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Mid-South Wrestling 12/10/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 12/10/1981

Taped on 11/25/1981 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana

Boyd Pearce is joined this week by Ernie “The Big Cat” Ladd on commentary. Ladd says he’s the best and that’s why he’s around.

Brian Blair vs. The Monk

The Monk is from “Parts Unknown” which happens to be the city that produced the most wrestling talent of all-time! Ladd mentions that you will find the toughest wrestlers in the world in Mid-South. Ladd is impressed by Brian Blair’s leg sweep on The Monk. Ladd is pleased to hear that his charges The Samoans Afa & Sika will be returning from suspension. He also mentions how he’s one of the few men to have beaten Andre The Giant but said “when you are 6’9″ and over 300 lbs you can beat anyone.” Blair has The Monk trapped in a headscissors. Ladd mentions how red the top of The Monk’s head is after being caught in the headscissors. Blair slams The Monk and drops a legdrop on him. He follows it up with a dropkick. Blair gets The Monk over on a backdrop and then catches him in an abdominal stretch and then sweeps over for a pin. Ok match.

Winner: Brian Blair

King Cobra vs. Tom Renesto Jr.

Ernie Ladd praises King Cobra on commentary calling him a real competitor who won’t back down. King Cobra locks in on Renesto Jr’s left arm. King Cobra drops Renesto Jr. down with a couple of shoulder blocks and dropkicks and gets back to working on his arm. Boyd Pearce again mentions the “midget girls” on the show. Ladd mentions that he can’t stand the Junkyard Dog but said he is tough. Ladd then talks about how he sometimes doesn’t see eye to eye with Mid-South Wrestling because they suspended him in the past and cost him money. He then said that Afa & Sika will be returning on January 2nd to Mid-South Wrestling. King Cobra misses a dropkick on Renesto Jr. Ladd calling some moves “high risk moves” that we today would just dismiss as something that happens in every match. King Cobra back drops Renesto Jr. and goes for a pin attempt, but that doesn’t work out. King Cobra then head-butts Renesto Jr. and covers him for the pin. Ladd’s commentary made up for this match being ok at best.

Winner: King Cobra

Jim Garvin vs. Ed Wiskowski

Wiskowski catches Garvin in a headlock early in the match. Garvin tries to break out of the hold and gets into a test of strength with Wiskowski. He loses and gets back into the headlock. Garvin breaks out of it and puts Wiskowki in an armlock and drops a few knees on him. Ladd calls this a “dirty tactic” by Garvin. Wiskowski breaks out and hits a few shoulder blocks until Garvin catches him again in an armlock. Ladd claims that Garvin’s trying to break Ed Wiskowski’s arm and might have used an illegal choke hold. Wiskowski breaks out and slams Garvin into the corner. He stomps on Garvin in one corner and then drops a few forearms on him. Ladd talked a bit during the match about Wiskowski’s football career which leads to Pearce talking about Ladd’s own football career . Garvin tries for a pin attempt which Wiskowski breaks. Garvin jumps on Wiskowski’s back and tries for a sleeper hold, but Wiskowski goes thru the ropes and breaks the hold. They both get back in the ring and Garvin gets a near pin on Wiskowski with a roll-up. Wiskowski then hits a knee and slams Garvin onto the top rope. Wiskowski drops Garvin on his knee and gets the pin. Ok match.

Winner: Ed Wiskowski

Pearce starts talking about the upcoming highlights they are going to show featuring the Junk Yard Dog and talks about how JYD is always battling against 2-3 opponents. Ladd is shown nodding disapproving of what Pearce is saying.

They show highlights of last week’s match between Junk Yard Dog and Terry Orndorff. Paul Orndorff and Bob Orton Jr. got involved to help Terry while Mike George got involved to help JYD.

They come back from the highlights and Ernie “The Big Cat” Ladd is shown smiling and says a lot of people don’t like the Junk Yard Dog. Ladd is thrilled to see that JYD was given a loss.

