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World Of Sport Ep. #1

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport Ep. #1

These shows re-aired starting in 2004. I think they had previously re-aired a few times over the previous years because there were videotapes that were being traded around featuring these shows prior to that time period. The cool thing about the show re-airing in 2004 was that was right when dvd recorders came out and everyone started recording wrestling shows in that format.

This episode aired on March 20th, 2004 on The Wrestling Channel in the UK.

“Bronco” Owen Hart vs. Marty Jones for the vacant World Mid-Heavyweight title (Bradford, 4/25/1987)

Some very royal-like music played for the introductions. This is for the vacant World Mid-Heavyweight Title. Match is to be wrestled in 12 3-minute rounds with the only way to win is via knockout, submission or pinfall. Fans favoring Marty Jones. Announcer mentions why the title was vacated was due to “Bull Blitzer” from Germany (Steve Wright) refusing to give Jones a rematch during the 90-day period when he was suppose to defend the title, so it was vacated instead and now the top 2 contenders would determine the new champion.

Both men show their technical skills early in the match. Owen gets the edge with a headscissors on Jones. Jones tries to escape by bridging out but Owen applies more pressure on him. Jones finally breaks out and puts Owen into a headlock. Owen escapes and backdrops Marty Jones. Hart ties him up with a wristlock. Jones grapevines Owen, but still can’t escape. Round 1 ends and the two break the hold and head to their corners.

Both men lock-up to start round 2. Owen gets the early edge by dropping Marty Jones and then kneeing him on the side. Good technical wrestling shown by both men with Marty hip-tossing Owen. Hart regains the advantage and starts working on Jones’ left leg. Hart goes for a spinning toe-hold and tries for a figure-four leglock on Jones. Marty knocks Hart down and goes for Owen’s arm. Hart uses the ropes to flip out of Marty’s grasp. Jones hiptosses Hart and the bell rings to end round 2.

They edit the match to the start of Round 5. Jones grabs Hart’s arm and slams him into the mat. Jones applies some pressure on Owen’s arm. Owen with a nifty move to escape Marty Jones’ grasp and then he gets Marty with a huracarrana for the pin. Hart gets the first fall in the match.

Round 6 shows Jones struggling to get back on his feet. Owen slams Marty to the mat. Owen Hart shows his strength and throws Marty to the side. He follows it up with a monkey flip on Jones. Jones drops Owen onto his knee. He does it again. Jones raises Owen high up in the air and drops him down to the mat. Jones tosses Hart into the corner. Hart gets in a couple of hard chops on Jones, but Jones gets in the last chop as the bell rings for the end of round 6.

They skip showing Round 7 and we return on Round 8. Owen misses a legdrop on Jones. Jones gets Owen with an atomic drop and follows with a slam. Jones throws Owen into the corner, but Owen comes back with a sunset flip. Jones escapes and then gets Owen in a folding press for the pin. Jones ties it up 1-1.

Round 9 starts with Owen getting Jones with a neckbreaker. Lady in the front row gets close to the ring to cheer for Marty Jones. Owen continues his attack on Jones. Owen goes for a pin after a suplex but Jones breaks out. Owen Hart goes for a piledriver, but Marty reverses it and gets Owen in a piledriver. Owen gets back up and slams Jones. Hart climbs the top rope and drops an elbow on Jones. Referee doesn’t count the pinfall because that was an illegal spot in this match. Owen hits an uppercut on Jones. Jones throws a punch at Owen right as the bell rings. Top rope moves not allowed there.

Owen starts Round 10 again dominating Marty Jones. Jones hits a backdrop on Owen. Jones hits a forearm on Owen and then drops Owen on his knee. Both men fall over the top rope. They get back in the ring. Jones hits a top rope dropkick. Owen drops an elbow on Jones. Hart with an uppercut but then Jones rolls up Owen Hart for the pin. Marty Jones wins the match 2-to-1 in Round 10. Great match but wished they had aired all 10 rounds.

Owen Hart praises Marty Jones after the match. He congratulates him for winning the title match.

