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SMW TV #2 (2/8/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #2 (10/30/1991)

Taped 10/31/1991 at Greenville Memorial Auditorium in Greenville, South Carolina. Aired 2/8/1992.

This week Bob Caudle is joined by Jim Cornette to open the show and he’ll be on commentary.

Bob Holly vs. Tim Frye

“Hollywood” Bob Holly’s entrance music is David Bowie’s “Fame”. He’s wearing pink tights slightly similar to Bret Hart’s gear. Holly dominates his opponent taking him down by the hair. Ron Wright shows up ringside scouting talent. Frye works on Holly’s left arm and even armdrags Holly a few times. Holly elbows Frye. Holly follows it up with a big legdrop for a 2 count. He slams Frye and then follows with an elbow drop. Holly Irish whips Frye to the ropes and kicks him. Holly gets Frye in a suplex but he doesn’t seem to be interested in pinning him. Frye makes a comeback and goes back to working on Holly’s arm. Holly gets whipped to the corner but he catches Frye with an elbow. Holly drops a top rope knee drop on Frye and gets the pin on Frye. Ok match. They show a replay and Cornette compares Holly’s kneedrop off the top rope to those done by Bobby Eaton.

WINNER: Bob Holly

The Koloffs cut a promo on the Fantastics. Ivan Koloff vows to destroy the Fultons. Ivan claims Vladimir will be more dominant than Nikita. I dunno about that.

Robert Gibson cuts a promo about being in Smokey Mountain Wrestling and returning after being out 9 months due to knee surgery.

Paul Orndorff vs. Rip Rogers

Rip Rogers tells the fans to shut up. Rip Rogers attacks Orndorff early. Orndorff recovers hip tosses Rogers and then clotheslines a few times. They both head to the outside with Orndorff beating on Rogers. Back in the ring, Orndorff drops a top rope elbow on Rogers. Orndorff drags Rogers off the ropes and keeps his all-out attack on Rogers. Rogers gets out of an armlock but Orndorff is able to get him back in and goes after Rogers arm. Rogers rakes at Orndorff and then stomps on him. Both head to the outside and Rogers throws Ornodorff into the barricade and slams Orndorff’s head into the chairs. They head back into the ring and Rogers drops an elbow on Orndorff. Rogers gets Orndorff into a sleeper. Orndorff fights Rogers off and tosses him into the corner. Rogers grabs his chin while Orndorff is still down. Orndorff surprises Rogers with a small package but Rogers breaks out. Rogers tries for a suplex but Orndorff reverses it. Orndorff follows it up with a power knee lift. Orndorff punches Rogers and Rip gets stuck in the ropes. Rogers kicks back at Orndorff and attempts a piledriver. Orndorff flips Rogers off him and ends up landing on Rogers for the pin. Good match.

WINNER: Paul Orndorff

Bob Caudle interviews Danny Davis. Davis is excited to be part of Smokey Mountain Wrestling. He said many fans remember him as “Nightmare” Danny Davis but now he’s “Nitro” Danny Davis. Bob Armstrong follows Davis and talks about trying to bring in talent to SMW. He also mentioned the piledriver is banned. He said they’ll have good TV shows and some upcoming good tournaments.

“Prime Time” Brian Lee joins Bob Caudle to talk about Dutch Mantell running his mouth. He tells Dutch if he has a problem with him that he’s not hard to find and they can settle it in the ring.

Scott Armstrong vs. Dutch Mantell

I love Dutch Mantell’s old-timey country entrance song. Caudle wants to know where Oil Trough, Texas is located. Dutch grabbed the ropes to break a hold, but the ref kicked his arm off the ropes, which upset Dutch and he tried to kick the ref. LOL! Scott Armstrong works on Dutch’s left arm with an armbar. Armstrong hip tosses and dropkicks Mantell. Cornette insults the Armstrongs during the match. Mantell puts Scott in an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage. Ref catches him and Dutch argues with him. Scott rolls up Dutch in a small package. Mantell kicks out but Scott misses a dropkick. Mantell stomps on Armstrong and then hits a short-armed clothesline and follows it up with a knee at his back. Dutch has Scott by his wrist and won’t break away despite Scott throwing a couple of punches. Dutch throws a punch at Scott that sends him to the outside. Dutch gets him back in the ring. Scott regains control and starts throwing a few fists at Mantell. Ref stops Scott, but Dutch grabs “shoe baby” bull whip and starts whipping Scott Armstrong. Referee disqualifies Dutch Mantell. Brian Lee runs out and saves Scott. Dutch is upset and warns Brian Lee. This match had some good action.

