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ECW TV 4/20/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW TV Ep. #3 4/20/1993

Taped on 3/12/1993 at Cabrini College Field House in Radnor, Pennsylvania

Show opens with Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful welcoming everyone to another episode of ECW and run down what will be on this week’s show. Stevie Wonderful introduces the former World Heavyweight Champion who’ll be co-hosting the show. Eddie Gilbert comes out instead. Terry Funk follows him. Gilbert apologizes for how he’s treated Funk. Terry Funk said he still wouldn’t turn his back on Gilbert.

The Super Destroyers © (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. Super Ninja & The Canadian Wolfman for the ECW Tag Team Titles

The Super Destroyers attack their opponents before the bell rings. One of the Super Destroyers hits an enziguiri on the Canadian Wolfman. Super Destroyer powerslams Canadian Wolfman. Super Destroyer II drops some elbows on The Canadian Wolfman. They keep the Wolfman from tagging in Super Ninja. Super Destroyer II grabs the Wolfman and has him tag in his partner. Super Destroyers double-team Super Ninja a bit. Super Destroyer I drops a head-butt into Super Ninja’s mid-section. Super Destroyers use a side slam followed by a senton to get the pin on Super Ninja.

WINNERS: The Super Destroyers retain the ECW Tag Team Titles.

Terry Funk heads over to interview The Super Destroyers & Hunter Q. Robbins III. Robbins starts yelling at Funk, who smiles at the camera but while he’s distracted doing the interview, Eddie Gilbert hits him with a chair! Gilbert keeps hitting Funk with a chair. Gilbert punches the referee that tries to stop him before they go to a commercial break.

ECW Television Title Tournament Semi-Final: Jimmy Snuka (w/ Eddie Gilbert) vs. Tommy Cairo

Eddie Gilbert wearing a cowboy hat is impersonating Terry Funk ringside with Snuka. Cairo controls the early part of the match by keeping Snuka in a headlock. Gilbert tries to distract the referee. Snuka slams Cairo who had him in a side headlock. Snuka uses a thumb to the throat at Cairo and follows it up by tossing him to the outside. Gilbert throws coffee at Cairo. Gilbert sends Cairo back into the ring. Jimmy Snuka piledrives Cairo and goes for a pin, but Cairo kicks out. Cairo hits Snuka with an elbow. Gilbert gets involved. Cairo bangs Snuka and Gilbert’s heads together. Snuka falls back and knocks the referee down. Cairo goes for a pin on Snuka but the referee is still knocked out. Johnny Hot Body interferes. Snuka grabs a foreign object and knocks down Cairo. He gets Cairo with a backbreaker and hits the Superfly Splash for the win!

WINNER: Jimmy Snuka

Gilbert & Snuka call Jay Sulli to do an interview ringside. Gilbert continues impersonating Terry Funk. Jimmy Snuka laughs as he does this. Gilbert talks about how Snuka hasn’t been around too much and is ready to readjust in ECW. Gilbert claims Funk is gone now. Gilbert says what ECW will be about now is Hot Stuff International and it is his TV show now.

ECW Television Title Tournament Semi-Final: Glen Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert (w/ Tigra)

Eddie Gilbert asks for the mic before the match and introduces his valet, Tigra. Gilbert offers to let Glen Osbourne leave the match because if he continues, his career will be over against Snuka. Osbourne doesn’t leave. Gilbert tells him to take his 20 kids and his wife or ex-wife and leave the building now. Osbourne doesn’t leave. Gilbert tells him that he warned him, so they’ll have their match.

Gilbert and Osbourne exchange a few punches. Osbourne punches Gilbert out of the ring. The fans yell at Gilbert while he’s outside of the ring. Gilbert gets back in the ring and offers to shake Osbourne’s hand. Gilbert tosses Osbourne to the outside and sends him into a table. Gilbert places the table over Osbourne and stands on it. Gilbert continues to work on Osbourne in the ring. Gilbert and Osbourne get knocked down after a shoulder block. Osbourne headbutts Gilbert and hits a clothesline. Osbourne whips Gilbert into the corner and backdrops him. Some punches at Gilbert in the corner. Ref stops Osbourne, so Gilbert pulls out some brass knuckles. Gilbert punches Osbourne with the brass knuckles and gets the pin on Osbourne.

Jay Sulli tells the referee that Gilbert used brass knuckles on Osbourne. The referee checks Gilbert for a weapon and finds the brass knuckles. Referee reverses the decision and gives Osbourne the win.

WINNER: Glen Osbourne

Gilbert grabs Sulli and tells him that he cost him a match. Terry Funk runs out and whacks Gilbert with a chair! Funk attacks Gilbert throughout the gym and tosses a chair at Gilbert as he runs away. Terry Funk slaps announcer Stevie Wonderful. That was great! Funk screams about Gilbert. Funk says he is an old man and an “endangered species”.

Jay Sulli interviews Peaches about the big kiss she gave The Sandman. She said she likes winners and the Sandman has big muscles and is a champion.

Rockin’ Rebel (w/ Tigra) vs. Frank Cody

Rockin’ Rebel does an interview and wants to talk to Peaches before the match. He wants to know what The Sandman has that he doesn’t have. Rebel wants her to kiss him. Peaches slaps Rockin’ Rebel. He goes into the ring and attacks Frank Cody. Rockin’ Rebel slams Cody to the mat and gets the pin. Rockin’ Rebel grabs Peaches by the hair and takes her to the ring. The Sandman makes the save for Peaches. Tigra interviews and attacks The Sandman. Rockin’ Rebel breaks The Sandman’s surfboard over his head. A bunch of wrestlers and referees run-in to break things apart.

The Sandman is left unconscious in the ring. This might be the end of his surfing career what with that injury and his surfboard being broken! This might lead to some serious issues for The Sandman in the future. He could be a broken man without surfing, he might start some new & possibly bad recreational hobbies that might change his life! Stay Tuned!

WINNER: Rockin’ Rebel

ECW Television Title Tournament Final: Jimmy Snuka (w/ Eddie Gilbert) vs. Glen Osbourne

Jay Sulli is now joined by ECW President Todd Gordon on commentary as Stevie Wonderful is backstage checking in on Terry Funk and The Sandman. Osbourne takes down Snuka with an armdrag. Osbourne sends Snuka to the outside with a clothesline. Osbourne gets distracted by Gilbert and Snuka sneaks back in and attacks Osbourne. Gordon wonders what happened to Snuka who use to be one of the cleanest wrestlers that he had known. Osbourne gets a near fall on Snuka but Gilbert gets back up the ring to distract the referee. Snuka tosses Osbourne into the referee and Gilbert. Osbourne goes for a small package, but referee is out. Gilbert interferes. Snuka gets Osbourne in a backbreaker and follows that up with a Superfly Splash for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Snuka wins the ECW Television Title

They go backstage to Stevie Wonderful who goes and checks on The Sandman. Peaches opens the dressing room door and says The Sandman might have a slight concussion. Stevie Wonderful closes the show saying next week “The Magnificent” Muraco will be on the show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Excellent show! There were three storylines throughout the show and all were well laid out with the ECW TV title tournament continuing and eventually being won by Jimmy Snuka. The Funk-Gilbert feud came to a head on this episode with both attacking each other. Then there was Rockin’ Rebel’s attack on The Sandman. Some of the stuff (mostly Peaches involvement & how she was treated) in the Rockin’ Rebel and The Sandman segment would probably get a completely different reaction in today’s world. The Funk-Gilbert stuff was fantastic. Funk’s promo where he called himself an “endangered species” is classic. Fun show overall.


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