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EMLL January 27, 1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL January 27, 1984

The announcers for the show are Pedro “El Mago” Septien and Dr. Alfonso Morales.

Ringo Mendoza/Hombre Bala/Gran Cochisse vs. El Supremo/Enfermero Jr./Talisman

Taped 1/27/1984 at Arena Coliseo, Mexico City

FIRST FALL: El Supremo & Gran Cochisse open the match and are exchanging holds until Enfermero Jr. decides to enter the ring and kick Cochisse. El Supremo & Gran Cochisse lock up again, but Enfermero Jr. interferes again. Gran Cochisse applies a leg submission hold on Supremo but Enfermero Jr. keeps interfering. Gran Cochisse chases after Enfermero Jr. but he can’t get near him. Cochisse gets back in the ring and takes down El Supremo but Enfermero Jr. interferes again and this time he stays in the ring to wrestle Gran Cochisse. Everyone gets involved until the referees get everyone out. Talisman takes down Ringo Mendoza and Supremo interferes and starts stomping on him. Hombre Bala tries to help his partner but the referees keep him away until he’s finally able to kick Talisman off Ringo. Ringo hits a running tope at Enfermero Jr., misses a second. Ringo follow up with a top rope plancha into the ring on Enfermero Jr. The other rudos interfere and he kicks all out of the ring. Hombre Bala shows off his athleticism against El Supremo. He does some really cool work in the ring. El Supremo gets thrown out with a “salida de bandera”. Talisman & Enfermero Jr. try to double-team Hombre Bala, but he escapes them and they hit each other instead. Both get thrown to the outside. Gran Cochisse gets back in the ring and calls out Enfermero Jr. Cochisse dropkicks Enfermero Jr. out of the ring. Ringo Mendoza pins El Supremo with a suplex. Hombre Bala pins Talisman after a reverse tope off the ropes & plancha. Gran Cochisse chases Enfermero Jr. out of the ring.

SECOND FALL: Starts off with the rudos taking advantage of Ringo Mendoza and using double-team tactics in their corner on him. Enfermero Jr. drops a top rope elbow on Ringo. Hombre Bala enters the ring and he gets attacked by El Supremo. Gran Cochisse then comes in and Talisman attacks him. He takes him to the rudo corner and Enfermero Jr. hits him with a top rope elbow drop. Gran Cochisse’s forehead is opened up and blood starts flowing while Enfermero Jr. bites at him. Enfermero Jr. uses the ropes to slingshot slam Gran Cochisse. They both go outside and continue their fight. Ringo uses an abdominal stretch on Talisman, but El Supremo makes the save. Hombre Bala gets in and bridges over Supremo for a pin attempt but Enfermero Jr. splashes onto Hombre Bala and pins him, while Bala has Supremo pinned. Gran Cochisse rushes in and gets Enfermero Jr. in a Cavernaria. Referees tell Gran Cochisse to break the hold as Enfermero Jr. has given up, but Cochisse refuses so the referees disqualify the tecnicos.

THIRD FALL: Rudos attack Gran Cochisse as soon as the bell rings for the start of the third fall. Enfermero Jr. headbutts Gran Cochisse a few times and each time he also looks like it hurt him as much as it did Cochisse. Ringo makes the save for Gran Cochisse. Gran Cochisse tosses Enfermero Jr. into the corners and tries for a submission hold, but El Supremo makes the save. Enfermero Jr. dropkicks Gran Cochisse out of the ring. El Supremo tries for a rana on Hombre Bala but Ringo dropkicks him off and sends Supremo to the outside of the ring. Hombra Bala hits a slingshot plancha at El Supremo. Ringo catches Talisman with a pair of quebradoras and then submits Talisman. Enfermero Jr. then fouls Gran Cochisse. Tecnicos get the win. Match was good with it focusing on Gran Cochisse and Enfermero Jr. feuding.

Gran Cochisse and Enfermero Jr. keep arguing until Enfermero Jr. kicks Cochisse again. Gran Cochisse wants a hair match with Enfermero Jr.

