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SMW TV #3 (2/15/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #3 (11/27/1991)

Show aired on February 15, 1992. Taped 11/27/1991 at East High School in Morristown, Tennessee

Bob Caudle and Jim Cornette on commentary. Caudle introduces Cornette to the fans, who boo him and he calls them a “bunch of hillbillies”. Cornette mentions that “Prime Time” is gonna get cancelled tonight by Dutch Mantell.

Bob Holly vs. Pat Rose

Bob Holly using David Bowie’s “Fame” as his entrance music is pretty awesome. He doesn’t strike me as a David Bowie fan though.

Bob Holly high-fives Rose before the match and then attacks him from behind! Rose knocks Holly down with a right hand. Cornette & Caudle claim Holly’s a bodybuilder. Rose slams Holly a few times. Rose works on Holly’s left arm as Cornette calls Holly a “future superstar”. Holly takes down Rose with an inverted atomic drop. He legdrops Rose but only gets a 1 count. Holly catches Rose in a sleeper but Rose makes it into the corner. Holly goes for another sleeper, but Rose reverses. Holly breaks free. Rose goes for a backdrop. Goes for a second, but Holly catches him with a neckbreaker. Holly jumps off the top rope and lands a knee drop on Rose for the win! Good, fast-paced match.

WINNER: Bob Holly

The Fantastics, Tim Horner and Bob Caudle cut a promo about SMW’s upcoming shows.

Bobby Fulton wonders who Ivan Koloff’s new partner will be because he heard that Vladimir Koloff was called back to Russia to handle important business.

Ivan Koloff tells everyone that its none of their business what happened with Vladimir Koloff, but he’s going to tell us anyway. He said the Fantastics are obsessed with driving the Koloffs out of the United States. Koloff said that he found someone with class in America in Jimmy Golden. Jimmy Golden claims that Vladimir is going to make sure things go right in Russia. Golden wants to wrestle the Fantastics tonight.

Rip Rogers vs. Joey Maggs

Rip Rogers attacks Maggs from behind as the bell rings. Rogers hasn’t removed his ring jacket as he continues his attack on Jumpin’ Joey. Bob Caudle reveals that SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong is in Japan with Wally Yamaguchi discussing a talent exchange deal. Maggs makes a comeback and sends Rogers to the outside. Back in the ring, Rogers gets in a kick. Rogers sends Maggs to the outside and then jumps off the top rope and lands an axhandle at Maggs. Rogers clotheslines Maggs in the ring. Maggs gets a surprise small package on Rogers. They trade some punches. Maggs hits a clothesline at Rogers in the corner. Maggs backdrops Rogers. Rogers gets tied up in the ropes and Maggs throws some punches. Rogers catches Maggs with a kick. Maggs gets a 1-count with a backslide. Maggs hits a body press off the ropes. Maggs bounces Rogers head on the top turnbuckle. Maggs climbs to the top rope, but Rogers staggers into the ropes. Rogers goes to the ropes and catches Maggs with the Ripper-Plex for the win! GOOD MATCH!!!

WINNER: Rip Rogers

Robert Gibson vs. The Mighty Yankee

Robert Gibson takes the early edge in the match. Gibson hits Mighty Yankee with an elbow. Caudle mentions Robert’s older brother Ricky Gibson was just in an auto accident and sent him best wishes on a speedy recovery. Mighty Yankee drops a couple of elbows on Gibson. Gibson knocks Yankee down with a big right hand. Mighty Yankee sends Gibson to the outside. Mighty Yankee brings Gibson back in the ring with a suplex. Mighty Yankee misses a clothesline in the corner and Gibson catches him with a bulldog for the win. Ok match.

WINNER: Robert Gibson

Bob Caudle asks Jim Cornette about his new tag team. Cornette rips on Magic Johnson, Pee-Wee Herman, the state of Louisiana, and a bunch of preachers claiming that people don’t know who’s word to believe in, but they can believe in him. Cornette said that his tag team will debut when Smoky Mountain Wrestling holds their tag team title tournament as they will enter and win the titles.

A recap of the Dutch Mantell vs. Scott Armstrong match from the previous week is shown. Dutch Mantell and Mr. Ron Wright talk about how Dutch wants to help Mr. Wright. Dutch asks Mr. Wright to be in his corner for his match against Brian Lee. He’s going to give Lee a wrestling lesson and maybe Mr. Wright will see something he likes. Mr. Wright mentions that Dutch brought tears to this “old man’s eyes”. Mr. Wright said he’s down on his luck and that Medi-Care won’t pay for his hip & knee implants. Cornette mentions that he hopes Mr. Wright doesn’t get hurt because he’s so frail.