Junkyard Dog & Mike George vs. Jerry Novak & Aaron Holt

Mike George and Jerry Novak start the match and they exchange fists. Holt and JYD get in the match while this is going on. JYD and George send Novak to the outside and then he and George hit a double shoulder tackle on Holt. JYD then powerslams Holt and gets the pin.

Winners: The Junkyard Dog & Mike George

Buddy Ryan vs. The Iron Sheik w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar

Disappointed to see this isn’t former Philadelphia Eagles coach Buddy Ryan in the match. The Iron Sheik beats on Ryan. He stomps on him for a bit. Hits a suplex. Follows it up with an elbow drop. He yells out “U.S.A.” and stomps on Ryan. The Iron Sheik slams Ryan to the mat, goes for the pin, but lifts him up. Iron Sheik keeps beating on Ryan. Pearce mentioned to Ladd how Bob Roop last week mentioned the toe points that are at the end of Iron Sheik’s boots are used to kick camels in Iran. Ladd then mentions that Iron Sheik must have a camel on the mat (referring to Ryan). Iron Sheik hits a back suplex and gets the win on Ryan. Squash match.

Winner: The Iron Sheik

Barbie Doll & Tony Charles vs. Diamond Lil & Rick Ferrara

This is a mixed tag team match with vertically-challenged women and regular-sized men or as Boyd Pearce called it teams featuring “a big man and a little woman”. Ladd said that he’d buy a ticket just to watch the “little gals” wrestle. Barbie Doll and Diamond Lil start off the match and show some fire in the match. Barbie Doll puts Diamond Lil in a step-over toe hold. Lil breaks out and kicks Barbie Doll to the outside. Tony Charles helps Barbie Doll back into the ring. Diamond Lil takes advantage but Barbie Doll escapes and tags in Charles. Lil runs quickly over to tag in Ferrara. Tony Charles gets Ferrara in a flying headscissors. Charles continues to dominate with an armdrag. Ferrara applies a headscissors of his own but Charles breaks out of the hold. Charles tried for a dropkick but Ferrara went for a Boston Crab. Charles broke out quickly and tagged in Barbie Doll. Diamond Lil comes in and beats on Barbie Doll for a bit. Charles saved his partner in one corner. They both ran the ropes a bit until Barbie Doll snuck in a pin on Diamond Lil. Ok match.

Winner: Barbie Doll & Tony Charles

Ted Dibiase vs. Paul Orndorff

This is a non-title match. A battle of the current North American Champion (Ted DiBiase) and the former champion. Ladd said this was like matching up a Cadillac and a Lincoln. Orndorff got a near pin attempt with a small package early on. Fast-paced action with both getting near pinfalls early on. Ladd wants to see Orndorff break the figure-four leglock. DiBiase gets caught in a headscissors but Orndorff breaks out. DiBiase catches him again in an armlock and drops a knee on Orndorff’s arm a few times. Orndorff breaks out of the armlock with a series of forearms at DiBiase. They try to gain the advantage on each other near the corner and DiBiase hits his head on the top turnbuckle. Orndorff then gains control of the match and starts stomping on DiBiase. Ted recovers and hits a dropkick and then hits a power knee lift on Orndorff. He slams Orndorff to the mat and puts him in the figure-four leglock. Orndorff struggles to break out of it. He finally turns it on DiBiase! Ladd is shocked to see Orndorff turn the figure-four on DiBiase. DiBiase struggles but refuses to quit. Orndorff yells at the ref to ask DiBiase if he gives up. Pearce mentions there are 30 seconds left of TV time. DiBiase survives as TV time runs out. Orndorff refuses to break the hold. Match ends in a time limit draw. Good match.

Winner: No Winner. Time Limit Draw

OVERALL: Show wasn’t as good as the previous week. Ernie Ladd was great on commentary and the main event was good. A lot of squash matches on this show. I would have preferred one less squash match and that extra time given to the main event, but I liked how they finished the match with Orndorff reversing DiBiase’s figure-four leglock since they spent time talking about how he and Roop had figured out how to break out of that hold and it ending with TV time running out helped build up that angle.


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