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EMLL Guadalajara 1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL Guadalajara 1980

This was a pretty rare find. There’s not much footage from Mexico prior to 1989, so you get a little bit here and there with most of what has been uncovered from prior to 1989 really being from fans who recorded EMLL shows. There’s a little bit of UWA footage from the ’80s available but that’s again from either fans or from New Japan recording matches of their stars in Mexico or other Japanese shows like Weekly Pro Wrestling getting footage. It is unfortunately not a lot, but what there is available is pretty cool. The other thing that hurts lucha was that it wasn’t actually televised nationally for a very long time, so a lot of what was recorded comes from regional TV or from U.S. Spanish network SIN (Spanish International Network) which later become Univision.

This is a show that aired on Guadalajara’s Channel 4 with matches from Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. Video quality is pretty fair but that should be expected. This wasn’t the days of HD….NOOOO….These were the days when you had to position your TV’s antenna properly to get a reasonably good watchable reception!

Taped Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara 9/9/1980

Los Hermanos Calavera vs. Aguila India & Gran Cochisse – Finish (it airs as the show starts the intro)

As the show starts, we see both these teams in the ring after their match issuing challenges to a hair match. So one of the cool things during the challenges being thrown, one of the Calavera brothers ask for the mic and it slides down from the ceiling. Nowadays,they just have some dude ringside hand a mic to someone. Announcer mentions the match ended in a draw and it looks like Gran Cochisse was fouled because he kept holding his midsection.

WINNERS: Ends in a draw.

Announcer hypes up Andre The Giant’s appearance and mentions that the Guadalajara box y lucha commission authorized the 3-on-2 handicap match because of Andre’s size.

Rayo de Jalisco jr. & El Faraon vs. Asesino Negro & Indio Jeronimo

TV announcer mentions that the building was sold out and that they had to open one of the upper deck areas because of how packed it was for this show. There was a thunder storm that Tuesday so announcer talks about how big a draw Andre is since the building is sold out.

FIRST FALL: Legendary lucha trainer Diablo Velazco is the referee for the match. Asesino Negro was a long-time Guadalajara mainstay who was a pretty good worker. This is early Rayo de Jalisco Jr., so he’s thin. Fun first fall with the rudo team bumping and selling for the tecnicos for much of the fall. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. does more of the classic comedy and signature spots when he’s in the ring while El Faraon is the one that does the serious work. Faraon at one point tosses Indio Jeronimo around a few times with armdrags until Jeronimo decides he’s had enough tags out and Asesino Negro gets in and is thrown around by Faraon. Rayo did this cool corner headscissors spot where he sent Asesino Negro over the top rope. Rayo hits a reverse tope at Jeronimo and then drops several head-butts on him before getting the pin. Faraon then pins Asesino Negro. Faraon is shown thanking the fans.

SECOND FALL: Rudos dominate the 2nd fall. They punish El Faraon and then place him in a submission hold that has Diablo Velazco forcing them to break the hold. Rudos kick around Rayo Jr. and then Asesino Negro puts him in a Boston Crab for the win. Velazco shoves Asesino Negro off Rayo Jr. since he’s already given up.

THIRD FALL: Rudos start the fall continuing their domination of the tecnicos. Faraon takes the brunt of the attack early on as Asesino Negro & Indio Jeronimo double team him while Rayo Jr. can’t help. Rayo Jr. gets tossed to the outside which upsets the fans and also fires up El Faraon who makes a quick comeback on the rudos. Indio Jeronimo is able to stop him and throws some punches at him in the corner. Diablo Velazco is trying to regain control and have some order in the match but he’s not able to do so. Rudos have Rayo in a “doble palanca” (double armbar) but Faraon comes in and punches both and the tecnicos make another comeback. Rayo sends Asesino Negro to the outside and then slingshots himself over the top rope in a plancha at Asesino Negro. Faraon hiptosses Indio Jeronimo and then grabs him by the arms and rolls him up for the pin. Faraon then runs to the outside and drags Rayo de Jalisco Jr. back into the ring as referee Diablo Velazco counts out Asesino Negro. Fun match.

