in. Monte tags in Bond and Bond slams both Roop and Orton. Bond has Orton in a roll-up, but Roop drops a knee on his back. Roop sets Bond up for a backbreaker and Orton drops an elbow as well. Orton piledrives Bond and gets the pin.

WINNER: Bob Roop & Bob Orton Jr.

Tommy Renesto Jr. vs. Ed Wiskowski

Wiskowski controlled most of the match. He send Renesto Jr. into the corner and then charged with a knee into his back. Wiskowski slammed Renesto Jr. and got a 2-count. Renestro Jr. reversed an irish whip into the ropes, but Wiskowski raised his knee. Wiskowski with an atomic drop and then jumps on his back. Wiskowski gets the win in a short match with a side backbreaker.

WINNER: Ed Wiskowski

Don Serrano vs. The Iron Sheik

Iron Sheik attacks Serrano before the bell rings. Sheik stomps on Serrano and then tosses him to the outside. Ellering runs in and attacks the Iron Sheik. Ellering drops a few elbows on Sheik. Ellering stomps on Iron Sheik by jumping on the ropes. Akbar is able to pull The Iron Sheik out of the ring and they leave!

WINNER: No Contest

SHOW THOUGHTS: Show was ok. They continued the feud with Ellering and The Iron Sheik but I have a feeling this won’t be going anywhere beyond these two episodes. The Brian Blair vs. Paul Orndorff match was good. Only good match on the show. The rest of the show just had squash matches.


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