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SMW TV #1 (2/1/1992)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #1 (2/1/1992)

Taped 10/31/1991 at Greenville Memorial Auditorium in Greenville, South Carolina. Aired 2/1/1992

Show opens with Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell. They talk about the lineup for this week’s show and some additional folk appearing for interviews. Mantell mentions that he’s going to get his first look at a fella by the name of “Prime Time” Brian Lee.

Robert Gibson vs. Killer Kyle

Killer Kyle dressed like a 1930s gangster comes out to “Green Onions” by Booker T & The MG’s. He’s also carrying a violin case. He’s from Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Robert Gibson comes out to Electric Light Orchestra’s “Rock n’ Roll is King”.

The announcers wonder what is in Kyle’s violin case. Kyle knocks down Gibson with a shoulder block. Kyle loses control of Gibson and he gets hiptossed by Gibson. Killer Kyle trying to show off his strength by not bumping off some of Gibson’s shoulder blocks but Gibson drops him down with a body press. Gibson misses Kyle in the corner and Kyle beats on him in the corner. Kyle gains control with a wristlock. Kyle works on Gibson’s left arm. Mantell makes a joke that the Rock & Roll Express released an album and it went “plywood”. Gibson makes a comeback throws a punch in the corner. He whips Kyle to a corner, Kyle reverses, but Gibson gets him with victory roll out of the corner. Ok match.

WINNER: Robert Gibson

The Fantastics, Bobby & Jackie Fulton, do an interview about Bobby wrestling Ivan Koloff tonight. He says this could be the toughest match he and Koloff have had. He tells Koloff to prepare for the fight of his life.

Commissioner “Bullet” Bob Armstrong is interviewed by Bob Caudle who wants to know what we can expect from him as a commissioner. Armstrong says he hasn’t really been pleased with what he’s seen in wrestling lately. He wants to bring back wrestling like it should be and make it affordable for families to attend shows and he wants to make wrestling like the sport he was a part of. He says the fines will not be light but will be heavy for any infractions of the rules. There will be no over-the-top, no foreign objects, no touching the referee and anything that needs to be done to make it family-friendly. He says Smokey Mountain will be the best.

Brian Lee vs. Barry Horowitz

Barry Horowitz is in the ring already. Caudle puts over Lee as being 6-6 and 288 lbs and praising the way he looks while Mantell doesn’t buy it. Lee has early control of the match. Horowitz tries to break out of an armbar but can’t seem to do it. He tosses Lee into the ropes hits him with an elbow and then goes for a clothesline to knock down Lee. Horowitz hits an upper cut in the corner and puts a boot to him. Horowitz takes Lee down with a neck breaker and then follows with a legdrop. Lee fires up and kicks Horowitz. Horowitz takes down Lee with a belly-to-belly suplex. Horowitz follows with a dropkick and a snapmare. Horowitz owning the match at the moment. Lee makes a comeback with a couple of punches. Horowitz stops him and goes for a roll-up. Horowitz misses a dropkick. Lee whips Horowitz to the corner and backdrops him. Barry tries to escape but Lee grabs his tights. Lee kicks Horowitz and puts him in a backbreaker called the “Cancellation”. Very competitive match. Pretty good with Horowitz carrying the match.

WINNER: Brian Lee

Ron Wright interview! He talks about why he’s in a wheelchair. He’s scouting talent in Smokey Mountain so he can find someone he can manage and sign to a contract and make money so he can get the surgery he needs. He mentions that he is one of the world’s most famous wrestlers. He hopes to take whoever he manages to the top of Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

Tim Horner vs. Joe Cazana

Mantell mentions that he feels sorry for Ron Wright and hopes he can get the money for his surgery. Horner speeds up the match and hiptosses Cazana out of the corner, the dropkicks him and armdrags Cazana. Horner locks in on Cazana’s left arm. Cazana is able to get Horner in a headlock but Horner escapes when they hit the ropes. Cazana throws a couple of punches to knock down Horner. He chokes him over the middle rope. Cazana works on Horner’s back with a few kicks. Cazana slams Horner to the mat and climbs the ropes. Horner catches him and throws him off the top rope. Horner bounces Cazana’s head off the turnbuckle. Horner hits an elbow. Cazana whips Horner into the ropes, but Horner reverses and goes for a roll-up with a bridge to get the pin on Cazana. Ok match.

