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Mid-South Wrestling 12/3/1981

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 12/3/1981

Taped on 11/25/1981 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana

Show opens with announcer Boyd Pearce welcoming everyone to the show. Pearce mentions the headline match on the show is Bob Orton Jr. defending the Mississippi Heavyweight championship against Jim Garvin and a special challenge match with Junkyard Dog facing Terry Orndorff and if Terry loses, he leaves Mid-South Wrestling.

Bob Roop is this week’s guest commentator. The fans boo him. He promises that his commentary will be good, so what better way to open the show with a Bob Roop match with Bob Roop on commentary.

Bob Roop vs. Buddy Landell

Buddy Landell still had black hair. Pearce talks a bit about Roop’s Mid-South run. Roop doesn’t join in on commentary. Roop and Landell start off evenly matched until Roop throws a punch at Landell to break away near the ropes. Roop catches Landell in a suplex and then hits him with a running knee. He refuses to pin him. Roop then hits a shoulder breaker on Landell for the win.

Winner: Bob Roop

Roop was impressed with his win calling it a “smashing success”.

Paul Orndorff vs. Tony Charles

I’ve seen Tony Charles a few times. Mostly remember him in some Memphis matches. I thought he was pretty good, so let’s see what he does against Mr. Wonderful.

Some really good mat wrestling to start the match. Bob Roop reveals that Paul Orndorff is a philanthropist who donates money to a worthy cause which is offering $1,000 to anyone who can get Ted DiBiase out of wrestling. Boyd Pearce mentions there is a contest where fans can pick out their dream match and the match that gets the most votes will happen on a January show. Meanwhile in the match some really good counter-wrestling going on. Orndorff starts to get a little more aggressive and works on Charles’ left arm. Charles is able to counter Orndorff. Orndorff goes on the offensive throwing some punches at Charles. He throws Charles to the corner, but Charles moves out of the way and Orndorff hits the corner. Charles goes on offense and hits a kick over the ropes at Orndorff. Test of strength with Orndorff winning. He sends Charles to the outside and Orndorff regains control of the match. Orndorff brings Charles back into the ring with a suplex and gets the pin. Good competitive match here.

Winner: Paul Orndorff

Ted Dibiase vs. Ed Wiskowski

Ed Wiskowski would later gain fame as the hated Col. DeBeers. Here he’s just a “Polish Prince”. Roop wants Pearce to remind the fans that he had to agree to stay at the announcer’s table because if he hadn’t he’d be heading to the ring to slap Ted DiBiase. Wiskowski has the edge early in the match. Wiskowski drops DiBiase down and puts him in a headlock. DiBiase tries to break out of the hold for about a minute. DiBiase hits Wiskowski in the gut and then later gets a few pin attempts on him, however Wiskowski gets him back in a headlock. DiBiase again breaks out of the headlock and starts working on Wiskowski’s left arm with a flurry of knee drops. Wiskowski breaks out but DiBiase again catches him with an armdrag and goes back to Ed’s left arm. Wiskowski breaks out of the arm lock and throws DiBiase into the corner and then goes for a pin attempt. DiBiase kicks out and starts on offense with a couple of punches and then sending Wiskowski’s head into the turnbuckles. DiBiase gets Wiskowski up for a body slam and then goes for a figure-four leglock but Wiskowski kicks him off. Wiskowski climbs up the ropes and dives off onto DiBiase, who rolls over Wiskowski and gets the pin! Good match.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

Bob Orton Jr. vs. Jim Garvin for the Mississippi State Heavyweight Championship

Bob Orton Jr. is the Mississippi Heavyweight Champion. Roop reveals that he and Paul Orndorff have figured out a way to break Ted DiBiase’s figure four leglock. Back and forth action early on until Garvin hip tosses Orton Jr. and gets some control of the match. Garvin did a cool spot holding Orton in a headlock and keeping it on while climbing up the turnbuckles. Orton breaks out of the headlock reaching the bottom rope with his foot. Orton catches Garvin with a dropkick and follows up with a few punches at Garvin’s forehead. Orton gets a near pin fall after dropkicking a fist at Garvin. Garvin takes over and throws a few punches at him and throws him into the corner. Orton counters Garvin’s corner bulldog spot and suplexes him. Orton then hits a middle-rope forearm on Garvin and follows that up with a piledriver for the win. Pretty good match.