WINNER: Gran Cochisse, Ringo Mendoza & Hombre Bala

Tony Salazar/Halcon Ortiz/Cien Caras vs. El Satanico/Colosso Colosetti/Herodes

Taped 1/27/1984 at Arena Coliseo, Mexico City

FIRST FALL: Cien Caras and Coloso Colosetti start the match off with Colosetti taking down Cien Caras and working on his left leg. Cien Caras reverses it and puts Colosetti in a leglock submission. Colosetti then reverses the hold and puts Cien Caras in a figure-four leglock. They both roll to the ropes. Herodes tries to attack Cien Caras but the referees and Halcon Ortiz are there to keep him in check. Tony Salazar and El Satanico enter the ring next. Satanico with a couple of armdrags sends Salazar to the mat. El Satanico steps out of the ring and tells the fans he took care of Salazar easily, but he’s talked back into the ring. Satanico continues to throw down Salazar and leaves again. Salazar gets up and asks for Satanico to get back in the ring. Herodes is in the ring. El Satanico refuses to get in the ring but again he gets talked into getting back in the ring. Salazar armdrags El Satanico a few times to show that he can match-up with Satanico just fine. El Satanico wants Salazar back in. Salazar jumps back into the ring and Satanico decides to get out of the ring. Herodes gets thrown around the ring by Ortiz and then gets back dropped to the outside. Cien Caras hits a plancha on Colosetti. Announcer Pedro “Mago” Septien, who is a legend in sports commentary in Mexico, keeps referring to Colosetti as “Benetto”. (I think Tony Benetto was scheduled for this match, but El Satanico replaced him & Septien just doesn’t know.) Satanico thinks he’s tossed Salazar to the outside, but he didn’t. Salazar hits a top rope plancha on Satanico. He then monkey flips Satanico and then dropkicks him to the outside. Halcon Ortiz shoves Colosetti to the outside. Herodes gets in and throws a couple of punches at Ortiz. Salazar makes the save but the refs back him away. Rudos take turns beating on Ortiz. Satanico armdrags Ortiz and yells at everyone. Good rope work by both Ortiz and Satanico. Ortiz tosses Satanico to the outside. Cien Caras gets Colosetti in a leglock submission while Salazar hits a senton on Herodes for the pin. Tecnicos win fall.

SECOND FALL: Salazar punches Herodes in the gut and sends him out of the ring. Colosetti offers to shake Cien Caras hand, but it was a trick so Satanico could attack him. Some double-team work by the two on Cien Caras. Dr. Morales calls the 2nd fall and he knows its Colosetti, so he’s already doing a better job for now than Mago Septien. Rudos dominate the tecnicos ad they keep double-teaming everyone. El Satanico and Colosetti submit Cien Caras. Herodes hits a plancha on Halcon Ortiz to get the pin. Rudos win fall. Satanico and Colosetti continue to attack Cien Caras. Salazar and Satanico argue.

THIRD FALL: Whistle blows to announce start of fall. Rudos continue to beat on tecnicos. Tony Salazar and El Satanico argue near a mic and you can hear Satanico telling Salazar that he’s too much man for him to take on. Salazar then gets back in the ring and shuts Satanico up. Rudos still continue their all-out attack on the tecnicos. Referees are able to get everyone to their corners. Herodes chops Cien Caras but Cien bounces off the ropes with a dropkick. He gets a near fall, but El Satanico makes the save. Cien Caras puts Satanico in a half crab, but Colosetti makes the save. Halcon Ortiz makes the save for Cien. Ortiz with a couple of chops and a legdrop on Colosetti. Ortiz then chops Satanico a few times. Satanico goes to the outside and Salazar punches him. Referee warns Salazar. Herodes has Ortiz in the ring, while Salazar continues to attack Satanico outside the ring. Referee and Salazar are overheard arguing that the action should remain in the ring. Ortiz dropkicks Herodes to the outside and follows with a tope suicida! Salazar flips and then does a reverse tope at Satanico and gets the pin. Cien Caras submits Coloso Colosetti with “la corbata” submission hold. Tecnicos win. Good match.

Salazar keeps attacking El Satanico. Colosetti goes to the announcer and claims that there was an injustice in this match as the tecnicos were very dirty in their match. Colosetti talks about returning to Mexico after an extensive world tour that included Japan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Morales welcomes him back and congratulates him in a wonderful return which Colosetti thanks him. Tony Salazar challenges El Satanico to a title match.