Winners: El Faraon & Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

Andre The Giant & Cien Caras vs. Herodes, Sangre Chicana & Alfonso Dantes

Andre The Giant and Cien Caras come over for an interview. Announcer asks Andre The Giant if he speaks English, which he says yes, he does. He asks how old he is and Andre replies that he is 34 years old. Andre tells him his weight and height. Announcer asks Andre if this is the first time he’s been in Mexico, which Andre responds that he was in Mexico in February and said everyone in Mexico has been very nice to him. Announcer then mentions to Cien Caras that he always thought he was tall but now that he’s standing next to Andre, he doesn’t look so tall. Cien Caras laughs and says he feels short next to Andre. Cien Caras admits that it is rare to be in a 3-on-2 handicap match but he understands because Andre The Giant is too much for the rudos. As Andre heads to the ring a bunch of security officers rush past the announcers to lead him to the ring.

The announcer talks about having spoken to the commission doctor and how Andre’s size is due to an issue with his glands.

FIRST FALL: Andre The Giant steps over the top rope and the crowd is in awe at seeing this. Camera catches Sangre Chicana chewing gum and trying to stare at Andre The Giant. Chicana backs away, returns and motions that he’s the boss in that building. Andre steps towards Sangre Chicana and he walks back and steps out of the ring. Camera goes from showing us the ring to a fight in the crowd that the police break up! As the rudos are deciding who starts, Andre stays in the ring, Sangre Chicana turns to his partners and notices they both stepped out of the ring. All three rudos attack Andre but he’s too strong for all of them. Dantes bumps around for Andre. Andre sits on Dantes. They do a test of strength spot with Andre and he lifts up Sangre Chicana and Alfonso Dantes. Andre sits on Sangre Chicana in a corner. Dantes claims that he was fouled by Andre in the corner after he jumped onto Andre. Referee Diablo Velazco doesn’t believe it. Rudos have an easier time with Cien Caras but Andre tries to make the save for his tag partner a few times. Andre head-butts Sangre Chicana to get him off Cien Caras and then kicks him. While Sangre Chicana is laying on the mat, Andre steps on him. Dantes bites Andre’s belly and then the three rudos take him to their corner and try to hold Andre down. Andre shoves all three off him and knocks the referee down too. Dantes goes for Andre’s leg, but Andre turns and sits on him. Andre uses Cien Caras as a weapon but Dantes slides below Cien and into Andre’s legs. Andre headscissors Dantes who is left groggy. Cien gets in the ring with Dantes who starts working on Cien Caras’ arm. Andre head-butts Dantes and sends him to the outside. Same happens to Herodes with a chop from Andre. Andre pins Sangre Chicana after slamming Herodes on top of him. Cien Caras gets Alfonso Dantes to submit to a bear hug.

SECOND FALL: Rudos start the fall controlling the match as they have Cien Caras in there. Referee won’t allow Andre to get involved so rudos take advantage of this. Andre gets in after a few minutes and is back to just toying with the rudos tossing them around. Chicana grabs Andre’s foot and that allows Dantes and Herodes to start attacking him. Herodes charges at Andre a few times hitting him head first at his stomach. Cien Caras then trips up Herodes and gets back into the ring. Dantes fouls Cien Caras while the referee is distracted with Andre. Andre makes the save and then gets all three rudos into the corner and shoulder tackles them all. Andre sits on Herodes for the pin and then puts Sangre Chicana in a bear hug for the win. Fun comedy match.

Winners: Andre The Giant & Cien Caras win in straight falls.

Alfonso Dantes is interviewed after the match and tells the announcer to just look at how big his feet are and his size. Announcer asks how many times Dantes has wrestled against Andre. He says about 7 times. Announcer then asks how many times has he beaten him. Dantes tells him zero times.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show with this being one of Andre The Giant’s early appearances in Mexico. The crowd was buzzing over seeing him live and that really added more to his match. I thought both matches were fun. Maybe not the best matches out there but nostalgic because of how rare it is to see lucha libre footage from that era, especially a complete TV show from anywhere outside of Mexico City.

*NOTE: Accidentally listed this being from 1982, but show was from September 9, 1980. It has been corrected.


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