Winner: Bob Orton Jr. retains the Mississippi State Heavyweight Championship

Junk Yard Dog vs. Terry Orndorff

This match has the added stip that if Terry Orndorff loses he’ll leave Mid-South.

Terry Orndorff decides to wrestle the match wearing a yellow mask. His reason for wearing the mask is that he beat Mike George while wearing the mask, so now he thinks he can beat the Junkyard Dog wearing it as well. Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” starts playing as Junkyard Dog enters the arena! JYD wants Terry Orndorff checked because he doesn’t trust that he might have a weapon or something in the mask. Referee checks and says there is nothing found. They lock up on the ropes and the referee tries to break them apart and as he does this Terry Orndorff cheap shots JYD! JYD still counters with a few punches, but Terry recovers and goes on attack and even slams JYD. That doesn’t last as he misses a senton and JYD then starts to beat on Terry Orndorff. The referee gets distracted trying to stop JYD from hurting Terry and that’s when his brother Paul Orndorff comes out and hands Terry something. Ref checks Terry to see if he has anything. Paul then interferes and starts to fight with JYD. Terry loads up his mask and then head-butts Mike George and the Junkyard Dog. Ref gets knocked out of the ring as well. Bob Orton Jr. then shows up and puts on Terry Orndorff’s mask to continue attacking JYD. He tries to get JYD in a piledriver, but JYD breaks out of the hold. JYD throws Orton Jr. over the top rope so the referee disqualifies JYD. Terry Orndorff then gets back in the ring and the ref raises his hand for the win. Fun storyline type of match.

Winner: Terry Orndorff

The couple of matches were stand-by matches.

The Iron Sheik vs. King Cobra

Iron Sheik attacks King Cobra right as the bell rings. King Cobra still has his robe on. Gen. Skandor Akbar is ringside as he is Iron Sheik’s manager. Iron Sheik just destroying King Cobra. The Iron Sheik is out for revenge. King Cobra makes a comeback and even hits a few dropkicks. He struggles with a headscissors spot in the corner. Crowd clearly behind King Cobra chanting “USA”. King Cobra tries to get Iron Sheik back into the ring and when he does, the hooks on Iron Sheik’s boots stay caught on the top rope, so King Cobra just drops him to the mat. Both exchange a few punches. Sheik hits a shoulder tackle and then kicks him with the boot. Iron Sheik hits a back suplex and then drops an elbow on him for the pin.

Winner: The Iron Sheik

Jerry Novak & The Monk vs. Brian Blair & Frank Monte

Roop again repeats that he and Orndorff have come up with a counter to DiBiase’s figure-four leglock. Good teamwork shown early on by Monte and Blair. Monte sends the Monk out of the corner with a monkey-flip. Blair hits a nice shoulder tackle at Novak. He controls the match-up with Novak. Monte gets into the ring but Novak is able to take him back to his corner where he gets double-teamed by Novak & the Monk. Monte is able to fight off the Monk and tag in Blair. Blair hits a knee on The Monk. Monte continues to dominate Monk and then when he tags out he does the same with Novak. Blair hits a forearm on Novak. Boyd Pearce sounds very excited about the “midget girls” being on the show next week as he mentions it a few times as the show is ending. Monte tried for the monkey flip but Novak held the ropes. Pearce mentions TV time has run out and we get no finish to the match.

Winner: ???

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun show. Had a couple of good matches early on with Orndorff vs. Charles, DiBiase vs. Wiskowski and Orton vs. Garvin. Then it had a good storyline match between Terry Orndorff and the Junkyard Dog. The stand-by matches to end the show were ok. I came out of this show wanting to watch more Tony Charles matches. I’ve seen him a few times and enjoyed his work, so I hope he’s on more shows.


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