WINNER: Marty Jones wins the World Mid-Heavyweight Title

“Cowboy” Bret Hart vs. Tiger Dalibar Singh (Oldham, 12/19/1981)

This match is eight 5-minute rounds with winner determined by who gets 2 falls in the match. This is Bret Hart’s first match in the UK. Singh looks to be slightly bigger than Hart. He gets Bret in a headlock but Bret breaks out. Singh headscissors Hart to the mat. Hart breaks out and puts Singh in a headlock but Singh escapes pretty quickly. Fans are pretty quiet. Hart goes for a pin on Singh but can’t keep him down. Singh hammerlocks Hart and grounds him to the mat where he grabs both Hart’s arms and tries for a pin. Hart takes Singh down with a headlock. He escapes and goes back to working on Bret’s arm. Bret can’t escape Singh’s grasp. Bret goes for a slam on Singh, but Singh won’t break from holding onto Bret’s wrist. Bret finally escapes and put Singh down with a toehold as the bell rings.

Singh takes down Bret Hart as the bell rings to start Round 2. Bret is able to grab Singh’s left arm and takes him down. Bret works on Singh’s wrist. He flips Singh over and then drops a leg on Singh’s left arm. Bret keeps applying pressure on Singh’s left arm. Singh breaks out of the hold by carrying Bret Hart on his shoulders and placing him on the top rope. Bret rolls through a pin and gets Singh in a headlock. Singh applies some pressure on Bret’s neck and shoulder. Singh takes down Bret Hart as he hits him off the ropes, but Bret gets back up and knocks Singh down and legdrops Singh’s leg. Singh gets a near pinfall on Bret when he rolls him over while Bret had him in a submission hold. Singh then slams Hart to the mat. Bell rings to end Round 2.

They skip ahead to Round 5 with the announcer mentioning there were 2 falls in the two rounds that didn’t air, so they are tied up 1-1 in falls. Singh starts this round by putting Hart in a front chancery. Bret escapes by arm dragging Singh down. Singh is able to counter Bret’s armbar and puts him back in a front chancery. Hart escapes and gets hold of Singh’s wrist. Bret drops a knee at Singh’s arm and back. Singh breaks out and slams Hart. Singh sends Hart to the ropes and headbutts him in the stomach and then knocks him down. Bret Hart gets a sunset flip on Singh for a near fall. Singh gets a near fall as well. Bret hits a couple of upper cuts, but Singh is able to get a roll-up for a near fall. Bret hits a leg drop on Singh. Hart tosses Singh into a corner. He goes for it again, but Singh reverses and sends him to the corner hard. Referee asks Bret if he’s ok. Singh and Bret struggle holding each other by the head as the bell rings to end the round.

Round 6 starts with Singh on offense. Bret takes down Singh and starts working on his left leg. Singh gets back up and knocks down Hart. Bret drops Singh on his knee. Singh gets a couple of upper cuts & forearm smashes in on Hart. Singh tosses Hart from one corner to the other and then goes for a big slam on Hart. He gets another near fall on Bret. Singh throws Hart into the corner again and then slams him and gets the pin and wins the match in Round 6, 2 falls to 1. Good technical match.

WINNER: Tiger Dalibar Singh

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode and I’m guessing whoever decided what the first show would be in this latest re-airing of the show wanted it to feature names that the fans would be familiar with and Owen Hart and Bret Hart matches were exactly how they should start the series. Really thought the Owen Hart and Marty Jones match was great. I wish they would have aired the complete match and not edit out some of the rounds. However, what did air was great. Second match with Bret Hart and Tiger Dalibar Singh I thought was good. It might not be the type of match every fan will like because it seemed a bit slower and more technical and that type of match can get varying opinions from fans. I liked it but again wish they would have aired the entire match and not edit out rounds. The rounds system takes a little getting used to. I’m ok with it and actually thought the way they did it in the 2nd match with 5-minute rounds was better than the shorter 3-minute rounds in the first match.


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