WINNERS: Tony Salazar, Halcon Ortiz & Cien Caras

Americo Rocca © vs. Manuel “Mocho” Cota for the NWA Welterweight Title

Taped 1/27/1984 at Arena Coliseo, Mexico City

FIRST FALL: Mocho Cota looks confident that he’s going to win the belt as they pose for the cameras. Rocca heading into the match had 20 successful title defenses. Mocho Cota takes down Rocca with an armlock, but Rocca quickly breaks out and puts Cota in a headscissors. Referee tells Rocca to break it up because he was choking Cota with the hold. Mocho Cota gets Americo Rocca back in a armlock and again Rocca escapes and gets him in a headscissors. Cota complains that he’s choking him and again the referee Gran Davis breaks the hold. Cota gets Rocca in a hammerlock. Rocca escapes and puts Cota in a Boston Crab. Cota breaks the hold and grabs hold of Rocca’s right leg. Rocca breaks out and gets a 2-count. Rocca goes for another pinfall, but Cota breaks out and goes for a wristlock and then tosses Rocca into the ropes and armdrags him. He goes back to keeping Rocca on the ground. Pedro “Mago” Septien starts talking about sports athletes that were missing fingers since Mocho Cota is missing a few on his right hand. Cota briefly has Rocca in a leglock but they were near the ropes. They go to some mat wrestling as the match has been pretty clean. Test of strength with Rocca spinning around to gain the advantage on Cota. Mocho Cota breaks out of the hold and puts Americo Rocca in a front facelock. They keep the match clean and technical. Mocho Cota gets Rocca in a scissors spot and tries to pin Rocca. Americo Rocca armdrags Mocho Cota off the ropes. Americo Rocca catches Mocho Cota in a Gori Special and submits him. Rocca wins first fall.

Dr. Alfonso Morales starts telling a tale about how Mocho Cota lost two of his fingers on his right hand. He said the rumor was that they were bitten off during a match and that everyone said it was Panico. (Not True! Funny though!)

SECOND FALL: Mocho Cota heads to the outside to try to get some rest to recover from being in the Gori Special. He gets back in the ring and kicks Americo Rocca. Mocho Cota puts Rocca in an armbar submission. Cota keeps working on Rocca’s arms. He goes for another submission hold and then rolls Rocca over for a pin. Rocca lifts his shoulders up. Cota continues to work on Rocca’s arms and Rocca shows that he’s in pain. He gets Rocca in a neckbreaker. Mocho Cota hits a pair of dropkicks on Rocca and gets a 2-count. Cota slams Rocca near a corner and climbs up the ropes and hits a senton for another 2-count. A few hiptosses by Cota followed by La Reinera to get Rocca to submit and win the 2nd fall. Dominant fall for Mocho Cota.

THIRD FALL: Mocho Cota kicks off the third fall again working on Americo Rocca’s left arm. He tosses Rocca shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Mocho Cota gets Rocca in a headlock and their seconds argue outside the ring. Cota continues to work on Rocca’s arm. He slams him near the ropes but Talisman shoves Rocca’s legs away from the ropes. Mocho Cota goes for a pin but Rocca escapes. Cota follows that up by working on Rocca’s right arm. He backdrops Rocca who writhes in pain on the mat. Rocca surprises Cota with a sunset flip for a 2-count and then goes for another pin, but again only gets 2. Rocca with two dropkicks at Mocho Cota only gets another 2-count. Americo Rocca goes for a rana on Cota, but Cota gets a near fall reversing it. Rocca reverses that pin attempt and gets a 2-count of his own. Cota gets back up and dropkicks Rocca out of the ring and hits a tope suicida that sends Rocca far up the entrance area. Both get back in the ring. Cota goes for another pin on Rocca, but he escapes. Cota gets Rocca in a “tirabuzon” submission hold, but Americo Rocca breaks out. Mocho Cota goes for La Cavernaria on Rocca, but again Rocca escapes. Cota follows up with a camel clutch but Rocca escapes again. Cota gets Rocca in a version of La Campana but Rocca breaks out. Mocho Cota goes for the octopus submission hold on Americo Rocca. Rocca escapes and fires up. Cota gets Rocca in a submission hold that looked a bit like the Pulpo Guerrero. Rocca tosses Cota and keeps breaking out of any hold he attempts. Rocca armdrags Cota and follows with a pair of dropkicks. Second dropkick sends Cota into referee Gran Davis who gets knocked down. Mocho Cota gets the pin on Americo Rocca after an armdrag only Rocca had a leg clearly below the bottom rope. Referee counted the fall. Cota pulled Rocca’s legs back in so the ref wouldn’t notice. Mocho Cota celebrated as they showed the replay. Excellent match.

WINNER: Manuel “Mocho” Cota wins the NWA Welterweight Title

SHOW THOUGHTS: A fun show with an excellent main event. I thought the first trios match was good with it focusing on Gran Cochisse vs. Enfermero Jr. and Cochisse bleeding to add more to that rivalry. Hombre Bala showed off his athleticism. I thnk we’d kill for this type of undercard match in CMLL or AAA at this point in time. The second trios match was good and even better than the first. That match focused on El Satanico and Tony Salazar feuding but everyone else was solid in the match. The only person who seemed off was announcer Mago Septien who thought Tony Benetto was in the match. Herodes was a bump machine during this time period. Main event was excellent with a lot of mat work. Third fall was really good with Cota trying a variety of ways to beat Rocca and ending with him having to cheat his way to win the title. Really fun match.


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