Tim Horner vs. Barry Horowitz

Horner with an impressive takedown on Horowitz early in the match. Horowitz goes for a wristlock, but Horner breaks out with a fireman’s carry. Horowitz wants the ref to watch Horner’s fist. Uppercuts in the corner by Horowitz. Horner with a big right hand sends Horowitz down. Caudle mentions that he just got a phone call from the director that they have signed the Fantastics vs. Ivan Koloff & Jimmy Golden next week. Horner gets thrown into the corner and Horowitz then takes him down with a side slam. Horowitz throws another right hand and follows with a knee. Horowitz takes Horner down with a reverse chin-lock into a neckbreaker. Horowitz flips Horner over while in a test of strength. Cool spot. Horowitz misses an atomic drop. Horner takes Horowitz down with a clothesline. Uppercut and hiptoss from the corner by Horner. Horner takes down Horowitz when they slam chest first into each other. Horowitz tries to escape, but Horner keeps him in the ring. Horner hits an elbow and gets a 2-count on Horowitz who gets his leg on the bottom rope. Horowitz escapes another pin attempt and celebrates. Horner goes for another roll-up and a natural bridge to get the pin on Horowitz. Good match!

WINNER: Tim Horner

Tim Horner joins Bob Caudle for an interview. He’s happy to be in Morristown, Tennessee, SMW and the fans.

Buddy Landell promo! He mentions that he doesn’t last in many promotions because he doesn’t kiss promoters ass. Landell impersonates a few people. He’s in SMW because he’s a GOD in Tennessee!

Dutch Mantell vs. Brian Lee

Brian Lee sends Mantell to the mat after they locked up. Lee hiptosses Mantell and then slams him to the mat. Cornette is worried that Mr. Wright isn’t out with Mantell. At that moment, Mr. Wright rolls out to be ringside. Caudle asks Cornette why Ron Wright wants everyone to call him Mr. Wright and Cornette claims it’s because he’s a senior citizen and punk kids don’t show any respect to their elders. Lee knocks Mantell down with a right hand. Caudle calls Mr. Wright one of the most hated wrestlers in Tennessee. Cornette defends him while Caudle doesn’t believe Wright is just there to watch the match. Lee continues to dominate Mantell. Cornette claims the referee Darryl Morris might be Brian Lee’s brother only Brian got the good looks and size and Morris got what was left over! Mantell gets Lee in an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for added leverage. Little old lady in the crowd yells at “Dirty” Dutch! Mantell hits a short-armed clothesline on Lee and then points at him. Mantell and Lee trade some punches and kicks. Lee whips Mantell into the corner and then powerslams him. Mr. Wright hands Mantell some brass knuckles. Brian Lee blocked the punch and took away the brass knuckles and used them on Mantell. Lee goes for the pin, but referee sees the knux on Lee’s hand and disqualifies Brian Lee. Ok match.

WINNER: Dutch Mantell via DQ

Mr. Ron Wright returns to talk about Smoky Mountain Wrestling. He talks about being a living legend in that territory. Mr. Wright mentions that he still hasn’t found a team to manage so that he can pay for his surgeries.

Bob Holly dressed like Bret Hart mentions that he has a dinner date tonight with Julia Roberts in Los Angeles. Jim Cornette runs in to tell Holly that the limo just arrived to take him to the airport.

Brian Lee’s upset with Mantell & Mr. Wright and promises to put Mantell in a wheelchair right beside Mr. Wright. He wants a rematch anywhere. He tells Mantell that he might be good but he’s not ready for “Prime Time”.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show!!! This was a fun show. It had a couple of good matches with Horner vs. Horowitz, Rip Rogers vs. Joey Maggs and Bob Holly vs. Pat Rose. If you were watching World Championship Wrestling during that same time period, you were definitely familiar with several of those names when they were used as enhancement talent on their shows and were among the better performers despite losing all the time. The continuing saga of Mr. Ron Wright has been great too. Main event continued to build up the Mantell & Lee feud so that was fun. Show also had Jimmy Golden and Buddy Landell’s first appearances for SMW TV and I’m really looking forward to seeing them. The announcing on the show continues to be great with Bob Caudle and Jim Cornette.


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