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ECW TV 4/13/1993

Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV Ep #2 4/13/1993

Taped 3/12/1993 at Cabrini College Field House in Radnor, PA.

I really like ECW’s show intro at this point because it has that feel you had of indie wrestling from that period combined with the feel of those wrestling TV shows that would pop-up throughout the ’90s featuring ex-WWE/F stars and at the same time you see some snippets of what ECW would later become when they went from being Eastern Championship Wrestling to Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful are back announcing. Wonderful introduces Eddie Gilbert as the guest commentator for this week. Sulli tells Gilbert that he’s not the guest commentator and again shows him a clip of Terry Funk on an episode of Quantum Leap. Terry Funk threatens Scott Bakula and breaks a locker door over his own head in the clip! Terry Funk returns for commentary. Gilbert’s upset again. Funk removes his coat. Funk tells Gilbert that he’s not taking any crap from him. Funk pours water into Gilbert’s shirt and Eddie leaves.

ECW Television Title Tournament First Round: #3 Glen Osbourne vs. #5 Johnny Hot Body

I approve of Glen Osbourne’s use of Skid Row’s “Slave to the Grind” as his entrance song! Osbourne head-butts the top corner turnbuckle to get hyped up. Funk isn’t too thrilled by the stalling early in the match! They start the match out with some technical wrestling but very quickly Hot Body takes control of the match. He hits a really nice belly-to-back suplex out of the corner on Osbourne. Hot Body goes for a pin, but Osbourne gets his foot on the bottom rope. Hot Body tosses Osbourne to the outside. Hot Body hits a snap suplex on Osbourne on the floor. Hot Body then hit a running dive off the ring apron at Osbourne. They get back in the ring and Hot Body puts Osbourne in a sleeper hold. Osbourne whips Hot Body into the corner. Hot Body tries to clothesline Osbourne but he ducks and instead hits the referee. Hot Body then fouls Osbourne and goes for a piledriver. Hot Body celebrates. Referee is still out. Hot Body puts Osbourne on the top rope and tries for a superplex. Tommy Cairo runs out and shoves Hot Body off the ropes. Osbourne hits a big splash on Hot Body for the win.

Funk interviews Glen Osbourne who vows to win the ECW TV title and take down all the other challengers!

WINNER: Glen Osbourne

Larry Winters & Tony Stetson vs. Chris Michaels & Samoan Warrior

Winters & Stetson are the #1 Contenders to the ECW Tag Team Titles. Michaels is introduced as being from New York, so he gets a “New York Sucks” chant directed at him. Winters starts off the match strong against Chris Michaels. Stetson comes in and I think he tried for a neck breaker but Michaels slipped out of his grasp so it looked a little awkward. He made up for it with a gut-wrench suplex. Michaels saves himself from going over the ropes, but then Stetson clotheslines him out of the ring. Winters and Stetson hit a double-team suplex on Michaels. Good teamwork shown by Stetson & Winters. Michaels makes a comeback with help from the Samoan Warrior and drops a few elbows on Stetson. Samoan Warrior finally gets in the ring. Samoan Warrior misses a corner splash on Stetson and hits his head on the top turnbuckle. Winters sends the Samoan to the outside. Winters brings in Michaels and holds him for Stetson to do a top rope legdrop on Michaels for the win.

Terry Funk tries to quote The Jeffersons “Moving On Up” line and gets it wrong. Hunter Q Robbins III & the Super Destroyers interrupt the interview and attack Winters and Stetson.

WINNER: Tony Stetson & Larry Winters

ECW Heavyweight Title: The Sandman © (w/Peaches) vs. Kodiak Bear

*fingers crossed*I hope Sandman comes out to a Beach Boys song…PLEASE!!! Terry Funk praises The Sandman and calls him a great athlete and a worthy champion. They show the same Sandman video from the previous week. I really miss the good ol’ days when wrestling promotions didn’t care about music copyrights! Singing along to Billy Joel as I review this week’s show…”You had to be a big shot last night…Whoa…oh-oh-oh-whoa-oh!”

YES!!!! Surfin’ USA!!! WORTH STARTING THIS WEB SITE JUST FOR THAT ALONE!!! The Sandman is pleased to be on the show and says it is a pleasure to be there with Terry Funk and with the fans. Terry Funk tells him it is his pleasure because he knows what The Sandman has done for the kids and the community.

The Sandman is announced being from Southern Beach, California. I went ahead and googled that location and it is near “Parts Unknown”. Very trippy outfit worn by The Sandman. He’s also wearing sunglasses but he does remove them. Peaches and The Sandman make out before the match. Sandman dominated much of the early action until Kodiak Bear used his size to wear down Sandman. He choked him a bit on the ropes. Sandman hit a clothesline on Kodiak Bear and followed that up with a top rope dropkick. Sandman then hit a slingshot shoulder block at Kodiak Bear. He then applied the Cobra Clutch on Kodiak Bear for the submission win.

Terry Funk sings a little bit of the Sandman song.

WINNER: The Sandman

ECW Television Title Tournament First Round: #2 Eddie Gilbert vs. #7 J.T. Smith

Eddie Gilbert makes bunny ears behind the ring announcer while he’s introducing J.T. Smith. Eddie Gilbert quickly attacks Smith and they brawl immediately. Gilbert hits Smith with a chair on the outside and then follows it up with a clothesline. Funk puts over J.T. Smith as a great athlete. Gilbert throws Smith at the building doors. Gilbert returns to the ringside area while holding the timekeeper’s bell. He hits Smith with the bell. Funk gets up to complain about Gilbert’s actions. Gilbert smashes Smith into a table. Smith battles back with some punches. Smith uses a reverse slam on Gilbert and then goes for a moonsault but Gilbert moves! Gilbert hits a clothesline to knock down Smith. Gilbert misses an elbow on Smith. J.T. makes a comeback. Gilbert puts on some foreign object on his hand. Smith tries to slam Gilbert back into the ring, but Gilbert punches Smith with the weapon and gets the pin. Good match.

WINNER: Eddie Gilbert

Tommy Cairo vs. Super Ninja

This match is joined in progress with Super Ninja having the edge on Cairo. Cairo gets a few forearms in and then hip-tosses him. He follows it up with a nice looking spin kick at Super Ninja. The Ninja rakes Cairo’s eyes and then throws a few kicks. Super Ninja charges at Cairo in the corner, but gets caught by Cairo who slams him and goes for the pin. As Cairo has the pin, Johnny Hot Body runs in and attacks Cairo. They brawl on the outside as the show is ending.

WINNER: Tommy Cairo

Todd Gordon and Terry Funk closes the show and they talk about next week’s show featuring the semifinals of the ECW TV tournament.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Eddie Gilbert and Terry Funk being on these early ECW TV shows makes up for some of the ok matches as they really add to the show with Funk on commentary going out of his way putting talent over. This week’s episode had a good match between Eddie Gilbert and J.T. Smith. That had a lot of action and was easily the best match of the first two ECW episodes. Another highlight on this show is seeing this version of The Sandman. I think most are far more familiar with his later gimmick but don’t sleep on him as a surfer from Southern Beach, California!!!


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