WINNER: Tim Horner

Bob Caudle interviews Jim Cornette. Cornette insults the fans and the city. He says big corporations have turned wrestling into a side show. He said they turned wrestling into a joke and so he turned his back on the big promotions/corporations. He talks about managing the Midnight Express and how they were pushed to the side. Cornette says he’s bringing in a tag team that’s going to revolutionize wrestling.

Paul Miller vs. The Black Scorpion

Quite the musical choice for The Black Scorpion’s music entrance. They mention how The Black Scorpion’s been the talk of pro wrestling for the past year, so I’m guessing they want people to think that it is suppose to possibly be the Black Scorpion that was in WCW around that time (that turned out to be Ric Flair). Paul Miller tries to get some offense in on The Black Scorpion and he actually does well for about a minute before he misses a dropkick. The Black Scorpion slams Miller down. He then drops an elbow on him. Black Scorpion side slams Miller and then hits a clothesline. Black Scorpion hits a legdrop on Miller. Miller makes some brief comebacks before Black Scorpion hits a hard clothesline on him. Black Scorpion punishes Miller a little more. Black Scorpion plays to the crowd before grabbing Miller for a slam, but Paul Miller catches him in a small package for the pin. An upset!

WINNER: Paul Miller

Brian Lee joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Brian Lee plans to win a tournament for the Heavyweight title. Dutch Mantell interrupts to tell Lee that he made some mistakes in his match. Mantell tells Lee that he would have wrestled the entire match differently. Lee tells Mantell that he would have lost the match and can’t handle “Prime Time”. Dutch doesn’t think Lee can take constructive criticism.

Bobby Fulton vs. Ivan Koloff

Bobby Fulton gets the crowd to start up a “U.S.A.” chant. They play an Ivan Koloff interview where he says that he will humiliate Bobby Fulton and make him suffer. Koloff takes down Fulton by pulling his hair. Mantell on commentary mentions that he’s upset at Brian Lee and says he’ll be wrestling on next week’s show. Fulton is able to break out of the armbar. Fulton and Koloff are struggling to get control of the match and the camera shows Ron Wright ringside watching the action. Fulton takes down Koloff and works a bit on his left arm. Koloff breaks out and punches Fulton. Koloff argues with the fans and Fulton hits a dropkick at him. Ivan Koloff with a back suplex on Fulton. Koloff follows with some chops. Koloff whips Fulton but Fulton hits a body press and gets a 2-count. Both go to the outside and continue to fight. Ron Wright gets close to the action and tries to shake Bobby Fulton’s hand while the two are brawling. Fulton gets distracted by Wright and Koloff hits a forearm at him to knock him down. Koloff throws Fulton into the ring post and then at a chair. Koloff grabs a couple of chairs and hits Fulton. Koloff brings Fulton back into the ring and stomps on him and goes for a neckbreaker. Fulton kicks out of a pin attempt and punches at Koloff. It looks like Koloff is shaking Ron Wright’s hand only it really is Wright handing Koloff a foreign object that he uses to knock out Fulton. Ok match.

Jackie Fulton runs out and tells the referee that Ron Wright handed Koloff a weapon. Jackie and Koloff both fight. Referee is reversing the decision. Vladimir Koloff (Imagine Nikita but with a lot of body hair. Actually don’t imagine that!) runs out and attacks Jackie Fulton. Ivan and Vladimir use a chain to choke Jackie Fulton. Bobby Fulton saves his brother and the Koloffs run off.

WINNER: Bobby Fulton wins after referee reverses the decision.

After match, the Fantastics are joined by Bob Armstrong and Bob Caudle. Armstrong says foreign objects will not be tolerated and Ivan Koloff was fined $500. He also announces that next week they’ll have the Fantastics against the Koloffs. Bobby Fulton was upset at Ron Wright for getting involved. The Fantastics vow revenge.

SHOW THOUGHTS: For a first show, I thought it was a good start as they set-up a couple of feuds and matches for upcoming shows between the Fantastics & Koloffs and Brian Lee & Dutch Mantell. The action was ok with the best match being the main. I liked that there was also some additional build-up for debuts including Cornette’s new tag team, the Ron Wright storyline was entertaining and Bob Armstrong as a tough commissioner who’s going to enforce the rules.


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