WINNER: Scott Armstrong

Bob Caudle interviewed Jerry Williams who is a local school principal who had a SMW show at his school and talked about how great it was to work with SMW.

Bob Armstrong said that Dutch Mantell is allowed to bring whip ringside if it is part of his attire but if he uses it then he’ll be fined $500 the first time he uses it and more should he use it again. Bob announces that next week they’ll have Brian Lee vs. Dutch Mantell.

Jim Cornette returns and says he’ll let everyone know who this new tag team he’s bringing to SMW will be when he wants to. He then talks about the problems with being in the other wrestling organizations. He said his men are going straight to the top.

Wally Yamaguchi representing Power Channel TV & Universal Wrestling in Japan. He tells Caudle that they want to televise SMW in Japan and also exchange talent. Wally’s joined by a friend who is wearing a jacket with the Power Channel TV logo.

They recap last week’s match between Ivan Koloff and Bobby Fulton. They also replay The Fantastics post-match interview.

Ron Wright was asked for his comments on last week’s match & said he’s just a crippled man looking for talent in SMW. He then claimed that he’s never harmed any man in his life. He repeats that he might get a man or a team to manage so he can make a lot of money to get his surgery.

The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Jackie Fulton) vs. Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Koloff

The Fantastics run and attack the Koloffs. Brawl ensues between both teams. Koloffs head to the outside as the fans chant “U.S.A.” Vladimir gets back in against Jackie Fulton. Caudle asked Cornette what was “250 kilos” which Cornette replied, “I think that’s probably 15-20 years in prison.” Jackie takes down Vladimir but he’s close to his corner and tags in Ivan. Bobby & Jackie double-team Ivan with Bobby sending Ivan flying with a couple of monkey flips. Bobby Fulton knocks off Vladimir off the ring. Fantastics work on Ivan’s left arm. Ivan breaks out of an arm hold by Jackie, but Jackie gets him back and tags in Bobby Fulton. Vladimir drops an ax handle on Bobby to help uncle Ivan. Vladimir uses his strength to work on Bobby. Ivan comes in and works on Bobby for a bit. Bobby tries to get to his corner but the Koloffs keep on attacking him. Ivan tosses Bobby into the guardrail. Bobby goes for a sunset flip on Vladimir but the ref was busy arguing with Jackie. They hit Bobby Fulton with a chain in the corner. Bobby kicks out of a pin attempt but Ivan keeps control of him and the Koloffs keep double-teaming and tagging in on Bobby Fulton. Bobby ducks a clothesline from Vladimir and hits one of his own at him. Vladimir tags in Ivan and Bobby tags in Jackie. Jackie Fulton comes in like a house on fire and takes down the Koloffs. Everyone gets back in the ring until Jackie gets knocked down to the floor. Bobby makes a comeback. Jackie climbs off the top rope and hits a body press on Ivan and gets the pin. Surprise win by the Fantastics. Ok match.

WINNER: The Fantastics

Jim Cornette does another interview trashing the towns that SMW will be appearing in. Terry Gordy shows up for an interview! Gordy talks about being all over the world from Freebird Mountain to Japan to the Smokey Mountain. Gordy says towns will be illuminated!!!

Tim Horner talks about returning home and being a part of Smokey Mountain Wrestling. He tried to bury the big promotions that are too busy with bodybuilding and rock & roll, but it doesn’t come off as well as when Cornette was doing it earlier in the show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Pretty good show. This show had a good match between Paul Orndorff and Rip Rogers. Dutch Mantell vs. Scott Armstrong was pretty good as well. The big plus that SMW has is that they have good commentary with Bob Caudle and in the first two weeks they’ve had Dutch Mantell and Jim Cornette joining him and they’ve both been good. My favorite part of these shows so far have been Ron Wright’s appearances and since this is in 1991, before GoFundMe, his solution to make money to pay for surgery is to become a manager of someone in SMW.


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