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Mid-South Wrestling 12/17/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 12/17/1981

Taped on 12/9/1981 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana

Boyd Pearce is joined this week on commentary by Ted DiBiase. Pearce reminds fans to send in their votes for their “Dream Match” and mentions that Dusty Rhodes, Andre The Giant and Ted DiBiase will be on upcoming shows. He also mentions that the Samoans Afa & Sika will be back after serving their suspension. Pearce talks to Ted DiBiase about how Paul Orndorff was able to reverse his figure-four leglock. DiBiase admits that Orndorff & Roop did come up with a counter and now he has to come up with something new against them.

Brian Blair vs. Tom Renesto Jr.

I really like Brian Blair’s colorful purple ring jacket. Great takedown by Blair to start the match. Blair dominates most of the match working on Tom Renesto Jr’s left arm. He used a few armdrags to keep him off balance and kept him down for quite a bit with a hammerlock. Renesto went with some fists at Blair to make a comeback, but Blair fired up, regained control of the match. Blair hit a middle-rope elbow on Renesto. Followed that up by lifting Renesto Jr. up for a suplex. Blair then got the win when Renesto Jr. submitted to a figure-four leglock.

WINNER: Brian Blair

“Precious” Paul Ellering vs. Don Serrano

Before the match starts, “Precious” Paul Ellering is interviewed in the ring about his return after missing six months due to an injury. “Precious” Paul can rhyme and speaks of himself in third person. He loves American and the foot-long hot dog. He challenges The Iron Sheik to the Persian Club. He said that he wouldn’t fail and wouldn’t back out because he’s a man.

The size and physique disparity between these two is pretty amazing. Ted DiBiase thinks “Precious” Paul is a little strange. Don Serrano got a near fall early on Ellering. Serrano gets a small package pin attempt on Ellering. Paul knees Serrano and then drops a couple of elbows on him. Big legdrop on Serrano, followed by a neckbreaker for the pin.

WINNER: “Precious” Paul Ellering

Junkyard Dog vs. Mike Boyer

My all-time favorite jobber, Mike Boyer!!! YAY!!!! Junkyard Dog won the Louisiana Title from The Great Kabuki a few days prior to this show. JYD dropped a fist at Boyer’s face. Boyer does a crazy bump off a JYD head-butt. JYD and Boyer do a little bit of mat work which was pretty cool. Boyer threw a couple of big punches at JYD, but JYD knocked him down with a forearm off the ropes. JYD then goes for the “Big Thump” body slam on Boyer for the win.

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog

Paul Orndorff & Bob Orton Jr. vs. Carlos Zapata & The Monk

Orndorff gets called “the former North American Champion” by the ring announcer. Orndorff tells him that he’s still the champ. Orton Jr. & Orndorff go with quick tags as they work on Zapata. Zapata throws a few forearms at Orton’s mid-section, but Orton bounces off the ropes with a forearm of his own at Zapata. They keep Zapata from tagging in The Monk. Orton Jr. drops a fist on Zapata and gets a 2-count. Orton Jr. drops down Zapata with a reverse leg sweep. Both use dropkicks on Zapata. Orndorff misses Zapata as he charges into the corner. Zapata hot tags in The Monk. The Monk and Orndorff brawl but Orndorff gets the advantage and tags in Orton Jr. Orndorff & Orton Jr. do a double-team elbow and slam on The Monk. Orndorff submits The Monk with the figure-four leglock.

WINNERS: Paul Orndorff & Bob Orton Jr.

Bob Roop vs. Mike George

Mike George uses a side headlock on Roop. Roop breaks out and puts George in a full nelson. George breaks out of it, but he gets caught in it again. George breaks out and puts a full nelson of his own and nearly gets a pin when he reverses Roop’s attempt to escape by rolling over the full nelson. Roop throws a couple of fists but George throws in a few of his own. George gets Roop with an atomic drop. Roop rakes George’s eyes on the top and bottom ropes. Roop with a knee at George’s ribs. Roop and George get each other in front facelocks before Roop escapes and throws in a few more punches. George makes a comeback and throws a few rights at Roop AND rakes his eyes on the top rope. George beats on Roop in the corner. Mike George backdrops Roop and then gets a 2-count after going for a leg sweep. He tries for another but Roop holds on to the ropes. George gets Roop with a couple of dropkicks but Roop tosses him out of the ring after a near fall. They fight on the ring apron. George hits the ring post. George gets back in the ring and attacks Roop. Roop tosses George into the corner, shoulder first. Roop knees George into the corner and then gets the pin. Good match.

WINNER: Bob Roop

Ed Wiskowski vs. Mike Bond

Wiskowski with a nice hiptoss to start the match. He attacks Bond ferociously with boots to his head and sending Bond head-first into the mat. Wiskowski hits a plancha right at Bond’s back. Wiskowski slams Bond into his knee and gets the win. Quick match.

WINNER: Ed Wiskowski

The Iron Sheik vs. “Precious” Paul Ellering in the $1000.00 Persian Club Challenge

“Precious” Paul enters ring to accept the Iron Sheik’s challenge. He lifts the clubs up 50 times. The Iron Sheik looks very upset. Gen. Skandor Akbar tells everyone that The Iron Sheik has a match he has to wrestle first against Frank Monte because this is still the wrestling business. He said that The Iron Sheik will do the challenge after his match and Akbar states he’ll up the ante to $2,000 dollars.

The Iron Shiek vs. Frank Monte

The Iron Sheik takes down Monte with a boot and some forearms. Iron Sheik head-butts Monte and slams him down. The Iron Sheik throws Monte out of the ring. Frank Monte gets back in the ring. The Iron Sheik puts him in a bear hug, but Monte escapes by slapping his head. Monte gets in some offense before Sheik gets him in a backdrop suplex for the pin.

WINNER: The Iron Sheik

“Precious” Paul comes back to the ring for the challenge. Gen. Skandor Akbar is upset because The Iron Sheik had a grueling match with an “international star” and asks if this is “American Justice”. Akbar stalling as TV time runs out, so they’ll get back to this next show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a better show than the previous week. The Bob Roop vs. Mike George match was good. The Persian Club challenge storyline between The Iron Sheik and Paul Ellering was entertaining. It’s also strange seeing Ellering look so different to what he looked like when he managed The Road Warriors. My favorite jobber Mike Boyer was on this show and I enjoyed his match with JYD. Really enjoyed Orndorff and Orton Jr’s tag team work. Fun show overall.


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